June 22, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Celebrity Spendthrifts -- Pro-science? -- Bill Dana RIP

There seems to be an epidemic of Hollywood stars who’ve made the kind of money most people can only dream of, claiming they’re broke and suing their financial managers. Often, the managers respond that they tried to warn the celebrities that their spending was insane, but they just kept doing it. Because as we all know, in Hollywood, success lasts forever.

I feel for anyone who is facing financial difficulties, even if they’re self-inflicted, so please don’t think I’m making light of their problems when I point out something obvious: many of these same celebrities who can’t even run their own checking accounts feel perfectly justified in telling the rest of us how to run the government and who to trust with our tax money and the US Treasury. And they wonder why blue collar workers in Georgia ignored their political advice. I’ll bet all those Karen Handel voters at least have a handle on how much money they’ve got in the bank. And they’re a lot wiser in how they spend it (blogger Charles Glasser notes that the $23.6 million liberal donors wasted on Jon Ossoff’s campaign could have purchased 236,000 elementary school textbooks or 855,072 school lunches.)

The latest and one of the starkest examples is actress Alyssa Milano, who is suing her managers for $10 million after discovering that her investments were worthless, her bills and taxes hadn’t been paid, and she was deep in debt. Ms Milano perhaps should have been paying more attention to her finances, but she instead devoted her time to campaigning for liberal politicians (she even flew to Georgia to personally drive people to the polls to vote for Jon Ossoff). I wonder if discovering how much she owes in taxes will make her rethink her big government views?

I sincerely hope that these celebrities can dig out of their financial holes and perhaps be more cautious in the future, both about their spending and whom they trust with their money. If nothing else, let’s hope this teaches them what a bad idea it is to hand over decisions that affect your family's financial security to some slick-talker who claims that he or she knows how to spend your money better than you do.


Mike Huckabee


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By Mike Huckabee

The left in America proudly proclaim that they are “pro-science,” except when science stubbornly refuses to adhere to illogical political correctness, and then science should just shut its yap. One of the most glaring examples is the current popular delusion that biology is merely a social construct that can change depending on each individual’s personal feelings. That may be harmless when an adult believes it, but it’s being used as an excuse to expose children who are confused about their genders to what a new report calls "radical" and "experimental" puberty-blocking hormone therapy with possible side effects that haven’t yet been adequately researched by the science and medical communities.

The last gender study by two of the three authors was attacked in an open letter signed by hundreds of “health experts,” but co-author Dr. Paul McHugh pointed out that the study was based on peer-reviewed research and its critics called the authors names and accused them of being incorrect and misleading without ever pointing out what they allegedly got wrong.

The new study about giving children untested hormones to block puberty (which sounds at best like child abuse and at worst, like something Dr. Frankenstein would come up with) is written by such obviously biased and uninformed authors as Dr. McHugh, who is a distinguished service professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University; Lawrence Mayer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine scholar in residence and professor of statistics and biostatistics at Arizona State; and Paul Hruz, an associate professor of pediatrics, endocrinology and diabetes and associate professor of cell biology and physiology at Washington University in St. Louis. What could those guys possibly know about science?

Unlike so many people attacking these real scientists, I don’t pretend to be a scientist myself. But I do have enough common sense to know that you can’t change your gender by thinking about it anymore than you can keep your child from growing up by exposing him or her to a dangerous brew of untested chemicals.

Despite all attempts to re-write it, the Bible says that God made male and female, and non-politicized research points to transgenderism being a psychological disorder. Granted there are those who decide they would rather be of the other gender and have hormone therapy and surgery to transition. I respect the right of adults to do that. But we need to focus on the clarity of biological gender and not succumb to the irrational, illogical, and unscientific view that a person can simply “identify” as to whatever they wish to be and it makes it so. Until recently, such a view would have been considered utterly absurd, as unthinkable as doping children with chemicals to keep them from entering puberty. We do need to offer all the support and compassion for those who are so deeply confused about their identity as to be unable to accept their biological assignment. But it’s abhorrent to treat uninformed children like guinea pigs in the name of politically-skewed “science.”


Bill Dana RIP

By Mike Huckabee

We’ve lost another of those familiar TV faces that baby boomers grew up with: Bill Dana passed away last week at his Nashville home at 92. Dana was both a familiar comic character actor and a writer who helped create some of the most beloved comedy bits of the past half-century-plus. He’s best known for a character that became a phenomenon in the ‘60s but could never exist in today’s PC age: Jose Jimenez.

Jose was a nervous Mexican immigrant with a humorously tenuous grasp of English who started every bit by declaring, “My name Jose Jimenez!” While Jose might be considered a dialect humor stereotype now, at the time, Latino groups honored Dana for creating a positive portrayal of a patriotic Mexican immigrant, and he was careful not to do any jokes he thought would seem offensive.

Beginning with his first appearance on the classic Steve Allen show (where Dana was head writer), his catchphrase swept the country. The Mercury 7 astronauts played his records so much that the first words spoken to an American in space came in 1961 when Deke Slayton told Alan Shepherd on blast-off, “Okay, Jose, you’re on your way!” Dana became friends with the astronauts, made a comedy record called “Jose the Astronaut” that was later included in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the Astronaut Hall of Fame, and he was named the first “honorary astronaut.”

But while Jose Jimenez was his most famous creation, it was only a tiny part of Bill Dana’s career. He played many roles, such as Sophia’s brother Angelo on “Golden Girls,” but stage fright made him prefer writing. He created many classic jokes for “Get Smart” star Don Adams (the “Would you believe?... bit was Dana’s) and wrote the most famous episode ever of “All in the Family,” where Archie Bunker meets Sammy Davis Jr. Surprisingly for someone who made millions laugh for over seven decades, Dana suffered from severe depression, and he wrote a book about the curative powers of laughter.

All this is only scratching the surface of his astonishing career. If you’d like to see an obituary that reads like a crash course in comedy history over the second half of the 20th century, click the link. I guarantee that if you don’t know Bill Dana, after you read about his life and see his face, you’ll say, “Oh, THAT guy! I loved him!”

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URGENT:  HUCK PAC NEEDS FINANCIAL HELP: Support conservative Republicans in 2017 who will pass President Trump's agenda. Help us raise an additional $15,000 in June by chipping in $5 or more today! This will help us reach our budgeted goal! Thank you!


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  • Sarah Menne

    06/22/2017 12:51 PM

    The READ MORE link for "Bill Dana RIP" isn't working for some reason.

  • Ricci

    06/22/2017 10:40 AM

    Hey Mike! Sorry I keep picking on you. You mentioned broke stars, yet what about people like Mark Cuban who display the illusion of such caring and love to bash Trump for racism, etc. Meanwhile, they buy cheap products from China, where I just learned is paying N. Korea for slave labor to make those products. I hear no one talking about this little tidbit. There are so many things being spilled out in this process of investigating Trump that are just so wrong, yet no one seems to catch on. Our government, a few years ago, assured everyone that China wasn't using their people to make cheap products, but they failed to mention they were using slave labor from N. Korea to make cheap goods. Bingo! Let that one slip!

  • Daniel T Winfield

    06/22/2017 09:40 AM

    Mike, I am a lifelong print media journalist--newspapers, magazines--and I want to offer you a tip that will help your readers like you all the more. It has to do with the technical side of writing or presentation--the tried and true Head followed by a Subhead, that tells the reader what is in the following piece, so they can decide if they want to read it, without having to wade through it to find out. Your pieces, which I like to read, as I respect you, are woefully lacking this very basic element of journalism, which really is JRL 101. Keep the letters coming. At some point, you will be strongly tempted to let Editors help you write, and when you do, it will lose something very important to why we read you--and that is you. Be careful about letting others write things and put your name on it. If they write, make sure you put their name on it, and tell us, the readers, this is an Editor on my staff and I picked him becasue he aligns with me, so don't worry about reading his pieces. Bless you. Stay on the political scene. We need you.