September 28, 2016

We’re seeing it: Nothing brings Republicans together better than the threat of a Hillary Clinton Presidency. Gosh, what a unifying force she’s turning out to be!

What appeared to be hopeless fragmentation --- wildly played up in the media --- within the GOP is morphing into cohesiveness as we get closer to the finish line. Evidence of this comes in the form of post-debate support from none other than Paul Ryan.

The Speaker had positive things to say about Trump’s first big one-on-one debate. We all wish Trump had offered more detailed responses and had dared to bring up a host of issues that the moderator, unbelievably, failed to mention at all. But in a strong and hopeful statement at a news conference Tuesday morning, Ryan praised him as a “spirited voice” and one who “showed that for 90 minutes he could go toe-to-toe with Hillary Clinton.”

It seems obvious that Donald Trump saw this debate as his “warm-up” for the contests to come. He’s a political novice, pitted against the Politician Of All Politicians, and there’s been a learning curve, to be sure. But now, when Hillary Clinton smugly says, “One down, two to go!” I can just hear him thinking, “You better believe it, sister.”

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  • Faye Crumpler

    10/08/2016 01:14 PM

    Dear Sir: We the people need your help! Totally disgusted out here in Voter's Land with the dirty, nasty tricks of Hillary Clinton's dirt digging on GOP Candidate, Donald Trump. Nothing she can dig up on him about what he SAID over a decade ago (the sins of his younger days, bragging amongst the boys, risen above and apologized for) can even compare with what Hillary and her husband (all during their public careers) DID to harm, threaten and ruin people's lives they thought would get in their way of political advancement. The harassment and threats to the women whom her husband used and abused is over the top of criminal deeds. Her lies during the FBI investigation and continually, Her thefts from WH furniture and belonging leaving the premises was into hundreds of thousands which they had to return. Political partners and acquaintances have actually "committed suicide". Such as Vince Foster and others. And now she is trying to destroy Trump's name, family and life. She is a parasite, sucking the life out of everyone in her way to money and power. She really shouldn't be "calling the kettle black", but for once just tell the American people what she really intends to do for this country....and that is more of the same taking us all down to destruction. Mr. Mike, we are on a downslide to hell in a handbasket from the last 8 years of failed policy, shredded Constitution, trampled American Flag, overrun borders, and Nation opened to insecurity by her unlawful careless use of using her private server putting us in national danger. She is an unlawful person and should not be able to receive a Secret Clearance or be allowed to run for the highest office in our land. She needs to be accountable for many of her own atrocities and misdeeds. Donald Trump look like a Saint beside her. Please pass this work on. It is "We The People" talking. Donald Trump should not lower himself to respond to her dirty tricks, which most moral minded people despise, God knows how horrible it would be if someone recorded and played back the sins of each of us in our youth and pasts. God forgives and we all believe in His next chance to make the mark for him and our fellow man. Let's just hear about the issues and not the dirt. We need the plans of this man to make this country greatER AGAIN. Thanks sir, for all you do. Faye

  • Patricia ALlen

    10/01/2016 06:47 PM

    Tried to send email Why doesn't anyone show the tape of Hillary at the woman world conference
    Saying that religious are going to have to change their basic beliefs Certainly seems she was
    Threatening Chritians. And why doesn't anyone ask her about her "real political self. She said in a fundraiser
    that she was center left to center right Yet at her appt as secretary she Said "I'm proud to be a Matgaret Sangor Progessive. If her lips are moving she's lying