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November 28, 2022



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Mike Huckabee



“Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.

In my Father's house are many rooms. If it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you?

John 14:1-2 ESV

1. President Trump opens himself up to attacks

By Mike Huckabee

Former President Trump left himself open to attacks by the media, and I’m sure they’ll be vicious, when Kanye West dropped into Mar-A-Lago last week for dinner and brought three uninvited guests. One of them was Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist and organizer of the Unite the Right rally.

Even conservative media such as blasted Trump for making the unforced error.

Even if it’s true that Fuentes arrived with West unannounced and Trump had no idea who he was, as he claims and I see no reason to question him, critics say his staffers should have vetted all guests before letting them in.

It plays into the criticism that Trump doesn’t have the best people around him and that he makes too many unforced errors that hand bats to his critics to beat him with. Many Republicans still like Trump, but they’re tired of the endless drama and worry that the never-ending anti-Trump media frenzy (and this will gin up plenty of it) will make it impossible to win over Independents in the general election.

I can understand, though, why some Republicans don’t feel like giving up and moving on to another candidate because they think it will feel like conceding that this sort of weaponized partisan media poisoning is successful. It seems to have been with Trump, as people whose lives were much better under him voted instead for someone who’s making their lives infinitely worse. We have to consider, though, what’s the most important goal: redeeming Trump and getting even, or winning the White House and Congress in 2024?

I’m sure many Republicans are also worried that if they give up and let the media be successful in destroying Trump, then who knows whom they’ll falsely paint as a racist with their slander campaigns next?

Let’s pick a name completely at random. Oh, how about...Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones?...

2. YES, Maricopa Board of Supervisors met this morning

By Mike Huckabee

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors did indeed meet Monday morning with the intention of certifying their county’s 2022 election results.

To clarify the report in this morning’s newsletter, the board had quietly moved their meeting time up, but it was for what turned out to be a two-hour CLOSED-DOOR session, not to certify the results at that time but to get ready for the public meeting, which they called to order at 10AM Mountain Time. Of course, we have no idea what was said behind closed doors and can comment only on the live-streamed public meeting, which included the claim that they'd responded to the subpoena for documents.

Board chairman Bill Gates opened the show by going through the ground rules, which included a restriction of public comments to just two minutes. That was long enough for the many expressions of voter frustration, but not nearly sufficient for the poll workers and observers who came with specific examples of likely voter disenfranchisement.

Before they went to public comments, county recorder Stephen Richer, whose job includes supervising registration and early voting and sometimes appearing on MSNBC, gave his report on those aspects of the election process. He noted that in Arizona, a voter has to be on “the list” to get a ballot or specifically request one; ballots aren’t just mailed out to everyone on the rolls as in some states. So we’ll at least give Arizona that, though Richer didn’t go into how updated “the list” is in his county.

But he did go into his usual editorial comments, patting himself and the board on the back so hard you’d think they were all choking victims. He said the early voting process was “safe and secure,” less susceptible to the “caprices” that can happen with in-person voting. (Aside: “caprices” like allowing the malfunctions that clearly happened on Election Day?) He insisted that words to the contrary are “falsehoods,” and that there were observers throughout the process.. He thanked his team and temp workers for their professionalism in the face of abuse and hate.

When he brought up the issue of hate, some in the audience, as if on cue, made their displeasure known. They clearly don’t want his lecturing and electorate-blaming, which he should know just fans the flames.

Gates praised Richer for his expertise. This group really is a mutual admiration society, especially considering how abominably they've screwed up again.

Then they moved to to public comments, opening with a Tempe early voter who for some reason found their work “incredibly impressive.”

But almost all commenters were highly critical. The next one began with the meaning-laden Southern expression, “Bless your heart” and a friendly reminder that board members work for “we the people.” This person then got into some specific problems, but two minutes was not enough time.

Trust me on these public comments: it’s always more effective to stick to the subject at hand and not bring in political issues, which makes OUR concerns seem political when they should relate strictly to election honesty. The most powerful presentations were from poll workers who’d witnessed problems firsthand. One said she saw problems with both tabulators and printers on November 8, and that their “troubleshooter was responsible for four locations.” This election was too important to have problems like this, she said.

Another commenter, who had gone door-to-door for a campaign, slammed the self-congratulatory county recorder, saying “Mr. Richer, your voter rolls are a disaster...This is not a crystal clear election as you say.” Election workers were polled, she said, and 80 percent have “zero confidence” in the process.

One commenter praised Florida for the way it counted ballots --- after a hurricane --- and compared it with the chaotic count in Arizona. “AZ is now the laughing stock of the nation because Maricopa County is inept.” She believed thousands had been disenfranchised.

Then there was the worker who said tabulators didn’t even work the day of their training, the entire day. Scanners didn’t have their power strips on, so they lost power two hours in. She joked, “I know that what I’m saying is probably gonna be dropped right into Bin #3.”

One particularly accusatory speaker called board members the “seven traitors to the United States Constitution.” Again, it’s more effective right now to stick to verifiable problems than to threaten the death penalty and bring up bloody revolution.

But a woman with 50 years’ experience as GOP electioneer (“I’m older than I look”) gave a strong presentation. She arrived early on Election Day to vote in person, she said, but there already were problems –- two tabulators already breaking down. “About half the people ahead of me were unable to vote,” she said. The man ahead of her was escorted out because he was yelling. She estimated that 50 percent of voters were turned away. “When I went to school,” she said, “that was a failing grade.”

Another commenter who’d been a poll worker for 14 days straight said, “Voters have, in fact, been disenfranchised.” They were told they couldn’t check in because they hadn’t checked out at the last center. He saw that hundreds gave up. “You are the butt of our [poll workers’] jokes,” he said. “Be the hero for once.”

Another commenter heads Frontline America, an organization dealing with border concerns. “You’ve already made this decision,” he said. “You said the world is watching, and you’re right...You didn’t answer the AG’s concerns...If you certify today, the only thing you’ll certify is your own corruption.”

(NOTE TO ELECTION BOARD: By this time, several people who had signed up to speak had been unable to comment because they’d had to leave to go to work. Just goes to show that long lines can lead to disenfranchisement, haha.)

One particularly effective speaker said, “Have you watched your own press conference,” when problems with the machines were acknowledged? “How can you then say that this was a well-run election?” “This is clear voter disenfranchisement --- there’s nothing else to say.” That’s true whether you’re Republican or Democrat, he said, also slamming the board’s response to AG’s office.

Another stressed that people still do not trust these machines. “It’s gonna bubble up,” she said. “We’re at a fork in the road.” Do you guys not know, she asked, or are you deliberately doing this? We need to re-vote, on paper, no machines. There are just too many questions. Or else, one of these days, you’re gonna be put on the spot and asked “what you knew, when you knew it.”

An election worker said she'd trusted Richer when he first ran for office, but “I’m sad today...What can we pass down to our kids if we don’t stand up for fairness, after what we saw with our eyes?” This result cannot be certified, she said.

Another asked a good question: Why do we have members of this board on an anti-conservative PAC? (More on that issue here, soon.)

There was also this. To paraphrase: Gates, you say you’re required by law to certify --- then she quotes the law that contradicts this. “I am asking you to stop the certification today until we can get audits on the ballots,” she said.

We could go on with comments but will end with an excellent example: A registration clerk worked on Nov. 7 and 8. By end of day on the 7th, everything finally worked properly. But when they came in on the Election Day, “nothing worked,” including the hotline. Voters began showing up but couldn’t be checked in. “Most of them left,” she said. A tech eventually showed up, but there was still an issue with the printers. Finally, they started checking in voters, but the printer malfunctioned with the first vote!


The Q&A after comments were closed got far into the weeds, so we’ll follow up tomorrow with an analysis. But I already know there will be plenty to say about the summing up, particularly the chairman’s remarks about transparency (after what appeared to have been a two-hour closed-door session) and dismissive comments about “misinformation.” After what some election workers had to say at this meeting, I’m with those who don’t get these officials’ mutual preening about their integrity blah blah blah. Either they’re evaluating themselves by the wrong standards or there’s some serious gaslighting going on. I’d say it’s both.

But to the big question: Were the Maricopa County election results certified today? Oh, yes. And the video feed was immediately turned off.

3. A memory like a sieve

By Mike Huckabee

For a man who claimed that he WAS “Science” and who was treated by too many people as the unquestionable source of wisdom about COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci seems to have a memory like a sieve.

Fauci was forced to answer deposition questions Wednesday in a lawsuit by the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana, who are trying to uncover the efforts of “dozens of federal officials across at least 11 federal agencies" to suppress “disfavored speakers, viewpoints and content on social-media platforms.” Apparently, what we learned from Fauci's testimony is that one of the lingering effects of COVID is amnesia.

The deposition wasn’t streamed and hasn’t been made public, but according to some people who were there, Fauci repeatedly claimed not to recall major issues because he was just too busy to be bothered with them. Louisiana AG Jeff Landry tweeted, “Wow! It was amazing to spend 7 hours with Dr. Fauci. The man who single-handedly wrecked the U.S. economy based upon ‘the science.’ Only to discover that he can’t recall practically anything dealing with his Covid response!”

Yet despite his inability to recall why he so forcefully insisted on policies that flattened the economy and caused irreparable damage to kids and “collateral damage” to patients who didn’t get treatment for other diseases, or why he continued to champion policies like masking long after he knew they were ineffective, he still insisted that “experts” like himself should be allowed to wield such unconstitutional powers because the rest of us “don’t have the ability” to determine what’s best for ourselves.

Some of the points have been leaked, and you can read about them at these links:

And I don’t know if he was questioned on this, but I’m sure House Republicans will be firing up the grill for him. Reporter Jimmy Tobias used the Freedom of Information Act to obtain emails between Fauci and virologists in 2020 in which they expressed concerns about the experiments on viruses at the Wuhan virology lab and the lax security there, and even considered warning the FBI about it -- even though Fauci later denounced any suggestions of that being the origin of COVID as a “conspiracy theory” and tried to silence anyone who brought it up. I wonder if he remembers any of this?

4. Biggest Thanksgiving Turkey Award goes to…

By Mike Huckabee

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain for thinking it was a good idea to tweet out a list of President Biden’s alleged “accomplishments” to confront your conservative relatives with over the holiday dinner table.

First of all, anyone who encourages families to argue about politics at Thanksgiving should be sent straight to the kids’ table with a plate full of nothing but Brussels sprouts. Second, after looking over that list, I’m sure any reader of this newsletter could shoot down every one of those ridiculous claims like Annie Oakley shooting skeet.

For instance, letting an artificially locked-down economy reopen so that people can go back to work is NOT “creating 10 million jobs.” And a recent $1.35-a-gallon drop in the average price of gas is not an accomplishment when it’s still a dollar-a-gallon more than it was when he came into office, and far more in some places.

You also wouldn’t want to try this on whichever relative paid for the food for that dinner, which cost 20% more than last year and was the highest in history, despite Biden’s brilliant “accomplishment” of “tackling inflation.” He tackled it all the way down to just under 8%.

Check out that link for some sharp and hilarious responses, now that Twitter no longer censors people who do real fact-checks.

Meanwhile, if you’re tired of all the people with political agendas trying to turn Americans against each other and divide us by age and race, then enhance your week with this heartwarming story of what American life outside the media bubbles is really like.

5. The leftist media doesn’t approve, but nearly everyone else does

By Mike Huckabee

After taking an online poll, Elon Musk announced that Twitter accounts that had been banned by the previous regime would be reinstated, providing they hadn’t broken the law or engaged in egregious spamming. So Jordan Peterson and the Babylon Bee can tweet again!

A whopping 72.4% of Twitter users approved, but leftist media outlets who are still upset over losing their one-sided platform predictably went ballistic.

The Washington Post, which gives a platform to hair-on-fire propagandists who have ginned up violent hate speech against conservatives and advocated for taking free speech away from people they disagree with, hilariously accused Musk of promoting hate speech and violating their free speech.

Axios fell back on the favorite loony cliché of the left, that letting anyone express a thought that they don’t approve is going to “kill people.” Ironically, commenters on Twitter slaughtered them (metaphorically.)

When it comes to this issue, I operate on a couple of simple principles. Like, the proper response to bad speech is more and better speech. And it’s best to let people with bad ideas express them and self-identify than to suppress them so they don't surprise us when they explode. For instance, I would never seek to censor the leftists who are attacking Musk and the concept of free speech. Look at how much they’re telling us about themselves and how dangerous they are without even realizing it. This could be the first actual public service than any of them has ever performed.


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Comments 1-8 of 8

  • Paul Schaber

    11/29/2022 12:29 PM

    Those same Board of Supervisors who are certifying the election results are about to receive a real shock for Christmas and do not expect Kelly or Hobbs or Biden to do anything due on 21 December 2022, Title 42 expires and that means all those thousands of illegals sitting on the Mexican side in droves will be coming across. At last count there it will mean at least 20-30,000 illegals everyday along with their dogs and drugs and getaways just waiting for that day. WELCOME TO REALITY MARICOPA County Board of Supervisors and your cheating friends that paid you off.

  • Jerry

    11/29/2022 11:24 AM

    As an old person I don't like all the Drama that seems to always surround trump my only wish is that he gets Shitff done. Get it done and move toward the next issue get that done without the drama people know when a policy is good for them and the country. When Trump fixes a problem announce it and move on to the next issue is the best advice I can give him. People will look in for the next good thing and embrace his good efforts. Life is hectic enough without all the drama once Donald figures that out he will be the GOAT presidents. His policies work for almost every American citizen. The exception are the people of the Climate Hoax, and the Communist.

  • stephen russell

    11/29/2022 11:19 AM

    RNC Under Lindell:
    o Poll voters & donors
    o Rebrand
    o Cut waste
    o change polices
    o Hire New Blood outside DC Beltway
    o Reach out to ethnic minority groups
    o Reorganize RNC
    o dump RNC DC Estd class & RINOs
    o Automate
    o Go Hi Tech
    o Be Proactive, active

  • stephen russell

    11/29/2022 11:17 AM

    Trump meeting Ye I say Yes BUT NOT Nick
    Dont need this Bad optics

  • Anne Turner

    11/29/2022 10:31 AM

    Donald Trump has no filters. There are so many things he did well, it is a pity that his narcissism gets in the way. It is said that as we get older some of our traits enhance. He lives for those Mega crowds.

    As for Maricopa County, they will get away with it. They have gotten away with it before so why not continue. That seems to be the way with our country now. The DNC seems to be Teflon. Evidence no longer matters.

    As for Twitter, GO ELON! He is rich enough not to give a hoot and and a holler about critics. I hope he has security guards.

  • Stevie santos

    11/29/2022 03:44 AM

    Mike, I'm annoyed that you have been defaming Trump as of late. You never miss a time to take a shot at him! He is GOD's chosen and anointed. As a man of faith you should know this! President Trump has been friends with west for a number of years. What west did was an insult to president Trump, and because they have always been friends, Trump told him to come on over, but Trump did not know any of West's companions, nor was he told west was bringing anyone. So,give me a break Mike, the story here is west insulted Trump by having the audacity to ask him to be West's vp! As if west will ever be president! It was a tremendous insult to Trump, and west pulled a prank on his friend. The Trump team fell down on the job, they should have been acting on this. I don't know if I believe the person west brought was a racist or whatever, fake news lies constantly, but Trump's people should have been on the ball! So anyone who insults Trump is a fing prick. Trump has been mercilessly politically prosecuted for 6 + years, all to the do the right thing! And those and you insulting him, haven't done squat! So stay and be grateful that this man never stops fighting to save this country full of weak and useless pundits and politicians!

  • kathleen pendlebury

    11/29/2022 12:28 AM

    Your comments about Trump making an "unforced error" make me wonder about your judgement - having been a pastor, you surely recall the story where Jesus was called out for hanging out with "sinners and tax collectors" - what was his response? That it isn't the healthy who need a doctor. I don't know much about this white nationalist, but I do know that 1. Being white is not a crime - at least not yet, and 2. A nationalist is one who is in favor of national independence. (Random House dictionary) Have you fallen for the left's terminology that a nationalist is somehow a supremist? Also, I see a globalist mentality here where national independence is not good. We as good citizens and and people of discerning minds should want to intermix with people who we would like to tell about our thoughts and dreams for our country and not care what little minds who want to beat Trump with a big stick think about who he entertains in his own home. This is where Trump shines above mere politicians. I hope he never caves.

  • Paul Kern

    11/28/2022 09:59 PM

    As a Christian I had a sense of doom long before the elections. Now the left has successfully taken over most of the nation and shredding the Constitution. They learned well from the Frankfurt school of Marxism,Saul Alinski, Klaus Schwab and George Soros. Laughing all the way to the bank. The military is now inept due to corruption on high. I recently learned that 30 percent of conservative Christian voted left. And now a very respected conservative Christian law group telling all the elections were without fraud! A good lawyer would never leave a stone unturned. The Right ran by arrogant men and women who need to be tossed out. I see God's hand in all this. He is exposing the deep sin in the Church that brought us to this! Even many in my Slavic church don't seem to care. We must stand strong! Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit, saith the Lord!