December 30, 2020

Remember that infamous 1999 Newsweek cover: “We Are All Socialists Now”? I thought at the time, “It’s nice that the staff of Newsweek finally admitted it.” But it turned out they meant all Americans were socialists. That’s the kind of buggy idea you can get when you spend all your time in an office full of fellow leftists in New York City and would rather cross the Atlantic in a rowboat than cross the Hudson River and visit the rest of America.

Well, nearly two decades later, socialism is once again on the march, pushed by a lot of naïve young people who have been misled by their professors and self-proclaimed “socialist” media stars in $20,000 designer outfits, and who have no idea what socialism really is or the inevitable dire consequences of it (FYI: no, having a fire department isn’t “socialism.”) But is the idea of a socialist America really booming in popularity, or is it, like so many things these days, just a fantasy narrative based on the wishful thinking of a leftist mass media?

Well, now we know, because someone finally asked Americans what they think of all this new socialism talk. Rasmussen Reports and The Heartland Institute surveyed Americans and found that socialism is even less popular than (brace yourself) Congress!

When asked whether they prefer a free market economic system or socialism, Americans chose free markets over socialism by 75%-11% (Congress’ Gallup Poll approval rating is 15%, suggesting a perfect Congressional motto: “We may be awful, but we’re slightly more popular than socialism!”)

As for the media’s beloved celebrity face of chic, fashion magazine socialism, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 58% of Americans view her unfavorably. Only 18% view her “very favorably” and 19% “somewhat favorably.”

The same poll found that only 51% of Americans view Joe Biden favorably, so if he becomes President and starts trying to force a lot of far-left judges, legislation and executive orders onto an unwilling people, the Democrats will have their own “resistance” to deal with, and it will come from about three-quarters of the population.

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  • Pedro Gomez

    01/02/2021 01:01 AM

    This leftist squad in DC is a disgrace in this country she even laughed when she was taking about 9/11.


    01/01/2021 02:37 PM

    I am totally incensed by someone like Illhan Omar, who comes from one of the worst countries in Africa, Somalia, where intimidation by the so-called Al-Shabab, the "Boys" as they are called, is rampant. It is beyond my imagination, how this anti-American, anti-Semite got herself into our government and re-elected. But then, in case people don't know or remember: It was the doing of President Obama, who "import" 80 thousand or more Somalians into Minnesota. This woman should be an illegitimate citizen, she married her brother after she divorced her Muslim husband, when living in Kenya. That is not possible in the Islamic world, a woman divorcing. I lived in the Middle East, so I am not just talking off my head. Consequently, she is an illegitimate Congress woman. What is wrong with our Country! What have the left made out of it. 43 years in this country, I do not recognize much anymore, that was dear to America, the best country in the world. God save America or we'll be done.

  • Mary Reed

    12/31/2020 08:19 PM

    I think a lot of older Americans especially reject the idea of socialism and value freedom, especially since we had to fight Germany and Japan to keep our freedom. I worry about how they are indoctrinating the kids in school now about critical race theory and that we should pay reparations to black people. And to advocate for rewriting history and support the tearing down of statues. I definitely don't support AOC or Joe Biden, Kamalla Harris, or Bernie Sanders. Socialism will destroy our country.

  • Barbara J. Leeming

    12/31/2020 01:09 PM

    I would prefer President Trump would continue to be president, but if not, I hope the %s are factual.

  • Barbara J. Leeming

    12/31/2020 01:06 PM

    I would prefer President Trump would continue to be president, but if not, I hope the %s are factual.

  • Todd Humphrey

    12/31/2020 10:21 AM

    I agree with most of this article, but the kids though, yes, have been "mislead" by their professors and teachers. Why are you protecting them and what is actually going on? Indoctrinated would be a much better, and appropriate term to be using in this case.

  • Beth R

    12/31/2020 09:23 AM

    Great article. Thank you for your continued excellent coverage and inspirational verses at the end of posts.

    Best wishes for the new year and tidings of comfort and joy, from an American (dual citizen) in Belize

  • Michael Stell

    12/30/2020 07:28 PM

    You read my mind as it was simmering these exact thoughts in an effort to come to a boil within! Thanks for turning up the heat!

  • Bruce Wood

    12/30/2020 05:41 PM

    Only comment is the squad and the two clowns in Georgia , if elected will only further the socialist agenda. Don’t think it will ever amount to much, but some trepidation.