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Our Top story ---  SO MUCH BREAKING NEWS: Michael Flynn hires the perfect attorney, Barr investigates the CIA, and MUCH MORE!

Featured Stories --  Texas turns lemons into lemonade - Great reader responses to breaking State Department story - Democrats make clear what they really think

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In very exciting news that broke Wednesday, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn has hired as his new attorney none other than former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, a longtime critic of Mueller henchman Andrew Weissmann. I can’t imagine a better person to represent Gen. Flynn, a patriot who was thoroughly wronged by our Justice Department.

From all appearances, Flynn was set up for a perjury trap by the Justice Department after having perfectly appropriate phone conversations with the Russian ambassador during Trump’s transition period, as he was getting ready for his new job as national security adviser. Sally Yates set it in motion at the DOJ by bringing up a possible violation of the Logan Act by Flynn. Even if the Logan Act were ever prosecuted (it’s not), Flynn’s conversations were most definitely not a violation. It was the proper thing for him to be speaking to foreign ambassadors.


With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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Texas turns lemons into lemonade

By Mike Huckabee

Why Texas is called “The Great State of Texas”: just this week, my friend, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, signed a bill into law that would protect the right of kids to run lemonade stands without being harassed and shut down by police or local governments over business permits and other regulations obviously meant for larger businesses.  That's one way to turn lemons into lemonade.

Abbott also signed a bill dubbed the “Save Chick-Fil-A” law because it was inspired by the San Antonio City Council barring Chick-Fil-A from the city airport for donating to Christian charities that allegedly oppose same-sex marriage. (In one of the most clueless statements of the year, a San Antonio city councilman declared the vote to ban a restaurant because it was owned by Christians as a great example of the city becoming “a champion of equality and inclusion.”  Maybe that could be the new city motto: “Inclusion via exclusion!”)


Great reader responses to breaking State Department story

By Mike Huckabee

Here's a great real-life analogy from Thomas P. sparked by Wednesday’s commentary about the Obama State Department…
Governor, when I was a young man, I worked on a pipeline in Mississippi, and I rented an upstairs room in an old house. The room had a light with a pull chain right over the bed. The first night, I went to bed and turned out the light, [and] in a few minutes I heard a scratching noise. I turned on the light and there were hundreds of roaches on the walls, [but] within one minute not a one in sight.
Needless to say, that light never went out again at night. I know the roaches were there but they were afraid of the light! There will always be roaches in Washington, but, thankfully, the light is coming on!
Thank you for your hand on the chain, along with others.


Democrats make clear what they really think

By Mike Huckabee

You’d think that Hillary Clinton’s open slander of at least a quarter of the population as a basket of racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic deplorables would have taught Democrats to be more careful about what they say about others…in public, at least.  Apparently, that’s not the case.

Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge sparked anger on the House floor by reading a letter, allegedly by an unnamed constituent, that not only attacked the President but his supporters, calling Republicans a “Trump cult” and claiming that “many who support the President’s administration are either racists, steeped in religious beliefs, ignorant, or as my mother used to say, just plain dumb.”  So I guess we know what she thinks of us and our religious beliefs.

California Democratic Rep. Norma Torres also made her low opinion of pro-life Americans clear by declaring in the House that "It is tiring to hear from so many sex-starved males from this floor talk about a woman's right to choose.”  When called on that rhetoric amid groans from the floor, she withdrew the statement but obviously still harbors the sentiment.

I’ve never quite understood the arrogance of leftists and their ironclad belief that they’re better and smarter than anyone who disagrees with them, or their recent belief that publicly insulting a large segment of the voting public is a good idea.  It certainly seems to negate the whole idea of them being all that smart.  It’s certainly not a strategy you’ll find in “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

I never assume that if someone disagrees with me, it’s because they’re some sort of bad, evil, stupid or defective person.  I just assume they’ve had some experiences in the past that shaped their thinking differently, and I hope that if they’d be willing to hold a reasonable exchange of ideas with an open mind, I might be able to convince them to change their thinking.  But to do that, you have to show respect for the other person and not dismissively assume the worst of them.

If I had to give the pro-abortion side one piece of advice above all others (not that I’d want to help them), it would be to stop lying about the pro-life side and engage their beliefs honestly.  They endlessly repeat the false charge that pro-lifers are just men who want to control women’s bodies.  In fact, there are slightly more women who self-identify as pro-life than men. And the very heart of the pro-life movement is the belief that a child in the womb is a precious new life, dependent on but separate from the mother. Pro-life people are motivated by a belief that the child should be protected from being murdered in the name of convenience, not by some sexist urge to control women’s bodies.  We’ve all seen sonograms of a child in the womb: that’s not a woman’s body. 

If the pro-abortion lobby refuses even to honestly acknowledge what the other side’s beliefs and motivations are, and feel they must wildly misrepresent the opposition’s views to win the debate, then they must not have a very convincing set of arguments on their side.


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##Appellation##, I wanted to make sure you also read this top story from yesterday's commentary...

Judicial Watch does it again: Obama State Department implicated in "Russia"

By Mike Huckabee

On Tuesday, I brought news of some emails from the Obama State Department obtained by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch that showed a connection between British spy Christopher Steele and Clinton allies working there. By Tuesday night, there was a lot more to this story, as Fitton appeared on Sean Hannity’s FOX News show to break brand-new details. He had just obtained even more State Department documents, these showing that the very anti-Trump Steele and Glenn Simpson of oppo-research firm Fusion GPS had SPECIAL ACCESS to an official at the State Department named Jonathan Winer, who worked under then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

In case you haven’t yet seen the Mark Tapscott article in The Epoch Times I linked to on Tuesday –- or if it’s just hard to keep track of all the players –- I’ll try to simplify what we know at this point. Winer was “the Libya guy” at the State Department. These newly-obtained documents show that after the 2016 election, Winer worked with Victoria Nuland at State and also a top aide for Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) to target President-elect Trump.



Other news you might have missed...

I started doing my radio show “The Huckabee Report” in 2009, and ever since, one of the recurring themes of my media appearances is urging people not to believe polls – especially polls taken long before elections.  But others in the media can’t resist trying to make polls news, particularly when they reinforce their own political views.  They’re like greyhounds that take off running after that mechanical rabbit time after time, never realizing that what they’re chasing isn’t even real. 

And so, this week, with the Presidential election still a year-and-a-half away and the Democratic nominee not even chosen yet, the talking heads are having paroxysms of joy over a Quinnipiac poll showing Joe Biden with a huge lead over Donald Trump. Indeed, it shows Trump losing to every Democrat running.

And what does this mean?  Not a darn thing.  The public doesn’t even know most of those candidates, they just know that they’ve heard two years of the media relentlessly slamming Trump.  We don’t know how the poll questions were phrased or the polling sample or if Trump supporters refused to answer because they hate the media, or lied because they hate the media, or had Caller ID and didn’t pick up the phone at all because they hate the media. 

I’d say to call me when the election is closer, but if you recall, even on the morning of Election Day 2016, we were assured by pollsters that Hillary Clinton had a 90% chance of winning.  In fact, this very same polling source, Quinnipiac University, released a poll just 75 days before the 2016 election showing Hillary with a 51-41% lead over Trump.  I looked at the poll’s internals, gauged the mood of the country from actually going out and talking to Americans, and predicted on national TV that Trump would win.  The reactions ranged from indulgent nods to horselaughs.  But they weren’t laughing on Election Night.  And I wasn’t surprised. 


The FBI has released 22 pages of documents going back decades, all related to investigations of alleged Bigfoot sightings. For instance, in 1977, the FBI analyzed a sample of hair submitted by an Oregon man who claimed it came from a Bigfoot. The FBI lab wrote back to him that it came from a deer.  “Oh deer!,” I’m sure he replied.

I will have to go through all these documents and let you know if anything was redacted, and if so, whether Jerry Nadler demands to see the full report to find out whether Bigfoot was conspiring with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. I know it sounds far-fetched, but now that I've put it out there, I'll bet Rachel Maddow dives into it.


Do you ever get the feeling when you watch or read mainstream news sources that you actually know less when you finished than you did before you started?  Well, it’s not your imagination.  Thanks to Trump Derangement Syndrome, once respectable news outlets are hysterically blasting out “news” that’s misleading to the point of absurdity.

For instance, this week, the Hill newspaper set off a storm of media and social media “OUTRAGE!” by tweeting, “JUST IN: Trump administration to send migrant children to former Japanese internment camp.”

And that’s true…kinda, sorta.  There is such an overflow of children at the border that our facilities are full, and they have to be sent somewhere.  So some are being sent to an army base that did once house some Japanese people during World War II.  But for over 70 years since, it’s just been an army base…which, incidentally, also housed overflow migrants during the Obama Administration.

If they want to reach that far back in history to try to smear people alive today, then I’m willing to play the same game: 

JUST IN: The New York Times, CNN and MSNBC all built their headquarters on land that belonged to Native Americans who were swindled out of it for $24 worth of beads and trinkets!  Let’s demand that these racists atone by giving the land back! 



There’s an old saying in politics: Never believe your own PR.  Apparently, Joe Biden is making that mistake by repeating the hilarious claim by Obama sycophants in the media that “For eight years, there wasn’t one single hint of a scandal or a lie.”

Well, there wasn’t one hint of it in the media that refused to report them, at least, even as their own reporters were being spied on.  But just to refresh your memory, here’s a top ten list of Obama scandals and lies.  Again, it's only the top ten.



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Our Daily Verse (NIV)

"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness."

–1 John 1:9

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  • jo Denny

    06/13/2019 04:07 PM

    Love your show and your newsletter. Your humor is great! I appreciate it.

    I have a question. Since the election will be here soon, why hasn't anything been done by the Republican Party to try and pass legislation for "voter ID?" I ask you this as you are more in the know what's going on than the average citizen.

    I just called Chip Roy's office and asked if he could look into this. He is a mover. He has done some things that these other Republicans seem to not care or lag behind. He is new but either has true conviction and is sick of the nonsense or wants to make a name for himself. I'd say he's pretty sharp and with it and won't stand by and let is happen as business as usual.


  • Waylon Bush

    06/13/2019 03:34 PM

    BREAKING NEWS: I have discovered what is wrong with this country! It is the "CARBONARO EFFECT". For those of you familiar with the Carbonaro Effect, you understand what I am saying. For those of you who do not know of the Carbonaro Effect---watch an episode (TV); it will all become clear to you. Geez.

  • Elaine Knudsen

    06/13/2019 12:53 PM

    I understand that there is so much "Breaking News" politically, but it sure would have been nice to see "St. Louis Blues Win Stanley Cup, First Time In History" at least mentioned. All of the Positive "Breaking News" we can have is important too. Kudos to the Blues!!!!!