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June 2, 2021

A study of the effects of lockdowns in 10 nations found that “mandatory stay-at-home and business closures” resulted in “no clear, significant beneficial effect…on case growth in any country.” In some cases, lockdowns even made the contagion worse.

That’s largely because most workplaces took immediate steps to reduce contagion risks (masks, social distancing, constant disinfecting, improved ventilation, etc.) that most people didn’t take in their homes. On average, workers were 4 to 5 times less safe outside their workplaces than in their workplaces. But the “experts” imposed lockdowns that shut workplaces and forced people into places where they were more likely to catch the virus.

So putting aside all the ruined businesses, crushed dreams, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, lost class time and dangerously postponed medical treatments, the lockdowns were at best useless and at worst, spread the virus even more.

Heck of a job, experts!

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