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February 23, 2021

February 23, 2021   

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • It's A Supreme Court Crack-Up: The Election, Trump's finances
  • Poll: Most Trump Supporters Have Never Heard Of QAnon
  • Message to Voters: Choose More Carefully
  • New Study: Long-term Social Isolation Increases Mortality Risk
  • "Unity"Oregon Education Department Sees White Supremacy In Math (I kid you not)
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee




It's a Supreme Court crack-up: the election, Trump's finances

By Mike Huckabee

It’s understandable that the Supreme Court doesn’t want to touch the 2020 election with a 10-foot pole. But that's not good enough. Let's at least hope future historians will look at the dissenting opinions --- especially those from Justice Clarence Thomas --- when they study how in 2021 we were hit with wave after wave of avoidance from the Court. I'll play armchair psychiatrist and call it passive-aggressiveness.

The Court announced on Monday that they would not be taking up a case challenging the election results in Pennsylvania, where ballot-integrity measures were relaxed by going through a Pennsylvania state court, not the state legislature as required by the U.S. Constitution. Justice Thomas issued a dissenting opinion:

"This is not a prescription for confidence,” he wrote, adding that “changing the rules in the middle of the game is bad enough.”

"That decision to rewrite the rules seems to have affected too few ballots to change the outcome of any federal election,” he said. (Of course, we don’t know one way or the other.) “But that may not be the case in the future. These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority non-legislative officials have to set election rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal to do so is inexplicable.”

He continued: “If state officials have the authority they have claimed, we need to make it clear. If not, we need to put an end to this practice now before the consequences become catastrophic.”

Still more words of wisdom: “We are fortunate that many of the cases we have seen only alleged improper rule changes, not fraud. But that observation provides only small comfort. An election free from strong evidence of systemic fraud is not alone sufficient for election confidence. Also important is the assurance that fraud will not go undetected.”

Finally, this: “One wonders what this Court waits for. We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us. I respectfully dissent.”

That decision wasn’t the only disappointment we received from the Supreme Court on Monday. They also declined to review a bid by Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Kelly asking the court to strike down an expansion of mail-in balloting in his state. So it looks as though we’ll be seeing a lot more of that. As in, fraud---I mean, mail-in balloting.

Roger L. Simon has a scathing opinion piece about the Supreme Court’s choice not to look into the various state challenges to the 2020 election.

Because Donald Trump has conceded to Joe Biden, the Court rules, these issues are moot. Simon has plenty to say about that.

"In other words,” he says, “a stolen Presidential election --- if it happens, we really don’t know in this case --- has an almost immediate statute of limitations, although the results of that election can affect hundreds of millions, if not, as in the case of the United States, nearly the entirety of humanity.”

He examines the legal principle of “standing” as well, saying that one person’s standing can be another person’s closed door.

"If I sound cynical about the Supreme Court, I have to admit I am,” he says. “It’s even true of the law in general, which I want to believe in and admire, but increasingly no longer do.”

Simon is not a lawyer, but a keen observer and now the CEO of PJ MEDIA. And he’s feeling mighty pessimistic at the moment. (I’m sorry not to be giving you the happy-talk news today, but this is where we are. Not that it will necessarily stay this way, just that it is right now.)

"We want lady justice to be blind,” Simon writes, “but in actuality she’s a cyborg with all-seeing, rotating night vision similar to the kind you might find on many street corners today from Beijing to Chicago, using the latest algorithms to isolate presumed enemies of the state.”

He sees the Supreme Court as, he says, “the last place to look for justice in a Presidential election –- or anything, really, that tilts against the prevailing wind. They wouldn’t even, as Clarence Thomas requested, explore the blatantly unconstitutional malfeasances in various states where unelected officials clearly and unlawfully superceded the legislatures in changing election law by fiat, something we would think would only happen in totalitarian countries.”

But back to Monday. To cap off their day, they also denied former President Trump’s request for a stay on the release of his tax and other financial records from the accounting firm Mazars USA to longtime political adversary Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.

Vance has been conducting what absolutely can be construed as a “witch hunt” for some time, getting hold of whatever financial records he could by whatever means he could, purportedly to investigate Trump for tax fraud, insurance fraud and falsification of business records. The prospect of this is what the left have been salivating over for years (while censoring talk of the Biden “family business” and Hunter Biden’s laptop).

As reported in ZERO HEDGE, the High Court deferred acting on this for three months, until Trump was again a private citizen. BLOOMBERG reported that “the exact parameters are unclear.” Well, of course they are unclear --- that’s what a witch hunt is!

So now, Vance’s office will be combing through every last email and scrap of paper to "find" something, anything, to use to go after Trump in court and to try to squelch any further political aspirations he might have. The documents are supposed to be under grand-jury secrecy, but you know how that goes in the real world. Damage to Trump is what this is really about.

Poll: most Trump supporters have never heard of QAnon

By Mike Huckabee

On the heels of the January 6 security breach at the Capitol Building, ostensibly led by right-wing white supremacists/consipracy theorists such as QAnon, I wrote that neither I nor my research staff even knew what “QAnon” was. As it turns out, we had lots of company.

I have to say, my research/writing staff is pretty well plugged in, so if they hadn’t heard of QAnon, I tend to think that the same could be said of many, if not most, Trump supporters. Sure enough, a new poll of Trump supporters by Suffolk University found that only 4 percent held favorable views of QAnon and that nearly half had “never heard of the group.” The poll was taken this month.

The responses to this question, one part of a lengthier, 39-question poll, showed that a plurality of 43.33 percent had “never heard” of QAnon, another 31.4 percent held “unfavorable” views of the group, and 21.3 percent were “undecided.” (It would seem to me that these “undecided” might BE undecided because they either haven’t heard of them or haven’t heard enough to form an opinion.)

It’s just too bad for those on the left that Trump supporters can’t do more to cooperate with their efforts to further the narrative that we’re right-wing conspiracy theory nuts. But that would be really difficult, because we’re NOT right-wing conspiracy theory nuts. They can say we are, over and over, all they want, because we can't stop them, but we’re just not. Period.

As I’ve said, the false narrative created by the Democrats is now being misapplied to Trump supporters across the board, to tar them as violent crazies. It’s also being used as a pretext to surround the Capitol with barbed wire and armed members of the National Guard. We don’t expect anything to come of Speaker Pelosi’s so-called “investigation” into what really happened on January 6, for reasons I went into yesterday. But we and others who care about the truth will continue to find out as much about it as we can, as we have a lot of unanswered questions and there is much that doesn’t make sense.

Thanks to Suffolk University for adding just a little more to our growing stack of knowledge about it.

Message to Voters: Choose More Carefully

By Mike Huckabee

UPDATE! All the members of that California school board who were caught in an online chat insulting parents, bragging about threatening them and saying they just want their “babysitters” back so they can stay home and smoke pot have resigned. To the voters who will select their replacements, I offer the same advice that I will offer to voters in the 2024 Presidential election: Choose more carefully this time.

In other “Stop the Insanity!” school board news, the San Francisco School Board has decided to “pause” its decision to spend a ton of money it doesn’t have renaming schools that are named after people who aren’t “woke” enough, like Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Instead, they will focus on the trivial side issue of actually getting the schools reopened.


New Study: Long-term Social Isolation Increases Mortality Risk

By Mike Huckabee

Finally, a new study in Perspectives in Psychological Science found that the effects of longterm social isolation may be even more detrimental to people’s health than we thought, increasing mortality risk as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It’s obviously had a severe effect on the mental health of a lot of people, including certain school boards I could name.

Oregon Education Department Sees White Supremacy In Math (I kid you not)

By Mike Huckabee 

The Oregon Department of Education issued an 82-page training manual for educators titled, “A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction: Dismantling Racism in Mathematics Instruction.” In their pursuit of making math more “woke,” the leftist educrats claim that “white supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms” when students are required to “show their work.” Also, “requiring students to show their work reinforces worship of the written word, as well as paternalism.” Instead, they should be allowed to show their understanding of math concepts by creating Tik-Tok videos or cartoons.

Other “toxic characteristics of white supremacy culture” in math include a focus on getting the “right” answer.

(I'm betting that the people who wrote this all made D's in math.)

What I learn from this is that nobody should ever get on a plane designed by anyone who graduated school in Oregon after 2020.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Big Bend National Park, visit its website here.


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Comments 1-25 of 34

  • Carroll Brown

    02/24/2021 06:19 PM

    What's happening with the newsletter? I'm not able to get the stories. I click on the 'go here's link but all I can see are the titles of the articles. I used to be able to just read them without even clicking on a link. I liked the original way much better!

  • Nina Rogers

    02/24/2021 08:54 AM

    I know I will get the truth from this.

  • Jj

    02/23/2021 11:03 PM

    The Liberal Communists that make up the outrageous comments is just a tool do disguise the normal people from what the Oval Office is doing, the loonies shot their mouths off while making insane notions of Russian Collusion, impeachment, all the while they set up the new unlawful voting laws, getting ready to shutdown pipeline building, open the southern borders keep vaccines from getting into people that need them getting back into the WHO that helped kill Americans and people all over the world The Phony Paris Peace accord, getting boys to view girls while in the restrooms, seducing the Supreme Courts threatening them, shutting down religious buildings ,bankrupting small business , While Republican leaders have no desire to put up some resistance biden carries out his destructive business thats all within 20 days of electing a complete hollowed out head a manikin for the Left's green new deals and a destructive pattern of the his and Obama's time together.

  • James Evart

    02/23/2021 10:07 PM

    The wall around the Capital with its razor wire and soldiers is both an unauthorized and unwarranted posturing showpiece of force but also a window into the soul-less motivations of the left and what it expects this country's reaction will be to it's rape of rights, law and justice for all.

  • Michelle Ferrer

    02/23/2021 09:56 PM

    The biggest threat to our country is an under-educated improperly indoctrinated youth. Sometimes, I wonder where education, common sense, decency, morality, and adherence to our founding principles are living. I want to go there. ThiS Insane WOKENESS is just not rational. On the other side of insanity, I never heard of Qanon or the Proud Boys until I heard about it on the news. I don't even know what they stand for, although they've been accused of far right-ism. I'm beginning to long for the 1960s before the Civil Right Act. That era, with all its issues, seems more civilized that what we see today.

  • Erika Eimicke

    02/23/2021 09:35 PM

    This may be a far stretch, but I foresee a property tax battle between homeowners and local governments because of these ideologies invading our schools. If the property owners lose, which I can imagine that is what the left wants, they will leave their homes en masse, which leaves conservatives and other not so far left people without much choice in living arrangements or school choice. The left have school choice and property ownership destruction in their grasp.

  • Jim Simpson

    02/23/2021 08:47 PM

    Well there you have it. The Supreme court of the land has finally drove the last nail in the coffin for this country. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I have just finish reading the prophesies in the Old Testament. I would strongly suggest you all might want to do the same. We are at the SAME stage as Israel and Judah. The old timers told the citizens of the two countries to get ready for the justice of the Almighty God. Well read the old books and see if you don't see the same behavior in that time as the behavior we have now in this country. It is not only alarming, it is disgusting.

    All government, governors, attorney generals, the U.S. government et al and now the Supreme Court and doing the same injustice to this country as the folks in Israel and Judah's day. All are liars, cheats and will do anything to become part of the "elite" status, above the (what used to be ) the law. They are bought and paid for by big tech, B.G. and others. Don't believe it over
    $500M was poured into Ga to flip the election. It has already been demonstrated on paper which clearly demonstrated the electronic breaks into America systems during the election in Ga. See Mike Lindell's video for the proof.
    Now the Supreme court is now complicit to kick the Ball of evidence, reason and justice not only down the road, but completely out of the universe. In my eighty years I have never seen this country so polarized and determined to SELF EXPLODE.
    Do these people realize they will not live forever? They have a time and date just like me to stand in front of the Almighty. It ain't gonna be a pretty sight. The only away around this mess to to get down on our collective knees all over this country and pray for God's forgiveness for destroying this wonder country like no other on earth; while asking for intercession by Him to save this country. The courts won't, the government is worthless and the military can't. If we don't we can turn out the lights. This current administration is hell bent to destroy this country. What they don't realize just like in old testament days, you can not hide from the Almighty God's justice.

  • anthony sacco

    02/23/2021 08:13 PM

    I would like to contact supreme court to voice my concern that they did not take the voter case. I called the listed number but could not get through. Do you have the contact info.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    02/23/2021 07:40 PM

    Witch hunt doomed to failure. Trump 2024 riding Red tsunami.

  • Paul Kern

    02/23/2021 07:01 PM

    Another 4 years of high drama we have entered
    Big Tech, working with the UN and the CCP appear to be consolidating their takeover by destroying the economy. Following Saul Alinski's rules.
    I understand that over 200 Trump supporters at the rally have been jailed and no bail allowed.
    Now leading conservative economists are predicting a massive crash by July. Based on our government destroying families and small businesses to bail out bankrupt states and hostile nations it would not surprise me
    The left is talking about Money Monetization. Used by the German government in the Depression. It took a barrelful of Deutsche Marks to buy a loaf of bread! People so demoralized it opened the door for Hitler to takeover.
    As I heard recently we need God to revive His Church. A perfect storm now. The progressive religious leaders have aligned with Marxists and other God haters to destroy God's people and Israel.
    I live in a blue state, Waahington, which us aligned with Oregon and California ti take down the few remaining godly churches by making up new rules to satisfy their masters

  • Joyce Kanlan

    02/23/2021 06:41 PM

    Satan is alive & well (for now), a little while longer. We are witnessing, have been witnessing spiritual warfare. The Supreme Court failed to do what is right, the liberal left wing have been & continue to kill, Steal&Destroy like??, who they follow. It’s extremely important to Pray without ceasing for our former President Trump and our One Nation Under God!????????. God IS still in Control, He still sits on the Throne and He still answers Prayer!

  • Marie Krause

    02/23/2021 06:09 PM

    I agree with everything you said, and we are living in fairyland. After the deep freeze we had in Texas this month, I'm about to believe God is a bit angry with us, for trying to outsmart HIM. Thanks for sharing your common sense with us.

  • Aaron Woien

    02/23/2021 04:59 PM

    Well, Roberts is an anti-Trump coward, and Kavanaugh is intimidated by the left. So much for a "conservative majority." If the states do not address vote fraud and end unrestricted mail-in ballots with extended deadlines, the Democrats will never lose another election, and the nation will be damaged beyond repair. My wife and I have been planning on moving into a retirement community in 2023. Seeing what has transpired since last November, I suggested we look toward Moscow, Russia, which seems to be the only sane place left on earth. Maybe we should contact Ed Snowden, who should have been pardoned by President Trump.

  • Mary Minshall

    02/23/2021 04:58 PM

    Please tell me how mathematics can be "white supremacist?" I looked at the international scores in mathematics (just Google or DuckDuckGo "international math scores" and the kids in North East Asia rank higher than European or USA Caucasian kids. OK, now mathematics is "Asian Supremacist?"

  • Misty Hartke

    02/23/2021 03:42 PM

    Is there no justice for the American people? We have now a President that every move has been against the best interest of Americans. We have a vindictive legislative branch, who have spent 4 years, working against Republicans and President Trump. Telling lies, hiding evidence, name calling, creating one sided bills, and trashing America and our history.

    Now it also appears we have a judiciary that has no accountability to anyone. Where is the check and balance on a corrupt Judiciary when we have a corrupt congress? And now, a corrupt President?
    It is apparent to every conservative the disparity between The Biden family suspicious dealings and the Trump family. The treatment of Trumps inner circle versus the corruption discovered in now Spygate, Muellergate, Ukrainegate and Russiagate. Will any of those who we now know lies under oath during Congressional hearings and impeachment inquiry be punished, like Roger Stone and Flynn?

    QAnon is not a thing. There is a mysterious poster on 4chan, then 8chan and 8 kun known as Q. It started in late 2017. Certainly not mainstream, as those boards are more game nerd/computer nerd minded boards. Probably not where you’d normally find deep politically active people.

    Q would post vague things. Questions. And ask people to research particular things. Government agencies, their relations, how they connect to POTUS or other departments. Who heads a department, how are they connected to another person. Who is the CEO of this business, how connected. One key element, prayer. Q regularly reminded to put on your Spiritual Armor, as we are fighting a spiritual bad of good and evil. Not Republican/Democrat. Q never said anything anti Semitic, racists (at least not by the old definition) inflammatory or call to violence. Not one time did Q call for more than to research for ourselves.
    Was Q’s background real? I don’t know. Was it harmful, absolutely not. If you agree that DC swamp has a lot of bad swampy things happening, thank Q for red pilling a whole lot of people. The horned shaman that was at the Capitol, is not someone that some of the leading names in the W movement would know. There are outlier weirdos in every movement, that man, was an obvious weirdo in his own right. I’d invite you to go to, if you’d like a fair assessment of what Q really is. He has even published a book, maybe 2, as an introduction to Q.

    Is there any means for We The People to bring a class action lawsuit against our government? The government has grown far too big, taken control of far too much, and at least half of America, a solid majority of the land area, are no longer represented in DC. We no longer consent.

    Oh, also, the most likely reason people resort to violence? When you call people names and label them as White Supremacist, deplorable, stupid, homophobic, xenophobic, anti Semitic, mocking our religion, taking our liberty away in blue states, and demonizing the one man who fought for ALL Americans, people break. Especially after being subjected to 4 years of being PHYSICALLY assaulted and threatened at every Trump Rally pre 2016, his inauguration, all 4 years of his Presidency, general public supporters, clear up to Elected leadership. People have had. The majority of us have enough sense not to be stupid and crash the Capitol. Some, just as the Left had third attacking the White House and Federal building, have no sense at all. Fortunately, Republicans are consistent in calling out all the idiots.

  • Giovanni Catanese

    02/23/2021 03:38 PM

    I read with interest your article about the Supreme Court and several questions popped in my mind: If we are supposed to have a government of three "equal" branches to ensure a balance of power, who ensures that the Legislative (Congress) does not abuses it's power? It seems to me that for the past 5 years Congress, with the excuse of supervising the Executive, has consistently harassed President Trump, personally and aggressively, but the other third branch (SCOTUS) not only has not intervened to stop the abuses of Congress, but rather has ganged up against the president's actions by several Liberal judges that prevented legitimate executive action. It's obvious to most Americans that something wrong occurred in the past election (fraud) and in spite of the media and the Dems denials, no one has ever fully investigated the allegation, much less willing to do so, at least to ensure the voters of fair voting. Is it maybe that Congress, who provide funds to the various intelligence and DOJ agencies uses these entities to spy and find "dirt" on any opposition, including SCOTUS, so they blackmail them resulting in a de facto one-branch government? I cannot understand how one branch, designed to ensure the actions of both the Executive and Legislative are according to our Constitution, blatantly ignored (and still does) the abuse of power by Congress since before Trump took office, continued with bogus investigations and two impeachments during the entire term of office. Why? Can you provide an explanation? Or this is the evidence that our Republic is dead and a one-party government is the future? Sadly the GOP has not been able or willing to stop the ongoing abuses.

  • Jerry

    02/23/2021 03:04 PM

    As a senior citizen this is a very distressed time I am not younger today as I was a year ago time is wasting for me although I have done what I could to get out I was afraid of getting the China Virus and exiting early from Life here on Earth I have more time to love my kids more because we stay some what apart not that many places to go and have fun. we are a family with kids sports as a main recreation going out for lunch and dinners going to apple orchards whatever is in season I am a small town festival guy love going to them talking with strangers is not a problem with me I embrace it i love it most people are smarter than me so I win by learning something new. How ever Joe Biden doesn't see it that way that Bastard wants me to stay home and bug my wife all day she is smarter than Joe she finds stuff to do I got more done around the yard in one summer than I got done in 20 years the house is getting additional upgrades month after month I had to put a stop on buying frozen goods the freezers are full, kids and guest don't come around as much our family will meet again when we warm up we will have our friends back and entertain so bastard Joe shove it. Conservatives are welcomed I am still going to live like its 2019 all people that live within the 10 comandments are welcomed hear; take notice Bastard Joe I don't color people, gender people, or label people like you do in DC or hell wherever you think you came from are you still running from corn pop guy that running around your empty head; a little rough Mike I know but the 2019 was our Golden year we have to get the future with Joe is terminal.

  • Jane Williams

    02/23/2021 03:03 PM

    The entire Supreme Court needs to be held in contempt..of right, for the American People...and in NOT PEOTECTING THE RIGHT OF ANY CITIZEN TO THEIR OWN FINANCES...the precedent is set for destruction of EVERY RIGHT guaranteed us...they just punted it all away...SHAME ON THEM..who are they behind closed doors??? Closet democrats??? Or fearful of their lives??? This stinks...we are about to implode...glad I dont have too many more years to live on this earth..come quickly Jesus!!

  • Pat J Green

    02/23/2021 02:51 PM

    It just seems to me that changing the rules in the 9th inning is fraud in its self. What would happen in a world series game if the unpire decided that all trows from the pitcher and not hit by the batter were counted as balls?
    QAnon never heard of them and still don't know what they are, and there are more. Don't understand what a Karen is a Christian nationalist is and the list goes on and on. It just seems like every day a new name comes out.

  • Rebecca Letson

    02/23/2021 01:45 PM

    Well, I wonder who the Supreme Court justices have sold their soul to, Mark Zuckerburg, George Soros, the Democratic Party, Bill Gates, etc. what a disappointment. I know the Christ who has not sold out, He is still on His throne and knows more about all of this.

  • James D. Hartsock

    02/23/2021 01:32 PM

    I think that it is sad that President Trump’s nominees & electives to the Supreme Court have basically turned away from him. The things that have been presented before them that are constitutional issues, they seem to think have no standing before them. Maybe they need to re-read the documents having to do with the establishment of their branch of government. They don’t seem to understand their responsibilities to our great nation.
    Looks to me like they need to be replaced with some enlightened judges who understand what they are there for—protecting the democracy that was established.
    Seems like the 3 branches of government are totally unequal. They have all forgotten that this country and government was established OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE.

  • Chelsea R. Martin

    02/23/2021 01:12 PM

    So SCOTUS has basically given the corrupt government officials a free pass on any and all future election fraud (sorry "election fortification" is the appropriate term for rigging an election now, right?), while simultaneously permitting the ongoing legal (illegal) harassment of an individual named Trump in an effort to find "something" impeachable, criminal and/or damaging (meanwhile discussion of Hunter Biden, his laptop and his business dealings remain Verboten), most Republicans haven't heard of "QAnon" and don't ascribe to conspiracy theories despite the Left's ongoing attempt at labeling all conservatives as "white supremacist QAnon terroristic insurrectionists," (you know, since it was clearly QAnons that spent the last 6-8 months burning down cities, looting, rioting, and establishing "Autonomous Zones"), and expecting students to get the right answer while completing a mathematics equation is a sign of racism and white supremacy. Not to mention the destruction of federalism seen in the currently proposed (and doubtless soon to be passed) H.R. 1, pending "executive dictatorial orders" aimed at the elimination of the Second Amendment by fiat, the current "Covid spending bill" in process, and the calls by various elected officials for the FCC to "cancel" freedom of the press by "cancelling" cable news from carrying "dangerous misinformation" such as Fox, Newsmax and OAN. And our beloved, courageous, staunch defenders of the Constitution and the citizenry known as "the Republicans" are doing what, exactly? Oh, right. They're doing what they always do: complaining after the fact, promising to "come back strong and retake the House, Senate, etc., next election" (assuming there will ever be another valid, transparent reliable election again, which I very much doubt) amidst a slew of "conservative talking point" campaign promises that they never fulfill and never fight for, and otherwise sitting on their hands doing nothing. Then again why would they risk angering the demagogue and going the way of Frank Magnitz or Stephan Schwarz? They get their nice little kickbacks and their taxpayer-funded "golden parachute" as long as they play ball and learn never to bite back like the good little doggies that they are. This nation was meant to be ruled by the consent of the governed, and governed by duly elected representatives operating within the framework of the United States Constitution. We are not being governed and we are not being represented - we are being ruled by entrenched, unelected, uncontestable bureaucratic Elites who see fit to enact their radical policies at all levels of society. The current "government" comprised of Elites on one side and do-nothing cowards on the other has lost my trust, my good will and my consent.

  • Debra Kelner

    02/23/2021 01:09 PM

    Thank you for being a great conservative, religious man and Governor of AR. Your daughter will be a great leader when she gets to that point. God Bless America and her people.

  • Paul Russ

    02/23/2021 01:06 PM

    I appreciate Clarence Thomas’ comments, but he is glaring wrong in one statement. No one knows if election fraud changed the election outcomes, because the actual evidence has never been systematically presented to the public and especially not in a court of law (if there are any left in the US).
    Therefore, Thomas makes a statement that he cannot substantiate. More brilliance from the less than Supreme Court. They make this stuff up as they go. Anybody can do that. Why even go to law school which apparently teaches nothing.

  • Bruce Vanderhoef

    02/23/2021 12:57 PM

    I guess I'm confused. What exactly does the Supreme Court do? It seems of late they do an excellent job of doing nothing, or at best kicking the can down the street, only to address the same case again. No resolution, just more confusion and job security.

    With president Trump putting 3 new justices on the court, we conservatives had high hopes; now we can nullify John Roberts. And what happens? They all vote with Roberts! What a buzz kill.

    In the Pennsylvania case where state voter law was clearly violated, they turned it away 6-3. Would somebody please explain that decision to me because I just don't get it.

    Rather than Lady Liberty being blind......I think she has been blindsided.