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April 16, 2021

To listen to Democrats these days, the biggest problem facing America is the massive rise of “white supremacists.” But what if they held a white supremacist rally and nobody came?

Well, that already sort of happened in Washington, where we were assured that rightwing extremists were planning a massive rally to overthrow the government, which is why we needed razor wire fencing around the Capitol and thousands of National Guard troops sleeping in a parking garage and eating inedible garbage. But as I predicted, the day came and went, nobody showed up and nothing happened.

Well, last Sunday, we were told that there were going to be white supremacist and neo-Nazi rallies around America, allegedly predicted from “semi-private, encrypted chats” online. Again…nothing. Oh, there were violent rallies, but not by rightwing extremists.

As the story at that link points out, NBC News “disinformation” beat reporter Brandy Zadrozny crowed that “hardly anyone showed up,” but that begs the question: Why? If the biggest threat to America are tens of millions of white supremacists, where are they? Some analysts suggested that there never were any such plans; that the alleged “encrypted chats” were just hoaxes either by pranksters or by leftists trying to whip up paranoia and scare us into giving them more power. If so, then NBC’s “disinformation” reporter was duped by disinformation.

Blogger Ann Althouse looked more closely at the “evidence” for the rally planning and found very little “there” there.

She notes that, just as in DC, when nobody showed up, it was taken as evidence that the white supremacist movement has gone underground so we need to crack down even harder. It’s convenient that it makes no difference whether the boogeymen show up by the millions or don’t appear at all, the conclusion is always the same: the left needs to be given more power to protect us from them.

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  • Angelo Privetera

    04/16/2021 01:13 PM

    It appears that comments from the media, and the activities of Antifa and BLM are attempts to bring out anyone who opposes their actions so they can be identified as extremists. And as you said, the media an left have an answer for every condition or action—-except for the violence and actions of their own!