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December 12, 2023



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30 But the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God. 31 You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.

Luke 1:30-31

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Here’s today’s link to continually-updated news on the war in Israel from Fox News…

Tucker Carlson is back full time:

He announced the launch of a new streaming service to be available not through Twitter (X) as many expected but via his website.

Latest Israel recap:

The Israeli military is continuing to hunt Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, who is believed to be hiding out in their terrorist tunnels, like a rat. Israel also shot down a suspicious aerial target that crossed into Israel from Lebanon and released video of a rocket launch site in the Gaza Strip being destroyed.

Iran-backed Houthi militants took credit for a rocket attack on a Norwegian oil and chemical tanker in the Red Sea in protest of Israel. It caused a fire and some damage but no casualties. They’re threatening to block more ships headed for Israel. PM Netanyahu has warned President Biden that if he takes no action against these Houthi attacks, Israel will.

Titles you don’t have for long

There are two titles that nobody wants because once you get them, you know you won’t have them for very long. Those titles are “World’s Oldest Person” and “New Commander of Hamas.”

She has more to give…

Having been defeated 2-1 in her bid to become Mayor of Houston, Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat-Unhinged) has filed papers to run again for the Congressional seat she’s held since 1994. She tweeted, “I thought about the many more gifts I have to give to my constituents…”

I had no idea that over 50% of her constituents were comedy writers, but that would explain why she keeps getting reelected. She's the gift that keeps on giving to them. And she probably will be until we really do put a man on Mars, the way she thinks we already have.

Defending Women’s Rights

Any women who are wondering why feminist groups aren’t speaking up about “trans” men taking over women’s sports should hear what Fatima Goss Graves, President of the National Women’s Law Center, had to say. If this is how today’s liberal feminists defend women’s rights, then you’ll be relieved that most of them are keeping their mouths shut.

Related: A video has gone viral of a woman blasting feminism for misleading and “unbelievably betraying” her into thinking pursuing a career, shallow relationships and her own selfish interests was more important than having a family, and that she could “do it all” and didn’t need a man. She ended up 38, childless, divorced and terrified that she’d never have a family.

Fortunately, her story has a happy ending: after making the video, she realized that a longtime male friend was the guy that “God’s been preparing for me,” and they’re talking about marriage.

She said, "I feel like I'm in such a different place now. And I'm so ready for that now. I understand what the sacrifice of marriage is and what the beauty of marriage is now, and I don't think I appreciated what family means for a long time. I don't think I truly understood. I don't care if I ever put on heels and go to a fancy dinner again. That stuff does not matter. I promise you, young women, it will never make you happy."

The debate curtain falls

The RNC has finally recognized the obvious diminishing returns and announced that there will be no more GOP primary “debates.” They say it’s time now for voters to decide who will be our next President. And it’s hard to think with all that shouting going on.

As previously noted here, the one candidate who declined to participate, Trump, is far ahead in the polls and seemed to gain support after every debate he skipped. Maybe because skipping them made him seem that much smarter in retrospect.

Attention Insurrection Police:

Monday, pro-Palestinian activists chained themselves to a White House fence and laid down on the floor of the Senate Hart Office Building in an attempt to disrupt government business to demand an immediate ceasefire in Israel.

I’ll be sure to let you know when they go on trial for 20-year prison sentences for committing insurrection by disrupting government business. But I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting if I were you.

Argentina’s new leader makes good on campaign promise to cut government

Sunday, the decades-long socialist rule of Argentina ended with the swearing-in of Libertarian-leaning President Javier Milei. Despite being demonized as dangerous, a rightwing fanatic, and of course, “Trump-like,” he won a landslide victory. That's thanks to voters hoping he will fix the gigantic mess created by the socialists, including a $43 billion trade deficit and 143% annual inflation. And he didn’t just run on empty promises to cut government power and spending: on his first day in office, he signed an executive order reducing the number of government ministries from 21 to nine.

Or as Democrats and the media here would call that, “authoritarian dictator tendencies.” We know because in this article, Bonchie at reports that PBS News called it “radical” and “outlandish” to cut the departments of culture and education in a time when the government is so drowning in debt that the people have been impoverished. Bonchie asks a good question: did PBS ever call any of the socialist policies that created this crisis “radical” or “outlandish?” I seriously doubt it. It’s the same principle by which, according to our media, there’s no such thing as a “far-left Democrat,” but all Republicans are “far-right.”

Biden derails

President Biden wants to blow $3 billion of our money on a bullet train from Rancho Cucamonga to Las Vegas, and he can’t even keep his own train of thought from derailing.

New investigation exposes how James and Sara Biden cashed in

You probably hadn’t seen the name “Sara Biden” attached to the Biden family financial scandal until it appeared on a couple of sizable personal checks made out to her brother-in-law, Joe Biden, and marked “loan repayment” for what seem to have been nonexistent loans.  But she and husband James Biden (Hunter’s uncle) have been huge players in the Biden cash game.  Thanks to Paul Sperry of REALCLEAR INVESTIGATIONS, and Stephen Miller’s organization America First Legal, it’s all coming out.

Documents turned up in AFL’s FISA requests show that Sara and Jim’s primary business, Lion’s Hall Group, appears in 3,735 emails from former VP Biden’s office.  As Sperry writes, “The sheer volume of communications concerning his brother and sister-in-law’s business appears to contradict Biden’s repeated claims over the years that he was never involved in, or even aware of, his family’s business dealings.”

The many documented allegations of financial improprieties --- yes, the word “grift” is appropriate --- of Jim and Sara Biden started early in their marriage almost thirty years ago.  Sara, a newly-minted attorney, married Jim in 1995; Sperry has the actual wedding announcement that describes his job as “director of a New York-based firm” called “Improved Funding Techniques.”

I love unintended humor, don’t you?  If you were looking for creative “funding techniques,” Jim Biden was your man!

Anyway, in addition to being marriage partners, they were business partners as well, and their business seemed to be sniffing out cash from anyone who would give it to them under any pretense.  She had met Jim on her first job after graduating from Duke University, on a committee for a close friend of Joe’s, Kentucky Democrat Sen. Wendell Ford.  In 1997 she and James started their own “consulting” firm and immediately started living way beyond their means.  Not kidding --- by 1998, they already had their first IRS lien against their house.  When they struggled to pay their mortgage and other bills, they reached out to big Biden donors who lent them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here’s an example of someone who really got taken to the cleaners: Philadelphia attorney Leon Barrack, who hired Sara at Jim’s urging for $300,000 a year.  (This is all from court documents and other records.)  In 2000, Jim and Sara borrowed another $353,000 from him.  But four years later, Barrack was suing them, saying Jim had made assurances that he’d be able to generate business for the Barrack Law Firm through the family name “Biden” and even Jim’s physical resemblance to his U.S. Senator brother (!!!)

Barrack contended that Sara used her position not to benefit his law firm at all but to generate opportunities for Lion’s Hall.  She even used her large travel budget for international trips for herself and Jim, bringing along their son and a nanny.

By the time Sara left the firm in 2003, she and Jim had received a total of $500,000 in loans (or, as they apparently saw them, “loans”).  These had been called “salary advancements,” and they were never repaid.  As Sperry reports, Sara and Jim were charged in the suit with “fraud,” “unjust enrichment,” and “breach of contract.”  It was eventually settled, with the terms sealed.

Another piece of cronyism involved a $2 million partnership started in 2000 by Al Gore and Andrew Cuomo with NorthPoint Communications to help provide broadband internet to more than 800 low-income urban neighborhoods.  NorthPoint needed political capital to win FCC licenses, so they hired Sara, along with nephew Hunter, to join their board --- again, just on the strength of the Biden name.  But NorthPoint filed for bankruptcy just a year later.  (Not sure how much money they pocketed or if they did any work.  Sara was not registered as a lobbyist.)

Hunter, Jim and Sara seem to suffer from the same unfortunate medical condition, the one in which the patient can’t stop bleeding money.  It appears to be genetic but can spread to in-laws.  They spend and spend, like…well, Democrats!  By 2013 (while Joe was Vice President), Jim and Sara had garnered another IRS lien on their house for nonpayment of taxes.  That was for $589,000, and there were state and local tax liens as well.  And this was right after they had purchased a $2.5 million luxury vacation home in Naples, Florida, they called the “Biden Bungalow.”  Of course, then they had to spend more money renovating it.

So they found another sucker --- I mean, Biden donor --- to “loan” them $900,000 over the next few years.  This was millionaire car magnate John Hynansky of Delaware.  Maybe “sucker” is too strong a word, though, because Hynansky did get something from Joe, who was then Obama’s “point man” for Ukraine.  Hynansky got approval from a federal loan agency to build a 7,300-square-foot Porche dealership along the highway connecting Kyiv to the international airport.  (Hynansky’s name was kept off Jim and Sara’s loan documents.)  Quid pro quo?  We don’t know, but it might be one reason why Joe reportedly gets to use the “Biden Bungalow” whenever he wants…

Anyway, this is the pattern.  Time after time, members of the Biden family spend like mad, get into a financial hole and play on the Biden name to get rescued by Joe’s political donors and Democrat friends of friends.  That’s how Jim and Sara got involved with Americore, that chain of rural hospitals that needed money.  One plaintiff (yes, there’s a lawsuit for this, too) said Jim Biden had conned him into believing he could use the Biden name to get funding for them.  While facing bankruptcy themselves, they gave Jim and Sara $650,000, but the funding never happened.  Supposedly an FBI criminal fraud investigation is ongoing.

It was around the time of what Sperry bluntly calls “the crooked hospital deal” that Hunter started sending hundreds of thousands of dollars to Jim and Sara from Chinese energy conglomerate CEFC.  That’s the part you already know about.

When Wells Fargo started flagging questionable transactions and asking about them, Sara said the huge payments were for “international consulting” but provided no documentation, and neither she nor Joe is registered as a foreign agent.  Wells Fargo closed the Lion’s Hall account.  As for the checks that ended up in Joe’s personal bank account, the White House still refuses to provide any documentation that they actually were for “loan repayment.”  And this is, pardon the expression, rich:  a White House spokesman said that the release of the bank records is “part of a smear campaign against the President” by Republican investigators.

Note: it’s not a “smear campaign” if it’s TRUE.  Let’s talk about the Democrats’ campaign to smear Donald Trump as a Russian agent, which wasn’t even remotely true.  Moving on...

House investigators are still trying to get Sara in for closed-door questioning.  As you know, they’re planning a full floor vote this week on moving ahead with the impeachment inquiry, which in theory is supposed to add heft to subpoenas.  But in the meantime, Sperry’s investigation gives us a much fuller picture of the way the Bidens have been operating for years, with bailout after bailout just on the “value” of the Biden name.  There’s much more in Sperry’s report; I hope you’ll read it.  It’s quite detailed, but I promise you won’t be tested later.



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  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    12/12/2023 12:36 PM

    Let me start by saying I do not wast my time watching these debates, I can care less about what they think about each other. All they do fight like a bunch of kids on a playground! I take it then all they would due is just fight and complain about every one. I what them to spend time talking about what they would like to complete if in office. I use the word "complete" for we have a government of Constitutional Republic! And at this time of the year with the election about 11 mounts away a whole lot can happen that would change things completely. Just like poles I take them with a grain of salt!