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January 28, 2021

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • "Climate Day"
  • The War On Free Speech Ramps Up
  • The "Fix"
  • Buyers' Remorse Sets In
  • Fact-Checkers For The "Fact-Checkers"


Mike Huckabee


(Someone suggested we lead with our Bible Verse of the Day.  After asking readers to respond yesterday, we received over 1,000 messages saying please keep it first, and so here it is for the foreseeable future.).


"Climate Day"

By Mike Huckabee

Wednesday was “Climate Day” at the White House (isn’t it “climate day” everywhere every day?), and President Biden once again attempted to reanimate the dead policies of the Obama years. He claimed Americans shouldn’t worry about all the jobs his anti-energy policies will kill because they’ll all get good new “green jobs,” doing things like building solar panels (ahem – “Solyndra”) and charging stations for all those electric government vehicles that will be powered by…well, he’ll get back to us later on that.

I expect clueless blather and job-killing policies from Biden. But if we’re going to address climate change, we have to talk about the big ball of hot gas that’s above us all. I refer, of course, to John Kerry.

Kerry has become legendary for his arrogance, pomposity, condescension and unwarranted sense of moral superiority, and all those repellent traits were on full display in his recent comments about the furious union workers who were abruptly left unemployed by Biden’s groundless halt to the Keystone Pipeline project.

Kerry, clueless as ever about how most Americans actually make a living, lectured those poor deluded peasants, “What President Biden wants to do is make sure that those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels” (because who wouldn’t be grateful to trade their current pipe-fitting job for a politician’s promise of a job making solar panels sometime in the vague future?)

Kerry, as always, went on: “That is going to be a particular focus of the ‘Build Back Better’ agenda, and I think that, unfortunately, workers have been fed a false narrative, no surprise, for the past few years. They’ve been fed the notion somehow that dealing with climate is going to be at their expense. No, it’s not.”

News flash, John: They just lost the jobs that they depended on to feed their families, so yes, it’s already at their expense. Of course, their small minds can’t possibly comprehend the vast, planet-controlling vision of their betters, so he has to explain to them that they haven’t really been harmed, just because they’ve been unexpectedly thrown out of work for no good reason.

Maybe he could give them some advice on making better career choices, like “Marry an heiress,” then “Divorce her and marry a richer one.”

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton summed up the predictable outrage over Kerry’s oblivious arrogance well: “John Kerry—who flies in private jets, owned a 76-foot yacht and several mansions—has the carbon footprint of a small nation. Yet he tells energy workers to ‘make solar panels’ when the Biden administration kills their jobs.” I’m surprised Kerry didn’t suggest that they simply eat cake until those solar panel jobs become available.


The War On Free Speech Ramps Up

By Mike Huckabee

The war on free speech rights just got ramped up another notch Wednesday with news that social media influencer/Twitter troll Douglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, has been arrested on federal charges for sharing memes on Twitter in 2016. I’ll wait while you go back and read that again to make sure your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Mackey is charged under a seldom-used law called “conspiracy to violate rights” because he allegedly used his popular social media site to share memes that told people to vote for Hillary Clinton by sending a text to a particular number. FYI: you can’t vote by text. You might assume that anyone would know this, since the memes were widely regarded as a joke and shared by thousands of other social media users. But Mackey is facing up to 10 years in prison for sharing them. Who knows how many others might face the same selective prosecution?

I wonder if everyone who ever told the old joke about advising supporters of legalized pot to be sure and turn out to vote on the first Wednesday in November is now going to be hit with federal charges for depriving them of their rights? Or if anyone who ever shared a hilarious satirical story from the Babylon Bee will be imprisoned for spreading “disinformation”?

Two details of this story that are worth noting: you can’t blame leftists entirely, since the case was put together under the Trump Administration by acting US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Seth DeCharme, a Bill Barr appointee. Also, an MIT ranking of the most important social media influencers of the 2016 election ranked Mackey (whom I’ve never heard of before) at #107, higher than NBC News, Stephen Colbert or Newt Gingrich. In my opinion, whether Americans are actually getting their information about elections from Twitter trolls who tell them to vote by text or from Stephen Colbert, either should only lead to an indictment of our schools’ civics education.

Tucker Carlson of Fox News asked what this means for the First Amendment, and he said it means it’s been suspended if “you can be arrested for saying the ‘wrong’ things.”

As the article at the link notes, we all know that Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube blatantly conspired to influence the last election, to boost the Biden vote and suppress the Trump vote. I demand that the DOJ immediately arrest their CEOs on federal charges that can bring up to 10 years in prison.

And here’s another frontal assault on the First Amendment: Former Trump White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro reports that he’s been banned from Twitter simply because of who he is, what he believes and what he might say. It can’t be because of anything he’s actually said lately, since he hasn’t even tweeted anything since January 14th.

The "Fix"

By Mike Huckabee

So now we know how President Biden plans to “fix” President Trump’s coronavirus response: by doing the exact same thing, only adding more costly bureaucrats and divisive racial politics. In other words, same prescription today’s Democrats have for every problem.


Buyers' Remorse Sets In

By Mike Huckabee

If you read this newsletter, you’ll know I haven’t exactly been supportive of President Biden’s first days in office, and his flurry of divisive, job-killing, security-destroying, freedom-crushing, government-bloating, economy-wrecking executive orders (to put it mildly.) But you know I’m a conservative, so of course, I would be opposed (and appalled) at what I’m seeing. That’s to be expected. But what about Americans with no particular political stance, or even those who supported Biden? How are they feeling about their new Prez?

Turns out they’re starting to feel pretty appalled, too. The buyers’ remorse is setting in fast, as they realize what they elected just to end Trump’s “mean tweets.” There’s now evidence that Biden’s executive orders are going over like an incontinent frog in the punchbowl.

Here’s a story about four Congressional Democrats who backed Biden who are reeling over his order to end oil and gas leases on federal land, an order that will reduce US GDP by $700 billion and devastate their states’ economies. They’ve sent him a letter urging him to rescind it. Good luck! Should've thought harder before you filled out your ballots. Or read this newsletter.

If even Congressional Democrats are already starting to feel queasy about Biden in the White House, imagine how average Americans feel. Well, you don’t have to, because the polls are already coming in.

Since taking office, Biden’s approval rating has been consistently dropping in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll, from -2 to -4 to -5 points. This is unusual since Presidents normally start out with a honeymoon period. And while Biden has enjoyed fawning press and a refusal to fact-check even his most stunning claims, Trump came into office with viciously hostile press yet saw his approval rating rise early on from +2 to +13 points. Maybe it’s because Americans saw that his executive orders were actually meant to help America. Or maybe they just finally saw him and realized he didn’t have horns and cloven hooves, the way the press claimed.

So far, the White House response to criticism has been “shut up or else,” but I don’t see that as a winning strategy for the 2022 elections. I would urge Republicans to keep up the criticism, the refusal to be “canceled” and silenced, and the pressure on state and local officials to clean up and retighten election integrity laws. I have a feeling that with polls tanking this fast, if Congressional Democrats realize they’ll be facing fair and honest reelection campaigns in 2022, they might become almost as big an obstacle to Biden’s destructive agenda as the Republicans are.

Fact-Checkers For The "Fact-Checkers"

By Mike Huckabee

The “fact-checkers” who challenged every word out of President Trump’s mouth are feeling almost as unemployed as pipeline workers now that Joe Biden is in office. Some, like the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler, have as much as admitted they won’t even be monitoring Biden because if anyone has a reputation for always telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but, it’s Joe “Plagiarist” Biden.

They’re so desperate for something to nitpick that Kessler tried nit-picking a fight with Sen. Ted Cruz, challenging his claim that Biden’s killing of the Keystone Pipeline will kill 11,000 union jobs. Kessler gave him “Two Pinocchios,” and tut-tutted that AC-shully, those jobs were only temporary jobs. Cruz fired back, “ALL construction jobs are temporary. Presidents still shouldn’t destroy them.’’

I guess at WaPo, they believe that some construction workers finish building a project, then just keep on building it for all eternity.

But as Brad Slager at points out at this link, Kessler contradicted himself, since in a previous “fact-check” years ago, he claimed the number of jobs Keystone would create was being overstated, and it would only create about 16,000 jobs. Now, he seems to be claiming that the jobs he said would be created aren’t real jobs at all.

How many times do I have to keep saying this? We need fact-checkers for our “fact-checkers.”


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