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April 8, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. issued a statement about the January 6th riot that has top Democrats screeching like factory whistles. He said that while actual violent rioters deserve to be punished, the Biden DOJ is weaponizing the justice system to target nonviolent protesters for excessive punishment, and there is “little evidence of a true insurrection.”

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying here since 2021, and it's so obviously true that more and more Americans are realizing it with each passing week. While there are very few issues on which I agree with RFJ Jr., this is one thing that people across the political spectrum who have a sense of justice and any brains at all can agree on.

The Democrats were pinning their electoral hopes on beating this dead horse all the way to the finish line, with terrifying images of January 6th in voters minds as they cast their ballots. They didn’t realize that thanks to their policies, we’d have much more horrific images of leftist riots, crime, violence, war and death that make January 6th look like an overly-rambunctious keg party.

Of course, that doesn’t mean January 6th won’t be on voters’ minds as the year goes on. But they might not be thinking of it the way the Democrats want them to…

FYI: I’m not endorsing the views of Rep. Higgins, but I think a lot of people will be talking about them, and many will be asking for more discussion and evidence. If the media refuse to provide it, they’ll be asking why.

There’s also a very good chance that millions of Americans will be motivated to vote by January 6th, but not for the reason the Democrats expect. They’ll vote to throw out the appalling tyrants who would prosecute a 71-year-old grandmother on multiple horse manure charges (“parading?”), get her convicted by a biased DC jury, and make her face up to a year in jail and $210,000 in fines for praying in the US Capitol for 10 minutes. All while repeatedly releasing violent criminals and leftist rioters and rewarding squatters and illegal aliens.

Related: compares the J6 riot to the Democrat-approved George Floyd riots to see which is more deserving of being called an “insurrection.”

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