May 1, 2020


Today marks the start of a new month, but it almost seems like the birth of a new world, as a number of states begin the first phases of relaxing the lockdown and getting back to work. At the link are details of what’s happening in which states. See if yours is among them...


Today is May 1st, or “May Day,” a traditional holiday of socialists and labor unions that was taken over by communist regimes and used as an excuse for parades to show off the military hardware that they used to intimidate their neighbors and oppress their own people. November 7th and August 23rd are both observed as remembrance days for the victims of communism, but Georgetown law Prof. Ilya Somin has long advocated for making May 1st the international “Victims of Communism Day,” for reasons he explains here.

It is conservatively estimated that over the course of the 20th century, the USSR, China and other communist regimes killed between 80 and 100 million people. That number could be much higher, since communist regimes don’t like to let outsiders know just how many people are dead because of their policies, as we’ve just been reminded by the way Beijing dealt with the Wuhan virus (that’s right, I called it by its proper name. That isn’t racist, but calling it by a name that serves Beijing’s propaganda interests by whitewashing its origin is immensely disrespectful to the Chinese people who suffered and died because of their own government’s self-serving dishonesty.)

You probably won’t hear much from media talking heads today about the massive human slaughter caused by communism. They’re too busy blaming President Trump for 55,000 deaths caused by a virus that was actually unleashed by communists. But we need a regular reminder of the staggering death toll of communism, which, as Prof. Somin points out, is greater than that of Nazism and all other 20th century tyrannies combined. That’s because Western apologists for this horrendous blight on humanity (aptly referred to by communist leaders as “useful idiots”) are constantly polishing it up and trying to sell it to new generations of naïve suckers, like a lemon used car.

Just this week, writers in the Atlantic magazine actually argued that the Chinese system of censoring the Internet is superior to American free speech because it’s dangerous to let “misinformation” from non-experts taint public discourse. In this case, “misinformation” is loosely defined as “things I disagree with” and “experts” as “people who smugly believe they know everything, despite having been wrong over and over again.” This is so stunningly ludicrous that even Rolling Stone political writer Matt Taibbi, hardly a conservative or Trump supporter, wrote an excellent article dismantling it.

Despite the best efforts of certain social media giants to censor free speech, we don’t yet have a Chinese-style system. If we did, I assume we would all now believe the “true information” that came from Beijing-approved sources and was repeated by “experts” like the W.H.O. For instance, that China has the coronavirus completely under control, there’s no evidence it can be transmitted from person to person, and there’s no need to shut off travel from China or cancel crowded public events. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of recent “expert” wisdom. Looking back, the “crazy, misinformed Internet conspiracy theorists” had a better batting average than the self-proclaimed “experts.”

Of course, that’s not to say that we should believe any crackpot with a Twitter account. But the genius of the American right to free speech is that it creates a free marketplace of ideas, where everyone is free to make a case, and everyone else is free to challenge it. Eventually, through open debate and honest inquiry, the truth emerges. Or at least, we get a lot closer to the truth than we’d ever get if we relied on a monumentally failed death cult to police what we are allowed to say.

Always remember, it’s no coincidence that May Day, the holiday celebrating communism, is also the phrase used to warn of plane crashes and other imminent deadly disasters.


Having been a Governor (a job where you have to deal with financial crises without the luxury of being able to print money), I sympathize with any leader who is in the unpopular position of being forced to support a tax increase. However, when the crisis is that the economy has shut down and your city’s business base is struggling just to survive, maybe a 32% tax increase should be your very last resort.


With so many journalists out of work, you’d think that the Washington Post would be able to hire a fact-checker who knows the definition of a “fact.” For instance, one who doesn’t brand the President as a “three-Pinocchio liar” for saying something that is clearly true, based on something that’s totally irrelevant. But then, when you’re trying to make the laughable case that today’s Democrat politicians don’t really support late term abortion, actual “facts” are not your friends.


Even though it’s becoming clearer every day that the entire “Russia collusion/Mike Flynn set-up” was the biggest abuse of power scandal in US history, much of the mainstream media continue to turn a blind eye to it. As Matt Vespa at reports, the bombshell revelations in the Flynn case, such as the note proving that the FBI was plotting to frame him to either send him to jail or get him fired, received zero coverage on the ABC, CNN and CBS morning shows. At least MSNBC and NBC mentioned it once… MSNBC at 5:15 a.m. and NBC at 3:41 a.m. To be fair, I doubt that many fewer people were watching MSNBC at 5:15 a.m. than were watching it in prime time.

But in more heartening news, Vespa notes that not all liberal reporters are mindless shills for the Obama-corrupted system…


A timely reminder, as the truth about the framing of Lt. Gen. Flynn finally comes tumbling out like rancid candy from a year-old piñata: Deep State political operatives tried to set up Flynn for violating the Logan Act, an ancient law that nobody has ever been successfully prosecuted for and that he plainly did not violate. Yet John Kerry violated it blatantly and often. He met with foreign leaders on numerous occasions over the years in attempts to undermine official US policy, as The Lid blog reminds us at this link.

Not only was Kerry never prosecuted for violating the Logan Act, he still regularly lectures the rest of us from atop his pillar of self-righteous superiority.


A top Republican political strategist is under scrutiny after it was revealed that he wrote a 57-page memo to Republican candidates on how to deal with questions about the coronavirus during their election campaigns. His advice was to attack China but not to defend President Trump’s efforts, other than the China travel ban.

This is just buying into false leftist narratives. Why shouldn’t Republicans point out that when Trump was setting up a virus task force, the Democrats were wholly fixated on trying to impeach him? Or that he warned about the virus in the same State of the Union Address that Nancy Pelosi tore up on camera? Or that while he was banning travel from Europe, she was urging people to come on out to Chinatown? Why not point out that the worst outbreaks have been in heavily blue cities, and that the predicted shortages of ventilators and hospital beds never happened because of the alleged “failed response” of Trump? Or that Trump is trying to safely restart the economy while Democratic politicians are trampling the Constitution, holding their own people hostage and letting dangerous criminals out of jail, all in the name of “public safety”?

In short, why not take a page from Trump and fight back against the phony charges and rewrites of history, instead of tacitly conceding them?

Allow me to point out that this strategist is identified as someone who advised both the Mitt Romney and John McCain presidential campaigns. Quick, put on your thinking caps: What did those two presidential campaigns have in common that they don’t have in common with Donald Trump’s campaign?

Hint: Trump won.


Here’s some welcome news: not only is a really entertaining part of the economy planning a big comeback, but they’re doing it in a way that will help alleviate the glut of gasoline. Bonus points: it will also upset radical environmentalists who’ve been celebrating the lockdown because nobody was able to drive.


Comment from reader Gloria Grace Prosper, on Pat Reeder’s story about the death of India Adams, one of the people who secretly did the singing for Hollywood’s Golden Age stars: “Hello. I am one of those ‘secret singers.’ One of my favorite jobs was singing in ‘War and Remembrance.’ I provided the little boy's voice. Another was being Shirley's voice in ‘Laverne and Shirley's’ opera spoof. I have sung in 100's of films, TV shows and commercials. God blessed me with a voice and a profession, and I am grateful.”

Reply from Pat Reeder: Thank you, Gloria, it’s an honor to hear from you! I would urge everyone to visit your website at to discover your many amazing talents. I’m always happy to be able to shine a spotlight on some of the deserving but less-celebrated talents of show biz history. I’m sure the “Laverne & Shirley Sing” LP would have been better if you’d filled in for Shirley on that, too, and you certainly could have improved the recording of “The Odd Couple Opera” if you’d sung for Jack Klugman.

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Comments 1-25 of 34

  • Kathryn Green

    05/17/2020 02:53 AM

    Thanks for the link to the Matt Taibbi piece. It was refreshing to read something so reasonable and astute written by a liberal. I was beginning to wonder if any non-mad-dog-type liberals still exist.

  • Diana

    05/07/2020 08:11 AM

    "Always remember, it’s no coincidence that May Day, the holiday celebrating communism, is also the phrase used to warn of plane crashes and other imminent deadly disasters." ....from a pilot, do realize that M'aidez (pronounced "May Day") is FRENCH for "Help Me", right? Think about it.

  • Helen Sustachek

    05/02/2020 12:35 PM

    The Chinese people said, "Communism will never take over China. It is too big." Communism started small there in a remote Northern Province. I think the Dems want a lot of foreigners to come into our country making it easier to take over our country. They receive a lot of free stuff. Would they then go against the government? We'd better watch out starting with the voting, which is being threatened. The wrong people are already in Congress and other parts of our government and the news. We need more voices like Gov. Huckabee's.

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/02/2020 12:04 PM

    Thank you

  • Antonio Fernandez

    05/02/2020 11:34 AM

    Governor, I am curious to know why The Meat Council of America (MICA) is allowed to import meat from Namibia, Africa when our farmers are suffering due to the coronavirus from China? As always your response will be greatly appreciated.

  • Ray Cowden Witter

    05/02/2020 10:14 AM


  • Terrye Womble

    05/02/2020 09:45 AM

    Your comments on communism rang so true for the first day of May, 2020. I live in New Mexico and witnessed Governor Lujan Grisham shut down a city, using the Riot Act. Gallup, NM. Why? Because the people of that city didn't follow her rules. Grisham chose heavy handed tactics to punish them. I can't see it any other way. These measures from a sitting governor are frightening because who is to say, we will not be next. I would very much like your thoughts on this, as you also were a governor and very highly respected.
    Sincerely, Terrye Womble, from the Land of Enchantment, or now, perhaps, the land of disenchantment.

  • Jerry Korba

    05/02/2020 09:25 AM

    Great comments to the News Letter today HB Viviam and Debbie B had a great report with the coincidences and Catherine wonders about Fox news I have reduced viewing of that outlet also I mentioned to Mike Omar was trouble from day one before she opened her mouth Minneapolis has a toxic air about it with not only felonies committed by Omar covered up by AG Keith Ellison once co head of the Socialist party in America; money sent to Somali that was to be used for day care in the Minneapolis area has never been exposed the Minneapolis outlets will not cover that. Coincidence????????

  • Stephen Hillier

    05/02/2020 09:16 AM

    Because of actions by the NRSC and the NREC endorsing dissing our PRESIDENT TRUMP is the reason I will NEVER give money to the national organizations. They only support liberal RINO's and not conservatives. Hopefully, everyone who read your May 1 article will throw overboard these fake Republicans and no longer contribute to them, but to the candidates who are Conservative. Thanks

  • Roger Davenport

    05/02/2020 09:07 AM

    Enjoy the lnformation you provide plus the scripture ??????

  • Deborah Gaulter

    05/02/2020 08:42 AM

    Thank you for your daily commentary. I appreciate your truthfulness and factual responses. God bless you.

  • Lisa Ford

    05/02/2020 07:22 AM

    I wish that young people could be told the truth about communism. And why our wonderful country needs to stay far away from it. The demon dems are setting it up. Put a mentally incapable person in for President, they can pull all kinds of stunts. Criminal stunts. They are ready proven they are all about criminal stunts. Poor Flynn & Stone. And all the viscous acts against our best President. They are evil & wicked. Everyone of them I place in God's hand. "Vengence is mine saith the LORD, I will repay". And He can do a way better job, than what we can do.

  • Vivian Sill

    05/02/2020 02:42 AM

    Hello Mike, I just wanted to point out that before the Soviet Union and other Communist countries began celebrating and parading their armies each May 1, it was known as May Day. On that day children and maybe others made little paper baskets, filled them with flowers and went around blessing their neighbors by hanging the basket on the door or placing them in front of the door. They then knocked or rang the bell and ran and hid. It was all in fun and made everyone happy. I known a country in Europe ( I want to say Germany) had a Maypole with colored streamers fastened to the top. Children then each held the end of a streamer and to music danced around the pole weaving in and out with each other so that in the end the poke was completely wrapped in a. Kind of braided pattern. Again all to celebrate spring and the joy of flowers. So those are positive things to remember about May 1. ( PS: It’s also my birthday and I’m 77 years old).

  • Jerry Korba

    05/02/2020 01:15 AM

    Mike can you recall may day baskets on May 1st it used to be a tradition in my home town in the 50's as kids we loved the little baskets of candy all we new was we were celebrating freedoms that our country had fought for.The fight for the freedoms of 50's will reach epic heights before this decade is over I urge all Americans to prepare now the Communists are on TV in our propaganda papers and they have NO regard for America. Do not expect shame or hurt feelings, regrets the outlets are in a war with America and they are fighting to win. American values are of no use to Communists parts of the country are seeing it today. The reason military men and women give their life to our Country they know what Communism looks like as a think about it I may need a couple of assault weapons and ammunition I will fight for my Country again only on my property to protect it according to guys like Cuomo Bloomberg they say this country isn't for old men and they proved it look at what they did to the old folks homes and the VA homes still want to vote for these type of scumbags? America Lock and Load they are here. The Communists have expanded the war.

  • Denise Rupp

    05/02/2020 12:49 AM

    I suggest that someone calls for a weekend of everyone in the US taking a 1 hour trip. Not getting out of their cars but just to help the gas industry not go bust. This may be a bad idea and I have no idea if it would even make a dent but I thought I would mention it. It would help the people who feel trapped to get out and be part of a movement.

  • debbie bailey

    05/02/2020 12:08 AM

    Is the following true? It’s all over Facebook : JUST WOW...I knew something was screwy!
    WELL, WELL, WELL!! Isn’t it just an interesting coincidence that Remdesivir is made by Gilead and is the “CURE” for COVID-19....and here’s where it gets interesting China holds the patent on the drug through an agreement with Gilead’s drug patent sharing subsidiary branch called UNITAID who has an office near Wuhan and you’ll never guess who are the main financial investors in UNITAID....none other than George Soros, Bill & Melinda Gates, and WHO. I know what your thinking! It’s just all a coincidence isn’t it! Oh, don’t let me forget the other coincidence that Gilead and UNITAID were financial supporters of Hillary Clinton. Oh, silly me I forgot one more coincidence Fauci was the one authorizing millions to be sent to The Wuhan Institute of Virology specifically for the “study” of Coronaviruses......I sure am thankful it’s all just coincidences! Nothing to see here just keep moving along....WOW! No wonder Fauci slapped down hydroxychloroquine which has a 92% success rate...he was told to!! This old drug cost pennies:this new drug cost $1000 per pill!
    The Best Coincidences are always found when you follow the money..


    05/01/2020 09:43 PM

    NURSING HOMES the "virus" being used to "clear out" nursing homes ? in Democrat controlled states and cities ? Nursing homes "use up" "cost a lot" of TAX $$$$$ !!!! "bodies are piling up" in several Democrat cities - in "sheds" "trucks" - "rooms" of nursing homes ! Morbid thought - but compared to "abortions" - particularly at "full term" - not really ...........

  • Merle Douglas

    05/01/2020 09:42 PM

    Well............I forwarded the video by Drs. Dan Erickson and Artin Massahi, and Facebook took it down saying it was fake and then I forwarded something by AOC and said stupid is as stupid does and got a warning from Facebook............I merely mentioned re the Erickson/Massahi video that it would be interesting to watch, and I didn't say to do anything to AOC, so I feel my rights to express my opinion were violated when I hadn't suggested any violence or retribution.

  • Kim Yochum

    05/01/2020 08:26 PM

    Maybe it is just me but having racing and other events start back up without an audience in person is not fair. People are still
    stuck watching from home on TV. I am not afraid to go out in public, not willing to continue to
    sit home until govt officials think I can. I cannot believe that you all are peddling this stuff about essential and non essential
    still. I have been home since March 15. I cannot live like this anymore. I need to be with people and I am not alone! I live in FL snd unemployment is still a mess. No paychecks yet. Cannot believe
    you believe this govt control also,

  • Mrs J

    05/01/2020 07:52 PM

    In 1955 the Catholic Church, at direction of Pope Pius XII, declared May 1st St Joseph the Worker feast day. This to counter the communist May Day.

  • Robert C Whitten

    05/01/2020 07:35 PM

    Did the PRC deliberately release the virus as an attack on the West? May well be the case!

  • James Drury Jr

    05/01/2020 07:34 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff. Will There be a meat shortage?

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    05/01/2020 07:02 PM

    I liked Matt Taibbi's article. The " mainstream media - scientific experts " complex is infected with analysis paralysis...they can't do anything until they have " permission " from a self-described expert. I'd hate to be in a shooting war that was generalled by talking heads and " experts ".

  • James Evart

    05/01/2020 07:00 PM

    We are seeing the Democratic Party using their governors to cripple the economy in an effort to keep our President from reelection. Greed for power overruling the general good in favor of base and selfish motive.

  • Catherine Grantham

    05/01/2020 06:59 PM

    I have questions. Has Fox News become a bed partner with Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.? The reason I ask is it sounds to me that it is run by the left wing bunch in Minnesota. I reference the treatment of Judge Jeanine when she spoke her opinion about Ilhan Omar and her bigotry against Jews. Many here in MN have asked the same question about her patriotism. I have also wondered where our Free Speech has gone. I thought Judge Jeanine was an opinion piece, but this appears to be Fox's stockholders or owners are running the show? I don't explain myself very well, but find I watch Fox News less and less. There is something else going on there.

    How may I know if you even read the comments I send?