April 30, 2019

What if the media threw a “nerd prom” and nobody came?  Or at least, nobody famous paid any attention?  That’s exactly what happened this weekend, when the White House Correspondents Association held its annual dinner in Washington, and I’ll bet this is the first you’ve even heard about it. 


After years of that event degenerating into a flashy, self-congratulatory and blatantly partisan evening of nasty attacks on Republicans, President Trump delivered the first blow by refusing to attend, instead opting for a rally where he could spend time with some friendly faces for a change.  Last year’s Trump-less dinner, which my daughter Sarah was gracious enough to attend, only to be savaged by a relentlessly unfunny leftist “comedian,” was the death knell. 


This year, they held the dinner and it made all the noise of a tree falling in an empty woods.  Meanwhile, Trump attended a rally in Green Bay that attracted a huge crowd of cheering fans.  Sarah was an honored guest and was so popular with the crowd, Trump jokingly told her, “You’re fired!”


You can see clips of it at the link, and just for the clueless liberal journalists going back to work after the WHCA dinner: yes, Trump was joking.  She wasn’t really fired.  It's like when he joked that Russia should share Hillary’s emails with the FBI, he wasn’t inviting them to hack her already-wiped clean server.  That was a joke, too.  I’m just trying to be helpful because after attending last year’s WHCA dinner, you might not remember that a “joke” is something that’s supposed to be funny.   

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