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August 24, 2022

As you know, Miranda Devine at the NEW YORK POST broke the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop in October 2020, and Twitter, Facebook and most media suppressed it before the presidential election. The FBI hid it, too, when it would’ve come in very handy during Trump’s (first) impeachment. On the West Coast, leftist intellectual (a term that, these days, sounds like an oxymoron) Sam Harris says that suppressing it was justified if it helped keep Trump out of the White House.

“...We’re going to open up this laptop from hell and this news cycle is going to be just a nuclear bomb of an October surprise and we’re going to get four more years of Trump if we actually give this a fair hearing,” he said on “Triggernometry” to his astonished hosts. We’ve all seen the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but it’s not often we hear somebody be so unblinkingly honest about not caring what they destroy, as long as they destroy HIM.

And now Devine has responded...with thanks to Mr. Harris. She thanks him for demonstrating for us how low the left has sunk: “Once you decide Donald Trump is the second coming of Adolf Hitler, then anything is legitimate to stop him --- and, yes, everything illegitimate was done to stop him in 2020, and it was ‘warranted.’” Of course, this belief about Trump is a mass delusion, based on an image of Trump that has been created and nurtured with lies since 2015.

Devine points out that, in their minds, it’s even okay to suspend democracy to stop him. (I would add that the easy way to tell when the left is threatening democracy is when it points a finger at the right and says, “THEY’RE threatening ‘our democracy!’”) To their credit, the hosts don’t just let their guest rant without challenging his view with questions such as “You’re saying you’re content with a left-wing conspiracy to prevent someone from being democratically elected President?”

Devine’s commentary is a must-read.

And Sam Harris, sparking horror by amiably speaking about doing “whatever is necessary.”

Eric Trump, in a conversation with NEWSMAX host Rob Schmitt, thinks the FBI’s heavy-handedness is backfiring now.

Michael Anton, a lecturer at Hillsdale College who worked in the Trump White House as a staffer on the National Security Council, wrote a must-read piece nearly a month ago –- a week before the Mar-A-Lago raid –-that stands reading again in the current context. He sees “something like 100 million Americans” acknowledging the good that President Trump did for the country and feeling “bewildered and angered by elite hatred for the man they think delivered it.”

Yet, in anticipation of the 2022 and 2024 elections, leftists are doubling down on social media censorship. The WASHINGTON EXAMINER reports that “TikTok announced plans to censor conspiracy theories and misinformation during the 2022 midterm elections.” They plan to enforce their policies through a “combination of people and technology,” they say, and that they are partnering with PolitiFact and Lead Stories. There’s the way to fight misinformation!

“TikTok’s trust and safety team will take down any videos that the fact-checking firms call false,” they say. “If its content is categorized as “unverified,” the algorithm will reduce its reach through the ‘For You’ page, label it unverified, and make sharing it more challenging.” Twitter has also announced plans for more content control, including the release of “pre-bunks” before election night and “special labels” to identify political candidates. Can’t wait.

Censorship is as much a problem as ever –- maybe even more of one, as technology advances –- but, fortunately, it’s looking as though some of the left’s tactics aren’t serving them so well any more. I think many in the middle are starting to see that to these leftists, “democracy” means “when they win,” and that in reality it’s Trump who’s trying to save democracy. And that’s another problem with the left --- they have very limited creativity in their Trump-obsessed minds, so they keep using the same tactics over and over. We reported on this last week: when looking at the raid on Mar-A-Lago, it’s “deja vu all over again.”

Imagine how it would be if they managed to keep Trump out of the White House for another term. They’d simply substitute another object of their hatred. Someone would have to become Trump’s proxy, the magnet for all that hate, which is not going away. Maybe it would be Ron DeSantis, maybe somebody else. (In fact, they’re already building a furious lie campaign around “white supremacist” DeSantis, assuming he’s the most likely one.) But the left are used to behaving like nasty, spoiled children now, and they need somewhere to put all that trembling anger. If they feel it’s necessary, they’re fine with destroying our Constitution and our justice system.

As one of Harris’s hosts wondered, “If you destroy democracy in the process of protecting democracy, what then?”

We do have to wonder if they’re really thought that through. But it seems they honestly don’t care. They’ve demonized the other side so thoroughly, they don’t realize that if they want to look at a real example of what they profess to hate, all they have to do is look in any mirror. But as Devine says, “Every time they denounce Trump and his supporters as subhuman threats to democracy, they demonstrate that they are a refined species of American unfortunately forced to inhabit this vast land with a bunch of white supremacists and nascent domestic terrorists with bad teeth and dangerous ideas.”

“Watch MSNBC for a day,” she observes, “with its increasingly extreme defamations of Trump and his supporters, and you can’t help but recall the radio station in Rwanda that blared out regular denunciations of the minority Tutsi as “cockroaches” in the prelude to the 1994 genocide.”

The American left has an obsession with “stigmatizing and dehumanizing Trump’s supporters, which has echoes in some of the darker periods of 20th-century history,” she says. “The dozens of Trump supporters held in a DC jail without trial for months and even years over Jan. 6 offenses, many nonviolent, would be recognized immediately as political prisoners by Amnesty International if they were detained in a country like Russia.”

(NOTE: Tomorrow, in a Part 2, we’ll have chilling examples of this “justice” from Julie Kelly’s book, JANUARY 6. It’s clear from certain court rulings ruining the lives of January 6 detainees that judges have based decisions on their own dislike for Trump --- and anyone who might support him.)

So we have the censorship of the laptop story, the prosecutorial abuses from January 6, and also now the raid on Mar-A-Lago. Some legal analysts –- and even the WALL STREET JOURNAL editorial board –-are starting to go on record with the view that there’s no legal justification for what the Department of ‘Justice’ has done in conducting this raid. Even the magistrate judge in the case, Bruce Reinhart, is standing up to the DOJ, now that they’ve tried once again to keep their affidavit under seal. Apparently, being allowed to make redactions themselves before turning it over isn’t good enough for them. Judge Reinhart denied their motion, citing the “intense public and historical interest in an unprecedented search of a former President’s home.”

Investigative journalist Paul Sperry has done outstanding reporting on the raid, and Lars Larson featured him on his show to discuss the same phenomenon we’ve observed: the agents whose names are cropping up now are the same ones involved in the Russia Hoax.

Tristan Justice at THE FEDERALIST has put together an outstanding analysis of the FBI’s gross abuses of power over the past six years. All of it will be familiar to readers of this newsletter, but it’s stunning seeing it all laid out. I think America –- not counting the terminally Trump-deranged, of course –- might finally have had it with the culture of corruption at DOJ and the Bureau.

As for Trump, he’s only getting stronger, knowing he has the law and the Constitution on his side. When the DOJ came out against both the unsealing of the affidavit and the use of an unbiased “special master” to look at the material taken from Mar-A-Lago, Trump saw their same old techniques at work, and he is now suing the government for violating his 4th Amendment Rights against unreasonable search and seizure with their “shockingly aggressive” raid on his home. “Politics cannot be allowed to impact the administration of justice,” the lawsuit reads. He’s calling out the FBI for treating him “differently than any other citizen” and asks for the return of his property.

If, for whatever reason, the mantle does fall to DeSantis, he’s making it clear that he’ll meet leftist media strategies head-on.

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  • jaoi jacobean

    08/25/2022 05:29 PM

    Looks like we are again falling for the old "Prosecute the peon and the appointees" scam" so often perpetrated on U.S. citizens by communist Democrats.
    Are we again going to prosecute those stupid and easily flattered enough to accept appointment to positions designated to carry out the evil intent of the puppeteers controlling the empty shell of Joe Biden, the same criminal politicians who stole the 2020 election and who along with his obvious puppeteers deserve prosecution along with Mr. Biden who is carrying out their evil intent of destroying our once great country?

  • Gregory Weinman

    08/24/2022 08:01 PM

    When do J6 defendants go to court? Doesn't the 6th amendment grant them a speedy trial?