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August 27, 2022

All right. It’s time for those of us concerned about what the left is doing to stand up and say, “THAT’S IT. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.”

I speak of the Democrats’ new strategy, leading into the 2022 election and setting up for 2024, of tarring conservatives with being extreme “MAGA Republicans” and, as President Biden actually said, “semi-fascists.”

Who’s engaging in actual fascist behavior these days? Who conducted a shocking jackbooted “land, sea and air” invasion of a former President’s home, including his living quarters, sweeping away every document relating to his presidency and, in doing so, violating the 4th Amendment under the “authority” of a ridiculously overbroad warrant applied for by an appointee of the current President against his future political opponent and supposedly backed by an affidavit that is still being kept essentially secret? Who criminally investigates a former President over shaky allegations of mishandling documents? Who makes up ridiculous stories about a former President selling nuclear secrets to our enemies and disseminates them to co-conspirators in the media?

Who seeks to silence and cancel opposing voices before an election by coordinating with social media corporations? Who suppresses actual evidence of wrongdoing before an election by misrepresenting it as “Russian disinformation”? Who condemns and even criminalizes any effort to make elections more transparent and verifiable? Who reflexively lies about their political enemies with false and grotesque accusations of racism, white supremacy and even domestic terrorism?

This is the kind of behavior fascists engage in. This is what they do in banana republics. This is what poses the real “threat to democracy.” All of it is downright offensive. And it’s time to say this is UNACCEPTABLE.

It wouldn’t be acceptable to anyone, in our wildest imaginations, if President Trump had treated President Obama like a criminal and raided his home, even though Obama has millions of pages of presidential documents that still haven’t been given to the Archives. Certainly, the “d-word” (dictator) would have rightly been used if Trump had done that. Notice, however, that Trump didn’t. It’s Biden who did. So, who more closely resembles a dictator, the former President or the current one? I think we all know, yet the current one has the nerve to throw around terms like “neo-fascist” to describe Trump and his supporters. It has to end.

Just as we’d anticipated, the ‘Justice’ Department redacted most of the affidavit they’d submitted to U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart to get the search warrant on Mar-A-Lago. It even redacted the reasons for the redactions, leaving only one for us to see: the "safety of agents."  It revealed very little that we didn’t already know. (By the way, one thing we still don’t know: Did Judge Reinhart, when he approved the search, know they weren’t just planning to knock on Trump’s door? Was the massive armed raid of a former President’s home as much a surprise to him as it was to the rest of America? Has anyone asked him?)

Here are some priceless reactions from conservative commentators about the ludicrous degree of redaction employed by the DOJ.

As for Trump, he responded with characteristic pointed humor…

Speaking of redactions, we glanced at a few reports from leftist publications such as SLATE and ROLLING STONE, and let me tell you, they, too, leave out a lot of inconvenient details. They focus on the level of classified markings on some of the documents Trump had at Mar-A-Lago --- never mind that the President apparently had declassified them, and also that their classification level might have changed at some time before. Also, it’s funny how they never hearken back to the highly-classified State Department documents kept on Hillary’s highly-hackable private email server, or to the millions of documents Obama still has in his possession.

Bonchie at REDSTATE describes the pages and pages of black bars as representing “a giant middle finger to transparency by a federal bureaucracy that simply doesn’t care.” But even with all those redactions, he said, it was possible to glean that the raid originated not from hard evidence of criminal activity but in part from a local CBS News article involving the sighting of boxes and moving trucks. We found the article, which appeared January 18, two days before Trump was scheduled to be moved out of the White House. Believe it or not, this is it, a story called “Moving Trucks Spotted At Mar-A-Lago...

Stop the presses! Trump’s stealing classified nuclear secrets! Are they kidding? This is NOTHING. There were moving trucks outside Mar-A-Lago when Trump was in the process of moving home. This might even be more circular reporting, a favorite FBI ploy.

And one reason the National Archives, run by an obviously partisan bureaucrat, demanded documents remaining at Mar-A-Lago was that some papers that had already been sent to the Archives had classified markings on them. It appears that on that basis alone, the FBI immediately opened a criminal investigation of a former President.

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller did not hold back: “This idea, spelled out in the affidavit, that the Archives sicced the FBI on President Trump --- on the premise that unelected bureaucrats, not POTUS, have final say on national security --- can only be construed as an attempt to overthrow our entire constitutional order.” The left, predictably, will attack that comment as “extreme,” but what’s really extreme is the behavior that prompted it: throwing the Constitution and the rule of law out the window, just out of hatred for one President and those who support him.

In case you’re still not convinced that those cheering the raid and calling Trump a “neo-fascist” are the ones who really are trying to override the will of the American people, here’s evidence that their suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop likely did change the outcome in 2020. Congratulations to President Biden, the FBI, Twitter, Facebook, and everyone who furthered the “Russian disinformation” lie. According to a new poll, 79 percent of those who have followed the story say they believe “truthful” coverage of the laptop story would have changed the outcome of the election. Majorities in both parties --- 89 percent of Republicans and even 61 percent of Democrats, plus 74 percent of independents --- think the laptop “is real.” And 81 percent want Attorney General Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel to investigate matters related to it.

It’s too late to change 2020, but it seems most Americans are wising up and seeing who really is on the side of democracy and justice.  When the left responds with more name-calling, it's a bad look.

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  • Charlotte Kingsdale

    08/28/2022 03:12 AM

    Quit Quo Pro

    Governor, thanks for pointing out that four out of five Americans want AG Merrick Garland to appoint a special counsel.

    A special counsel should be appointed, if a conflict of interest exists within the case: And from here, it is a little bit more complex:

    It is obvious that we talk about Hunter Bidens "Tax Causes" which is pending for four years and tangled two election cycles. Why Republican Leadership didn't come up with this proposal, is a huge disappointment but from minor interest.

    The story behind the story is this: Did VP Biden sold improper access to his office for shady business partners [1] from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and China that created counterintelligence and extortion risks? Just to get an idea about my takes, here is a tiny piece:

    Senators Grassley (R-IA) & Johnson (R-WI) presented in 9/20 a report about Hunter Buden's so called business dealings. Therein it is written (p 69) that

    on 2/14/14 Elena Baturina wired $3.5 million to a Rosemont Seneca Thornton bank account for a Consultancy Agreement DD12.02.2014 (confidential document on file).

    When this or countless other "examples" came up, he said, that he ‘never spoke’ with Hunter about his business dealings. That is simply not credible.

    World Food Program (WFP) is the food-assistance branch of the United Nations was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in '20. During VP Biden's tenure, Hunter served as VP WFP USA and from '11-'15 was chairman of WFP USA board, appointed by UN [2-4]. It goes without saying that such an important organization arranges events with high level speaker, such as a dinner in "Cafe Milano"'s Garden Room, Georgetown, DC on 4/16/15. On the guest list (it is not confirmed who showed up): Karim Massimov (PM of Kazakhstan at this time) Marc Holtzman, (Chairman of Kazkommertsbank in Kazakhstan), Yelena Baturina and her husband, former Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov, and Vadym Pozharskyi (Burisma) [5-6]

    This all goes back into 2014 and nothing happened.

    [1] 10/22/20