June 1, 2017

Despite what the media would have you believe, you don’t have to be a rabid partisan or a conspiracy monger to have questions about the late DNC staffer, Seth Rich. When someone who is closely involved in a presidential election is shot to death in cold blood on the streets of the capital, no arrests are made and people in authority seem to be stonewalling requests for information, it’s inevitably going to pique the public’s curiosity. And when the media attempt to shame, defame and destroy anyone who brings up the subject, that just makes people more curious.

At the link, Wayne Allyn Root offers a unique take to help explain the public’s curiosity. He revisits all the facts of the case, but switches them to a hypothetical scenario in which an RNC staffer suspected of damaging leaks against the Trump campaign was gunned down on the street, and asks if the media reaction to that would be silence and a demand that it not be discussed.

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The fact is, this could be exactly what the police claim: just a botched robbery. But the overreaction to questions and the insistence that they stop is actually stoking public skepticism. People are going to ask questions if for no other reason than this is a real-life murder mystery. Plus, it illustrates one of the most “elemental” rules of mystery solving, as pointed out by Sherlock Holmes. He once drew a police detective’s attention to the “curious incident of the dog in the night-time.” The cop said the dog did nothing, it remained silent. Holmes replied, “That was the curious incident.”


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  • Al Heaton

    06/09/2017 08:09 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, thank you for keeping this story alive. I believe when JulIan Assange put up a bounty for information concerning the death of Seth Rich, he was trying to tell all of us that Seth was killed as a coverup for the DNC information he gave to Wikileaks. But the world just won't believe it until Assange finally admits it. I know Wikileaks has never divulged any of their sources, but I would hope that he would finally give in to this one exception since the source is dead. I believe that if YOU personally went to him and asked him for this one exception, I think he would do it. Once he admits this, the story will take off and perhaps a whistleblower will come forward. Thank you for what you do for this country.

  • carol swan

    06/08/2017 02:01 AM

    Why do they protest so much and try to obstruct if its an "innocent murder"? They know and we know Hillary has blood on her hands in many of these cases. They keep killing people and it will finally one day come out. We just have to wait and see.

  • Don Griffin

    06/07/2017 11:36 PM

    There is too much for coincidence here. I believe the Trump administration is waiting for the right time to level charges against Hillary Clinton after amassing all the proof necessary to indict her on her corruption. Perhaps several years away. And there will be a firestorm. Some may say there is no way.
    That was said about Trump's winning the presidency too.

  • William Booher

    06/07/2017 10:14 PM

    I do believe the police know that if they get involved with this they also could be next. Dead that is. Simply observe them, if there is silence, there is fear. They (police) understand quite well what is going on, why doesn't anyone else. Protection for them would be great. Even if the protection was around the clock, in a hidden way.

  • Randy Blair

    06/07/2017 07:39 PM

    I love reading your blog. No nonsense, no BS!
    People are tired of being lied to and not heard.

    If you are really reading this message and would like to hear a great simple idea on how to fund the border wall and make Mexico pay for it give me a shout.

    I am just a Texan, born and raised who owns his own catering company and have feed people for the last 17 years. I would like to think I have a grasp on what is going on in America.

    I admire your daughter and can see where she got her straight forward, non-nonsense, level heaededness!

    Randy Blair

  • Cheryl Bottass

    06/07/2017 07:26 PM

    It does make you wonder, and if Had been a conservative in the same situation the media would had been rabid, rather than quiet like with all of Clintons piccadellos.

  • Mark Evans

    06/07/2017 06:16 PM

    Disappointed Governor. Thought you had too much integrity to repeat such ridiculous allegations.

  • Sandi Wyatt

    06/07/2017 04:30 PM

    It is strange to me that all these people connected with the Clinton's end up dead! I still want to know what happened to Vince Foster! I know he knew too much! These deaths go way back in my home state of Arkansas. I think the globalists are after anyone trying to stop them and the Clinton's are a big part of that! I just wish someone would get caught! It is maddening watching all this and no one has to pay!

  • Peggy Rendleman

    06/07/2017 04:07 PM

    Hard to believe the murder was a "botched robbery" if it's true the man's wallet as well as an expensive watch was not taken...

  • Peg Lynch

    06/07/2017 02:41 PM

    Can't be a robbery if there is no indication of a robbery. There also appears to be a problem with "chain of custody" and evidence handling of his computer. There is no such thing as the PD remarks "We don't know where it is." What we DO know is there is stonewalling and obfuscation of a highly suspicious murder of a key whistleblower in the middle of the night. Who did not die at the scene, but later at the ER 3 blocks away. What we are learning is that our government has become the monster feared by our Founders. We are beyond putting that genie back in the bottle but Trump is the best and last chance we have as the nation we were designed to be.

  • Michael Eugene Foxworth

    06/07/2017 02:38 PM

    Human curiosity and a desire to know the truth is a God-given trait the Creator endowed. If it were not so, He would have populated the world with robots, machines, and the inanimate alone. He also gave us 10 basic commandments for human behavior. Last I checked, "Thou shalt not murder" was one of those.

  • Lorraine blair

    06/07/2017 01:48 PM

    DC is a dangerous place at night or early morning, so im not sure seths death was a random robbery or a hit but you are spot on when you say if the shoe had been on the other foot (Donald Trumps) the media would be a slinging accusations all over the place nonstop. It's sad that the media has lost its way. People don't believe what they print anymore.

  • William Titterton

    06/07/2017 01:07 PM

    There are too many loose ends with this case like lack of surveilence footage especially when the store across the street had four cameras covering the area. Also, the laptap issue. Also reports that someone from the Govt told the DC Police to shut down the investigation. The other issue that the Media has been mum on is the Dem IT staffers who were fired and Debbie Wasserman Schultz interfering in the investigation......

  • Charles Emigh

    06/03/2017 07:16 PM

    Just another name to add to the list of folks who have died under strange circumstances who were associated with the Clintons.

    Also. if you do not believe "slick willie" threatened the Attorney General in that aircraft in Arizona, I have some beach-front property in that same state I'd like to talk to you about.

  • Elizabeth Honaker

    06/02/2017 10:59 PM

    The LORD said [to Cain], "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground." (Gen. 4:10). If God can hear this "voice" all the way from Heaven, why can't we, who are so earth-bound?

  • Karina Samaniego

    06/02/2017 09:32 PM

    Sorry but there's just too many unanswered questions and the Clinton body count just keeps going up. Too many "accidents" and too many coincidences and Hillary has already proven she thinks she is above the law. And why not....she hasn't been held accountable for ANY of the crimes she has committed. And liberals will tell you she is innocent because she's never been found guilty of anything.

  • mike Malloy

    06/02/2017 08:45 AM

    If the police knew who did it, if they had any evidence at all as to what really happened then I'd consider their theory. However, they really don't know what happened and if you listen to what Julian Assange has said it's more likely that Rich was involved with Wikileaks. It certainly warrants that that possibility be investigated. But that would entail the police going somewhere that the do not want to go and that deeply troubles me.

  • Patricia Brisco

    06/02/2017 06:10 AM

    I believe that someone from the FBI did this cause 8 yrs of corrupt Obama and he has corrupt all government office including the FBI and CIA and Home land Security and they told the police to keep quite and tell tell it was a robber gone bad .........for the police to do this someone high up or FBI told them to put a lid on this and why was a FBI car there ????

  • Lori Haglund

    06/02/2017 12:17 AM

    My gut sense tells me this was not a botched robbery. Why would they stone wall if there's nothing to hide? You'd think they'd want help trying to solve the "robbery" and find the "robber". Something smells!

  • Sherrie nevitt

    06/02/2017 12:16 AM

    I truly believe that Mr. Rich, Turned over E-Mails from the DNC, To Wiki-leaks, Because he was an honest man, and was very unhappy about the. Corrupt dealings going on within this party..Trump really needs to have all of Hillary's corrupt life reopened and re investigated, along with Obama, James Comey, Clapper and all the rest of these Evil people, And have them all brought to JUSTICE!!!!! ??

  • shelia Ansley

    06/01/2017 11:56 PM

    The citizens of this nation demands answers. There's nothing wrong with asking for that. This man lost his life! Doesn't anyone care about that? I do! Seth Rich got in the way of something/someone...her name is Hillary Clinton. Who else would have a motive.....NO ONE ELSE !

  • Virginia Hantig

    06/01/2017 09:20 PM

    I LOVE the quote from Sherlock Holmes! It is perfect in this scenario. As far as I am concerned, he was murdered for political reasons, the dog was silent, thus the curious incident! The more the left and media stay quiet, the more I believe there was a great injustice done to that poor, young man!

  • Tom Nicholson

    06/01/2017 09:04 PM

    WHAT ???? Burglar stole guns off nearby FBI vehicle hours before Seth Rich shooting

    Wasserman Schultz claims she didn't know #SethRich but she spoke at vigil sharing 'memories'

  • maggie faltskog

    06/01/2017 08:56 PM

    It could be what they say...HOWEVER, under the circumstances and all the dead bodies that surround the Clinton' needs very close investigation to say the least!!

  • maggie faltskog

    06/01/2017 08:54 PM

    It could be what they say...HOWEVER, under the circumstances and all the dead bodies that surround the Clinton' needs very close investigation to say the least!!

  • Cheryl Russell

    06/01/2017 08:30 PM

    This may be a little cynical of me but please bear with me....we all know who killed many more murders is she going to commit before someone says enough and has the guts to arrest her ..convict her and send her ass to prison for the rest of her FREAKING life..please answer this for me

  • Alex B Burkhalter

    06/01/2017 08:29 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee, You are my "go to guy" for truthful information in all this insanity, and hateful noise. Out of everyone, I know we can trust you. Keep up the good fight! Or as my Aggie friends would say, "GIG 'EM"

  • Peter Walker Burford

    06/01/2017 08:24 PM

    I agreee. They do protest too much. The truth inevitably will come out, especially if there was a conspiracy. Conspiracies are very difficult to maintain.

  • Michele L

    06/01/2017 08:13 PM

    Why are the police handling this, and not the FBI?

  • Danny Ray Vinson

    06/01/2017 07:45 PM

    I like your point of view. I have great distain for the DISHONEST MEDIA. Cannot believe our country has become what it is today. I went to school in Nashville AR, finish in 1964 the same year with Mack Mclarty, Dan Jones, Richard McDowell and Ricky Butler. Oh and of course Harry McMahan. And folks thought politics was a dirty game in the 50's and 60's.

  • Michael Martinko

    06/01/2017 07:45 PM

    I think this would make a great blockbuster movie! Right D'Souza?

  • Danny Ray Vinson

    06/01/2017 07:45 PM

    I like your point of view. I have great distain for the DISHONEST MEDIA. Cannot believe our country has become what it is today. I went to school in Nashville AR, finish in 1964 the same year with Mack Mclarty, Dan Jones, Richard McDowell and Ricky Butler. Oh and of course Harry McMahan. And folks thought politics was a dirty game in the 50's and 60's.

  • Bryan Johnson

    06/01/2017 07:40 PM

    I as any other comservative feel compelled to make a inquiry. One incident of a death related to the Clintons is nothing at best. However, when we view it from the perspective that there are more than one death involved surrounding this family it should be investigated thourghly to avoid any second guessing in the future. Just do not use Comey as a investigator.

  • Angie

    06/01/2017 07:33 PM

    Actually the Seth Rich theory makes much more sense than the Trump/Russia theory that has produced nothing in 6 months! Why isn't our government questioning JulIan Assange who owns Wiki leaks and who has repeatedly stated that the emails did not come from Russia or anyone associated with Russia.

  • Sheila M. Callaway

    06/01/2017 07:32 PM

    If this was a robbery, than why did he still have his wallet, watch, and other things? No one noticed or heard anything, to me that's very strange. Why haven't they continued the investigation. All of this, does not add up. Someone knows!

  • Jacqueline Britton

    06/01/2017 07:31 PM

    Considering the body count attributed to Bill and Hillary Clinton in the past, it would not surprise me at all if they thought Seth Rich had something on them or had turned against them, and so they just had him eliminated. I pray that the truth will come out.