June 11, 2018


If you have a little time to spend on a very enlightening piece, then check out this article by Columbia University sociology fellow Musa al-Gharbi (stay with me) titled “Race, Gender and Trump: Everything You Think You Know is Wrong” (see?)


The author examines all the oft-repeated claims of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and the media for why Trump won and Hillary lost (racism, sexism, misogyny, “threatened masculinity,” a “whitelash,” fear of a powerful, outspoken woman, etc.) and debunks them in turn, by comparing them to vote totals and trends in previous elections.  The conclusion: there was really nothing all that extraordinary about the 2016 election beyond the fact that it was a “lesser of two evils” race in which both candidates were more unpopular than usual.  Hillary lost not because of sexism or any of the other myriad failings of the voters that she’s cited, but because of herself: her message, platform and character repelled both women and men. 


If you’re tired of how the leftist excuses about the 2016 election are now repeated as if they’re “settled science, then read this article.  And if you’re Hillary Clinton, read it twice.




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  • John Montgmery

    06/13/2018 02:46 PM

    Always appreciate you perspective & humor.

    It’s a long battle to reverse the corse of Communism Core Schooling that infected our population.

    Looking forward to USA building Spacecraft as our factories return.

    Hope to run into you in Nashville one day. (Do you know my old friends Charlie Danials & Crew?)

    Many like me who see the puzzle. Salud, Joh Lee