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October 9, 2022


Sunday Standard

Here are the top stories from this week that I think you will want to read:

  • Best Political Exchange Of The Day!

  • The Left’s War Against Free Speech

  • The Twitter deal with Elon Musk is back on

  • Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is second-guessed by a biased media

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Best Political Exchange Of The Day!

This was originally published on 10/6.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy asked White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre a simple question: “You’ve said the President is responsible for gas prices coming down. Is he responsible for them going up?” Her response: “So, it’s a lot more nuanced than that…There have been global challenges…There’s been (the) pandemic, and Putin’s war.” She rambled on from there.

Again, I have to say that a lot of people pile on Karine, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I feel sorry for her. Not even Einstein could do her job. While she doesn’t have to face the shark tank of hostility that my daughter Sarah did, at least Sarah had solid, factual answers to their stupid biased questions.

Poor Karine faces the simplest questions and has no answers at all, because there are none. Every day, she’s sent out completely unprepared and has to defend totally indefensible policies, like open borders letting in millions of illegal entrants or skyrocketing gas prices because Biden is deliberately trying to destroy our domestic energy industry. It’s said that if you have no facts on your side, all you can do is “baffle them with bull (BLEEP.)” Well, that’s what her reply was, and it was certainly baffling. So by that standard, she’s doing a pretty good job.

Related: Proving that it’s impossible for anyone to do Karine Jean-Pierre’s job of defending the indefensible, Fox News border reporter Bill Melugin asked a series of Democrat office holders if they agreed with the Biden White House’s (laughable) claim that the border is secure. He asked a simple question for which the answer (yes or no) takes no more than a second. Yet look at how many of them just didn’t have time to answer. They all had to get someplace else. Or to be more precise: anyplace else.


The Left’s War Against Free Speech

This was originally published on 10/5.

It’s a big week for all the folks who think George Orwell’s “1984” isn’t a novel, it’s a how-to guide.

First up, the Republican National Committee accused Google of trying to interfere with the midterm elections by sending 22 million of their fundraising and get-out-the-vote emails to spam folders so that recipients will never see them. Google claims this is entirely nonpartisan, but the RNC cites a study that found Google routes Republican emails to spam at a rate 820% higher than similar Democrat emails. Remember when Google’s motto was “Don’t be evil”? Boy, that sure seems like a long time ago.

This next story is described as a “bombshell,” but only because it confirms what many of us have long suspected, and what we wrote about in this newsletter.

We now know more details thanks to an investigative report by that exposes the successful effort by various unelected federal officials and a group ironically named the “Election Integrity Project,” which collected a lot of our taxpayer dollars to help censor 20 conservative news outlets during the 2020 presidential election. These included Just The News, as well as the New York Post, the Epoch Times, the Washington Times and others. They also identified a list of alleged “repeat spreaders” of “mis- and disinformation,” that included President Trump, his sons and a number of conservative media figures.

I assume they mean “misinformation” like New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop expose that unimpeachable liberal outlets like CNN and the New York Times falsely branded as “Russian disinformation” – at least until long after Joe Biden was safely elected, and now they admit the Post story was correct.

Please read the entire story at the link, and follow the links in it to the Just The News report and the original study it’s based on from the Foundation For Freedom. It shows that the rather absurd “Disinformation Czar” lady who was dumped after her weird combination of Mary Poppins and Big Brother spooked the nation was only the tip of the iceberg. She was an attempt by various federal agencies to put an official title and an organizational structure onto their long-running, widespread, unconstitutional and covert effort to monitor, suppress and criminalize free speech. Her quick ejection hardly spelled an end to that nefarious effort, just a frustrating minor setback. Rest assured, the unholy alliance of Deep State censors and biased private media companies continues, and will only grow like kudzu until a Republican Congress and President can come into power and rip it out by the roots.

Side note: I’m almost disappointed to see that a search of the report turned up only two mentions of my name, both for allegedly repeating such “misinformation” as concerns about the reliability of Dominion voting machines. I’m proud that we’re so accurate, but I would also take pride in being on these awful peoples’ enemies list. As for the examples they cite, as much as liberals love the words “context” and “nuance,” they completely missed it in our case.

For instance, we didn’t “spread” claims that Dominion voting machines were rigged or hackable. We merely reported the fact that many people were suspicious of the machines, and in the interest of citizens having faith in elections, called for a complete and transparent investigation – which, by the way, we’ve still never had. Instead, we’ve seen a lot of untrustworthy liberal media outlets slandering anyone who voices such concerns while the principals fight like demons in court to keep from allowing anyone to look at the records.

That’s certainly a great way to build trust in the system, as borne out by polls showing that even after nearly two years of the media bullying us to parrot that any suspicions about the 2020 election are a “Big Lie,” a recent CBS poll found that 32% of Americans think there were widespread fraud and irregularities, only 28% think there were none, and only 64% believe Biden was the legitimate winner.

Before the press starts yelling, “Republican disinformation,” I’d love a poll to find out how many Democrats believe Trump was the legitimate winner in 2016. We know Hillary Clinton wasn’t one of them.

Next, in the grand tradition of school boards writing to Attorney General Merrick Garland to ask him to treat upset parents as “domestic terrorists,” the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association and the Children’s Hospital Association have written to Garland, requesting federal action against opponents of “transgender” surgery and chemicals for kids. They call this “evidence-based health care,” but we non-quacks call it “child abuse for money.”

As usual in these cases, this is painted in black-and-white terms, with the criticism of their barbaric practices described as death threats, bomb threats and other threats of violence. To be clear: none of that is acceptable, and anyone who makes such threats against anyone else deserves to be investigated by law enforcement. But pardon me if, having seen this scenario too many times before, it appears to be yet another example of painting all legitimate criticism as “threats” and all objections to their pronouncements as “disinformation” in order to abuse government power to arrest, deplatform and silence their critics, even those who never threatened anyone.

From COVID protocols to the mutilation of children, we are plagued with the most arrogant, least expert “expert” class since the Dark Ages. They are so cocksure that they’re right about everything that one particular overpaid example even declared that he WAS “Science” and should not be questioned. Or there’s this UN official who thinks the UN “owns the science” on climate change.

And California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who never met a leftist totalitarian edict he didn’t like, has signed into law a state bill penalizing doctors for spreading alleged “misinformation” about COVID (I look forward to seeing Dr. Fauci prosecuted under it. Only kidding; I actually look forward to the SCOTUS striking it down as unconstitutional.)

Here’s how “science” (and medicine used to be a science before it was politicized) works: it’s the very process of questioning and testing the orthodoxy. If a million pompous jackasses with multiple degrees believe one thing, and a smart high school dropout working out of his garage proves them wrong, then garage guy is the one who’s right. Anyone who declares “The science is settled,” might as well be saying, “I don’t know what ‘science’ is.” Look at all the things the CDC is now admitting about COVID vaccines, spread and treatments that got you censored for “disinformation” a year ago.

As for the doctors who think the permanent mutilation of confused children is a “best practice” that must not be questioned, I have a book to recommend to them that perfectly describes their mindset. It’s called “Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus” by Mary Shelley. It’s about a doctor who mistakenly believes he’s God.

Finally, Stewart Baker at compiles a list of some of the most prominent attempts to censor speech by social media companies just in the past week.

One update: YouTube has restored the video they censored of a speech by incoming conservative Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni. They claim that upon closer review (which I read as “public outrage and widespread bad publicity after people noticed"), they determined that it did not violate their “community guidelines” after all. Imagine that.


The Twitter deal with Elon Musk is back on

This was originally published on 10/5.

In a surprise announcement Tuesday, it was reported that Elon Musk is going ahead with his deal to buy Twitter. This comes after all the “will he or won’t he,” the lawsuits back and forth, and the accusations of dishonesty about the number of fake bot accounts (some users report that many of their follower accounts are being purged, which suggests that there are lot and Twitter knew how to identify them or they wouldn't know which ones to purge.) 

Now, it appears that Musk's purchase of Twitter is a done deal. And that has leftists melting down over the idea of losing their personal propaganda machine/conservative censorship enforcer and suddenly being thrust into a horrible nightmare world where people who disagree with their crackpottery actually have free speech rights.

The Babylon Bee set a new comedy speed record by posting a hilarious online sketch, satirizing the leftist Twitter twits’ traumatic collusion with reality.

And according to Bloomberg News, the mystery person who allegedly gave Musk the idea of buying Twitter appears to be his ex-wife, British actress Talulah Riley.

According to documents filed in court, Riley texted Musk back in March to complain that Twitter banning the Babylon Bee over a “f---ing joke” was “crazy.” She asked, “Why has everyone become so puritanical?” and added, “Can you buy Twitter and then delete it, please!?...America is going INSANE.”

I doubt Musk will delete Twitter entirely, but bringing back free speech and firing all the woke speech police who’ve taken it over will be a big step toward returning sanity to America. Either way, Talulah Riley may go down in history alongside Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II as one of America’s greatest British allies in defeating the forces of fascism.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is second-guessed by a biased media

This was originally published on 10/4.

As the rescue and restoration work continues, the death toll in Florida from Hurricane Ian reached 68 people as of Monday. The majority were in hardest-hit Lee County, where at least 18 victims drowned. A massive effort is underway to find anyone else who might remain trapped under debris, to rescue thousands who are stranded, and to restore electric power. I hope you'll pray for the victims and the safety and success of the rescuers.

As mentioned yesterday, here are some organizations that could use your help to help the victims, including one I personally endorse, Samaritan’s Purse.

Four people were arrested in Lee County for allegedly violating the “zero tolerance” policy on looting in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. Fortunately, they did not have to learn why Gov. DeSantis reminded everyone that Florida is a “Second Amendment state.”

Despite Gov. DeSantis delivering a textbook example of preparation and leadership in a crisis, the liberal media continue to snipe at him, as they’ve been doing since before the hurricane even arrived. Two attacks are especially ridiculous. Some outlets are trying to blame him for not predicting that the hurricane would hit Lee County hardest (it took a last-minute turn that wasn’t even predicted by the National Weather Service, which was giving him his information; apparently, he’s supposed to be able to predict storm patterns better than they can.)

And Politico launched an idiotic attack on DeSantis for taking federal disaster relief funds, snarking that Florida would “benefit” from billions of dollars; and that DeSantis criticizes Biden, “but he sure does like the president’s wallet.” DeSantis’ spokeswoman Christine Pushaw fired back, “What is wrong with you? It’s not ‘the president’s wallet,’ it’s the American taxpayers’ money” (I’ll add that as an economic powerhouse that led the COVID rebound, Florida has provided a lot of that federal tax money.)  She continued, “Americans in any state hit by a disaster are entitled to federal disaster relief funds, whether or not you approve of the Governor. The media disgusts me more every day.”

Couldn’t agree more. And don’t even get me started on the use of the word “benefits” to describe what Floridians are going through.


I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Sunday Standard.

For more news, visit my website here.

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  • Robert Nall

    10/10/2022 02:02 PM

    Love your writing. I'm eager to see and rely upon each iteration! Also like the divisions by topic. Only genuine criticism is the tendency to seem sarcastic or facetious. Not a problem when obvious, but could lead to misquotes. May i suggest when you don't really mean something, set it off by brackets, italics, or a Comic Sans type font. Forwarned is forarmed and I definitely do not want to see something you meant as humorous taken as gospel window into your mind. Also, thanks for the Bible verses. They hit home!

  • stephen russell

    10/10/2022 11:43 AM

    Barriers to GOP Midterms win:
    DC Estd Types
    NOT cohesive like 1994
    NO Unity seen
    Otherwise Yes

  • Robin Rebhan

    10/10/2022 09:15 AM

    RE: “Bidenomics is a plan to torpedo the middle class.” Not a good move! We are the working class. We build roads and highways, assemble your car and repair your car, we work in factories, we build homes, buildings and bridges, we fix your plumbing, fix your roof and electricity, we supply electricity to your home, we deliver mail to your home, drive busses and trains and fly planes, deliver packages to your home, we grow and raise the food on your table, we teach your kids in school, we build, repair the heat and air conditioning in your home. We pay our bills and pay taxes. Taxes that pay you Mr. Politician! Basically, we keep this country running! We help the poor and homeless in time of need when the government can't or won't. We even help those in far away nations! And this is just a few of the things we do. Torpedo us the working middle class, would be to torpedo this great nation into ruin and turn us into just another third world country. America is a beacon of hope! If America goes dark, the world will go dark! And darken hope for this world. And we would collapse like every other great nation in history. That's why we are heading to the polls this fall to vote to keep America great!!

  • Jerry

    10/10/2022 08:00 AM

    If u were available to serve in our military would you take orders from this commander in chief Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or an General Austin only a corroded or homeless person would enlist for a chance to join the insane leadership of a biden administration

  • Jerry

    10/10/2022 07:50 AM

    Biden Putin tow of the same both mentally challenged both need to be under doctors care in rooms that have padding away from decent people law abiding people facts and past actions show these two leaders are malfunctioning in the most undesirable way people we under the leadership of insanity please wake up before Nov 8th and remove the insane house and senate and governors from our society that is insane in itself

  • Jerry

    10/10/2022 07:23 AM

    Having a president like biden is insane for everyone that can draw a breath. We have a president that enables Russia with the inflation price of international oil instead of Americans producing more oil biden declared war on our energy industry and then sends our tax dollars to Ukraine to fight the Russian war machine than Biden is uplifting we lose our energy industry and we lose our tax dollars to an issue that should have never happen voting polls say 71 million people voted for this insane enigma they call president Biden are democrats an enemy of the free world I say absolutely yes

  • MS Adair-Gill

    10/10/2022 12:16 AM

    Thanks for providing a sane and unbiased look at the news. Also it is great news that Sarah is getting better. I can't vote for her, but I would if I could.

  • Patricia Painter

    10/09/2022 11:33 PM

    Of all people, Joe knows EXACTLY what drugs do to an ENTIRE FAMILY when even ONE family member is an addict—-he KNOWS!!
    He knows and, yet, STILL allows the Southern Border to be wide open—-allowing DRUGS and DRUG RUNNERS and GANG MEMBERS to FREELY enter our country and——-DESTROY OUR FAMILIES.

  • Carol Summers

    10/09/2022 10:37 PM

    Great articles.

  • Tom Corn

    10/09/2022 10:25 PM

    Mike, I am a walking talking proof of the Google censorship. From time to time I send articles to my church for them to make a few copies for the congregation to pick up. On several occasions my email has vanished. No non delivery notice, no bounced notice, nothing. When I got tired of having to resend things I took the church off the to line of the email and put it in with some BCC addresses. That worked. Even some messages that had nothing to do with politics would vanish. They never showed up their spam directory either.
    Also, on the same theme, I have installed your address in my directory of addresses. On several times I have found a notice in red to the effect that your Morning or Evening or Sunday Standard were spam but they were included in my inbox with the note in red that I could mark them as not spam. Just remind everyone that BB is watching and to be sure your address is in their files.