December 29, 2020

A Very Merry Update! I hope you read the wonderful story I share every Christmas from Sheila in Oklahoma, who related how she was facing cancer in 1999 and God sent her a sign through her Christmas tree lights that she would get through it. If you haven’t read it, you’ll find it here, and I hope you will read it.

I hadn’t heard from her since she sent me that story in 2011, and I have always hoped that she was still healthy. Well, I’m delighted to report that after it ran this year, she contacted me with this update:

“…I am so thankful that you have continued to share my miracles. The lymphoma relapsed in 2001 and I underwent an autologous bone marrow transplant and have been cancer-free since. I am a 25-year cancer survivor and I thank God for every day.”

That’s great news, Sheila. I also thank God for your continued good health, and thank you for sharing that inspiring story that has meant so much to me and my readers and listeners over the years.

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