December 2, 2020

President Trump’s team is continuing to challenge the vote, and I believe in giving him time to make his case, but it does appear that the odds are getting longer, with officials certifying votes and courts throwing out cases. Still, I believe in not reporting news until it’s actually news, so I have held off on commenting on all the speculation over who Joe Biden will name to his Cabinet. But now that Biden is actually giving us some names, it’s worth pointing out that, aside from the media, the reaction is not universal adoration.

So far, what we’ve seen is exactly what many expected: a lot of warmed-over Obama-era failures and entrenched Deep Staters with egos far in excess of their abilities, the very people Trump was referring to when he said that if the Obama Administration hadn’t been so bad, he never wouldn’t gotten near the White House. I already mentioned John “Iran Deal/Logan Act” Kerry being picked as "climate czar" (I think "Secretary of Hot Air" would be more accurate), but here are a few more blasts from the past that could be returning to prominence if Biden becomes President.

Biden is rumored to be considering Michigan Rep. Elissa Slotkin as CIA Director. At least it’s not John Brennan, but here’s what Michigan GOP chair Laura Cox had to say about that pick.

“From her support of the failed Iran Nuclear Deal to her inability to articulate any plans to fight America’s adversaries, Congresswoman Slotkin has proven time and again how grossly unqualified she is to handle foreign policy matters. It comes as no surprise that Joe Biden would consider someone this incompetent for his CIA Director, but I hope for the sake of the American people he has the wherewithal to pass on what would be a disastrous appointment.”

Okay, safe to say that might not be a universally acclaimed choice. But how about his reported pick for head of the Office of Management and Budget, Neera Tanden?

Turns out she has a long history of spreading discredited Russia collusion hoaxes (ironically, she suggested that Russia switched votes to Trump in the 2016 election), and more to the point, a string of Twitter tweets rudely and viciously smearing the very Republican Senators who would have to vote for her to confirm her to the job. A spokesman for Sen. John Cornyn put Tanden’s chances of confirmation at “zero,” while other former top GOP staffers described her nomination as “a funeral” and “a sacrifice to the confirmation gods.”

Biden’s reported choices to lead his national security team, including the Secretaries of State and Defense, went straight from the Obama Administration into a DC consulting firm that doesn’t disclose its clients. The lack of transparency and ethics even drew criticism from leftwing blogs and the New York Times.

Even one of the people he chose to lead his transition team is under fire for being in charge of Los Angeles Metro while it’s under two federal criminal investigations.

I could go on, but you get the picture. He's being slammed for considering failures, liars and crooks, but what else does he have to choose from? Biden isn’t even officially the President-elect, and already the long knives are coming out from both directions. Even if he does become President, it might not be long before he starts feeling the wisdom of the old proverb: “Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.”

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  • Paul Lackey

    12/03/2020 11:11 AM

    Thanks for taking the time to do the research and share it with the public . not very much of that going around these days.

  • Sandra Van Deventer

    12/02/2020 11:40 PM

    Now I understand why you are posting things about Mr. Biden, false, though it may be. President Trump has been re-elected and will be leading America four more years. 45th POTUS 2016-2024. I declare this in Jesus' Name. Amen

  • Jeffrey thomas

    12/02/2020 09:34 PM

    If he steals this election this job cannot sour his belly near enough. I hope it makes the whole gang miserable.

  • Paul Calahan

    12/02/2020 05:46 PM

    What surprises me is that folks are surprised. Believe JB to be vulnerable to pressure to name progressive folks who have their own agenda. Seeing criticism for JB’s budget ideas too. Hello, this was out there before the election. Inclined to believe the mega push for another stimulus package is so the blame can be on the Trump administration for the additional debt burden. Ouch!

  • Stephanie R Johnson

    12/02/2020 04:20 PM

    I truly believe in my spirit that Donald Trump WON the election. If you have watched even 15 minutes of the hearings in PA, Arizona and Michigan, you would believe it, too. All of these appointment choices mean nothing to me. I just don’t care. They are all in LaLa Land while hundreds of thousands of American patriots are taking to the streets, assemblies and courts fighting for our freedom. The fight will continue in the Supreme Court, even if Biden makes it to Inauguration day. POTUS will never concede. He may leave the White House, but he’ll never admit defeat...because there was no defeat. Only cheating and scandal.