January 8, 2020

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As missiles fly in Iraq, here’s something to ponder: If former FBI Director James Comey hadn’t set up Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn in January of 2017 as part of the bogus “Trump/Russia” probe, President Trump would be benefiting now from the advice and counsel of his intended national security advisor. Instead, in a startling turn of events, Flynn is likely headed for prison.

The last time we discussed Gen. Flynn, Judge Emmet Sullivan had categorically rejected Flynn’s claims that the prosecution had failed to turn over exculpatory material and also that Flynn had been pressured into pleading guilty to lying to the FBI (he had different attorneys then) when his questioners had concluded he wasn’t being deceitful. Flynn’s sentencing, postponed for so long, now looms.

Now we hear that prosecutors, who’d requested probation, have turned around and are asking for Flynn to serve up to six months in prison. The reason? Well, it looks as though this has nothing to do with Flynn’s guilt or innocence on the original charges. They say Flynn did not offer “substantial” testimony that was useful to them in the prosecution of Flynn’s business partner Bijan Rafiekian on rarely-prosecuted FARA charges (failure to register as an agent of a foreign government when he was lobbying for Turkey). Rafiekian was convicted without Flynn’s testimony but the case was reversed by a judge who found no evidence of the Turkish government’s role in any conspiracy. It would seem that this has nothing to do with Flynn or his reluctance to testify, but now he’s taking the heat.

"In light of the complete record...the government no longer deems the defendant’s assistance ‘substantial,’ wrote prosecutor Brandon Van Grack in a 33-page filing. “It is clear that the defendant has not learned his lesson. He has behaved as if the law does not apply to him, and as if there were no consequences for his actions.” More: “Given the serious nature of the defendant’s offense, his apparent failure to accept responsibility, his failure to complete his cooperation in --- and his affirmative effort to undermine --- the prosecution of Bijan Rafiekian and the need to promote respect for the law and adequately deter such criminal conduct, the government recommends that the court sentence the defendant within the applicable Guidelines range of 0 to 6 months of incarceration.”

Recall that Flynn, then President Trump’s new national security adviser, would never have been pulled into this if he hadn’t been ambushed by Comey’s FBI –- former FBI Director James Comey even publicly bragged about violating protocol to send agents to Flynn’s White House office to question him without a lawyer present –- after Sally Yates at Obama’s DOJ suggested Flynn might have violated the Logan Act, an obscure law dating from the late 1700s that no one has EVER been convicted under. In other words, he was railroaded, set up for a process crime. If we want to talk about “respect for law,” we might want to consider all this.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Must-Read about Iran story

By Mike Huckabee

Last night, Iran made good on its threats to strike back against the US, launching at least 15 ballistic missiles toward US bases in Iraq.  Fortunately, as one military expert told Fox News, using what I assume is the proper technological terminology, “Iranian ballistic missiles s*ck.” He pointed out that they can’t be steered accurately and are fired in the general direction of a target in hopes that they’ll land somewhere near it and then actually blow up.

That sounds about right, considering that the latest word is that out of 15 missiles fired, four failed in flight, one landed behind an airport and failed to explode, and many of the rest were shot down.  There were no reported American casualties, but five Iraqis were injured, and I hope you’ll join me in praying for their swift and full recovery.

President Trump issued this tweet to reassure Americans: “All is well! Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq. Assessment of casualties & damages taking place now. So far, so good! We have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world, by far! I will be making a statement tomorrow morning.”  At this writing, that statement has yet to be released, so keep watching the news, and I’ll have more on it later.

The panic brigades in the media are trying to convince us that Trump, having no idea what he’s doing, has foolishly bumbled us into World War III (and which nations would be suicidal enough to join Iran in fighting the US? Russia? The same people pushing that spent the past three years telling us that Trump is Putin’s puppet.  Why would he go to war against his own puppet?)

In fact, the more we learn about the lead-up to the airstrike on Suleimani, the clearer it becomes that Trump and his military advisers had solid intelligence that there were more dangerous attacks on the US on the way, they acted expeditiously to prevent them, and they were quite prepared for the anticipated reaction.

It's not getting much play in the US media (wonder why?), but Reuters revealed that there was indeed a secret plan by Iran for Soleimani to direct a serious of attacks on US assets and soldiers, designed to provoke us into a military response.  The purpose was to try to rally the Iranian people against America to end the protests that have the Mullahs hanging onto power by their fingernails.

Iran’s leaders assumed that any US response they provoked would be minimal.  That surely would have been the case under the last Administration.  As Glen Beck suggested, if Obama were still around, we might really have had another Benghazi.  But Suleimani and the Mullahs learned that when you kill an American citizen, fire rockets at our troops and attack our Embassy under Trump, you get more than a sternly-worded warning on Twitter and a deep-night delivery of a planeload of cash.     

This is today’s MUST READ story. Read it, then filter everything you hear from Democrats and the media about how Trump provoked Iran through what you learn from it.


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

Our prayers today for the 176 people killed (all the passengers and crew) in the crash of a Ukrainian International Airlines flight that plunged to the ground shortly after takeoff last night from Tehran Airport in Iran. It was a Boeing 737-800 jet. Initial fears that it involved the missiles fired by Iran or a retaliatory attack by the US were quickly dispelled, with both Iranian and Ukrainian officials saying the crash was most likely caused by mechanical failure. 

This is a developing story, so keep an eye on the news for more.



One of the most ridiculous attempts by the media to frighten Americans was the breathless reporting that during their official “Death to America” rally (the big one, not the one they have every day in parliament), the Iranians unfurled their “red flag of revenge.”  I confess, my immediate reaction was, “Oooh, I’m really scared now!  They have a FLAG! And it’s RED!  Are they going to wave it at us really hard?” 

But leave it to Internet meme-makers to come up with the perfect reaction.  In this case, two pictures are worth a million words from the panicky mainstream media:

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."

- 2 Timothy 3:16-17

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  • Kenneth Brack

    01/09/2020 05:40 AM

    In this series of events with Iran, I see President Trump the pugilist: the professional boxer. Rocket attack on US bases: counterpunch that kills 25 Iranian militia; Iranian assault on US Embassy: defensive parry, embassy protected; Soleimani drops his guard: knockout punch; missile attack on US millitary bases: duck under the wild swing. The President knows how to fight in the ring: he's been proving it for three years. I would say the Ayatollah is heavily outclassed.

  • Toni DeFronzo

    01/08/2020 11:44 PM

    Surely Pres Trump will pardon Gen Flynn. He was railroaded, similar to the “impeachment” debacle.

  • John Eckenrod

    01/08/2020 03:30 PM

    Mike, in all of your usual good coverage of so many events in the last 24 hours -- one seems so "tame" compared to all the rest. It is the crash of the Ukrainian plane with everyone on board killed. The almost hidden stunner? It was, again, a *Boeing* aircraft! It must be the most beleaguered aircraft ever constructed! Tragedy amidst tragedy!
    -- John

  • Stephen Russell

    01/08/2020 01:08 PM

    US response to Iran: HIT cultural targets since Iran terrorists would do same in US, make=
    End this war since Nov 1979.
    No more.
    Shake up govt for popular Revolt by people.