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May 7, 2024

Unfortunately, campus administrators and liberal politicians and prosecutors in blue states are allowing these overprivileged cosplay Nazis to get away once again with virtually no consequences. We see some universities not only refusing to expel or prosecute them, but they’re even giving in to their demands. 

Columbia announced that it was canceling its graduation ceremony to prevent disruptions, which punishes all students for the rotten behavior of a few who (hint) couldn’t disrupt the ceremony if they were expelled, banned from the campus, and arrested for trespassing if they returned. Others are actually considering divesting from Israel. One professor announced that due to all the traumatic distractions, he was giving all his students an automatic “A” (getting “A’s” that they didn’t earn was how they turned out this way.)

But even that’s not enough. Some of the protesters are still issuing demands that would be laughable if it weren’t possible that they’d actually get them. Look at the long list of “demands” from these punks at the University of Chicago, from reparations to defunding the police. These protesters claim the police are fascists and Nazis, not even realizing that they are actually demonstrating on behalf of the policies of Hitler.

At Columbia, the Law Review editors are demanding that all finals be canceled and everyone given passing grades. Seriously, would you want a lawyer who got a passing grade for not taking his or her finals? Is that how Michael Cohen became a lawyer? Several legal analysts scoffed at the idea of someone who wants to be an attorney claiming to be so delicate that they’re too traumatized by these protests to take their finals.

By the way, that link from Guy Benson is a must-read. It contains a lot of other heartening news, showing that the VAST majority of Americans and college students do not approve of this pro-Hamas garbage and support Israel’s right to self-defense.

That’s an encouraging sign that even in blue states, people are finally getting fed up and red-pilled. Let’s hope they soon start dealing with these brats the way they are in red states, or even purple ones…

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