May 3, 2021

If you think it would be a good idea to put a fox in charge of guarding your hen house, then you’re going to be thrilled to hear who the Biden White House has put in charge of advising the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA).

Yes, that is the same Mary McCord who reviewed and approved the FISA warrant applications to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page, applications later found to contain 17 significant errors and omissions due to FBI agents relying on false claims that Page was working covertly with Russia.

And there was also this news. Over 20 Senate Republicans voted to confirm putting Samantha Power back into a position of government power. Read the article to be reminded of why that’s a terrible idea. I understand that they can’t stop it with a 50-50 tie, but they don’t have to give this travesty of justice the official Senate seal of bipartisan approval.

I did warn during the election campaign that if Biden got in, not only would people who helped weaponize the Deep State against Americans skate, they would also be put right back into power. So these are just two more stories that manage to be shocking without being the least bit surprising.


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  • Raymond Frazer Shaw Jr

    05/08/2021 06:48 AM

    Hmm, when did Rudy Giuliani's Warrant issue.?

  • K C Wild

    05/04/2021 08:28 AM

    There’s an old saying if you marry a child of the devil you’re going to have trouble with your father-in-law . In the late 1940s communist said they would take American if they could get control of the schools and the courts. It’s only surprising that we’ve held out this long. Father-in-law Satan is patient