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October 26, 2022

Everyone’s Fed Up With Leftists, Part One

Eco-radicals in Europe have been staging a series of obnoxious and childish protests, from dumping milk on grocery floors to throwing soup at an irreplaceable Van Gogh painting. One of their current favorite childish tactics is to glue their hands to the floor to make it harder to remove them. But Volkswagen in Germany showed the world the perfect way to deal with them.

Sixteen members of a radical green group called “Scientist Rebellion” (they wear lab coats and claim to be scientists, although their behavior doesn’t suggest they have very high IQs) staged a protest at the Autostadt pavilion next to the VW factory. Nine of them glued their hands to the floor and declared that they were “on hunger strike until our demands to decarbonize the German transport sector are met.”

They probably expected the VW bosses to call the police, who would unstick their hands and give them lots of publicity. Instead, the bosses just turned off the lights at the end of the day, locked the doors (if the people supporting them left, they couldn’t get back in), and left them there with no food or heat. The protesters also whined about having no way to use the bathroom, someone you’d think a “scientist” might consider before gluing himself to the floor. They must’ve studied biological science at a woke Ivy League school.

Their self-inflicted predicament inspired much laughter and celebration online, with one Twitter user congratulating them because with no heat or lights, “you have successfully decarbonized the hall that you are in.”

I’m not sure if they ever got unstuck, but if the glue solvent is petroleum-based, I’m sure they wouldn’t want to use it.

Everyone’s Fed Up With Leftists, Part Two

Former Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech at Georgetown University, and he was greeted by the expected leftist student mob hoping to shut it down, chanting idiotic slogans like “Hate has no home here” (ironically, their hatred of anyone holding an opposing view was the only hate on display”) and waving signs with equally idiotic leftist slogans, like “Reproductive rights are human rights” (they might run that by the humans in the womb that they want to be able to dismember up until the very moment of birth and possibly slightly beyond.)

But here’s another welcome sign that people are fed up with rule by leftist tantrum. After the mob walked out of Pence’s speech (with perfect timing, as he was saying that people in Washington now are "more intent on imposing their agenda or walking out on people that might have a different point of view"), their seats were easily filled with Pence supporters who were waiting outside because there hadn’t been enough room.

So let me just say that I fully support this latest form of protest of close-minded leftist totalitarians walking out on conservative speakers so that people who are actually there to learn something can get in and have a seat.  


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  • Joann Reifel

    10/27/2022 06:09 AM

    While we respected VP Pence's stand during his time in the White House, the way things devolved the last two weeks post election has left a bitter taste for him in many peoples mouths. What is the truth here? Did he have the authority to back up Pres Trump? Or no? He's not a RINO in the sense that he holds similar values to the party at large, BUT did he lack back bone? I was somproud that out White House, for 4 years, embraced God and prayer. I hate the idea that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are not colleagues anymore based on what has been reported.