September 21, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Hard truth from President Trump -- When BLM showed up at a Trump rally -- Weiner to prison  --Obama slams Republicans -- Death toll grows -- News Bits 


You really should see President Trump’s entire speech to the UN, but if you just have time for a taste, check out this passage on North Korea. Not since Ronald Reagan gave both liberals and his own weak-kneed staffers the vapors by accurately calling the USSR an “evil empire” has anyone looked so many pussyfooting toadies in the eye and slapped them with the hard truths they’ve spent their entire careers avoiding admitting or confronting (another example: Trump told the stunned leftist crowd that “the problem in Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that socialism has been faithfully implemented.”)

At this late date, when Kim Jong Un is threatening the world with the missiles he’s not supposed to have and nukes he wasn’t supposed to build under the “expert” smart diplomacy of the UN expense account crowd, and he’s reacting to their idea of more sanctions by threatening even worse aggression, it was high time someone delivered a big, steaming plate of reality to the UN.

Most of the ineffective diplomatic class didn’t like what was on the menu, and the arrogant liberal media outlets reacted as if someone had put deer jerky in their vegan kale salads. But their way of doing things has only led to a madman growing more powerful until he’s pointing nuclear missiles at the world.

It’s time for them to face reality and shake off their decades-long fantasies, whether it’s their failed scripts for dealing with aggressive dictators or their cherished delusion that they’re always the smartest people in the room.


Mike Huckabee



When the BLM showed up at a Trump rally

By Mike Huckabee

This is an amazing, must-see story of what happened when Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at a pro-Trump rally in D.C. No, it isn’t at all what the liberal media has led you to expect.

This is an inspiring illustration of the importance of allowing all sides freedom of speech to make their case, and of what can happen when people of opposing views actually listen to each other. This is precisely why the forces that seek to divide us and tear America apart, both on the left and right, are so terrified of free speech and are trying so desperately to prevent you from hearing what the other side has to say in their own words.



Weiner to prison

By Mike Huckabee

I warn you: this story is not something for minors to read, even though it involves minors using the Internet. Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner is facing sentencing for his latest underage sexting charge. He’s begging for mercy on grounds that he’s turned his life around and gotten help for his "sickness."

But federal prosecutors have heard that same song and dance from him before. To prevent him from downplaying what he did and to send a message, they’ve just released some of the evidence taken from his computer. He didn’t merely “click on the wrong link” or mistakenly contact someone he didn’t know was a minor. He did more than click or sext, he did it deliberately and aggressively, and he knew full well that she was only 15. That seemed to be his entire focus.

Weiner is begging for community service instead of the two years in prison prosecutors want. But I can’t think of a better service to the community than sending him to prison. One without wifi.


Obama slams Republicans

By Mike Huckabee

Once again falsely imparting only the worst motives to people who are trying to solve a problem he caused, former President Obama is accusing Republicans of deliberately trying to “inflict real human suffering” by replacing Obamacare with block grants to states. Because only federal bureaucrats care about people; state and local officials want sick kids to die.

Pardon me if I choke on my Coke when I hear Obama blast other people for the unconscionable crime of allegedly raising health care costs. He should have run that by all the Americans who are now paying more for their lousy, high-deductible Obamacare policies than they are for their mortgages.



Death toll grows

By Mike Huckabee

The death toll from the earthquake around Mexico City has risen to well over 200, and there could be more as rescuers search through the rubble of fallen buildings. That includes at least 20 children killed when their school collapsed.

Our prayers are with the people of Mexico, and as always, the Red Cross is moving in to help, just as they are in the hurricane-stricken Caribbean Islands and the flooded US mainland. If you’d like to lend a hand, donate at


News Bits

Yet another thing about which Venezuelan leaders are clueless: if you want to insult a Republican, don’t compare him to Reagan.



A feel-good story on a day when we could all use one:



Bill O’Reilly is fighting back against the allegations that killed his top-rated Fox News show, and to nobody’s surprise, he’s willing to do it right in the face of his snarky mainstream media critics.



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    09/22/2017 07:29 AM

    Mr. Huckabee, thank you for your truth and supporting our President when it has not popular among many confused Americans.

    You are a breath of fresh air! Your daughter is awesome and super smart.

    I pray that God continue to protect you, your family, others that support the right vision, and certainly President Trump.

    Its well past time when we get support from real conservatives instead being lied to from impostors that actually support the left agenda. Lets weed them ALL OUT.
    Continue to educate so many that simply are afraid and deceived.
    Its time to follow the constitution and conservative values. We are not perfect, but certainly we are "draining the swamp". KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • Pat

    09/21/2017 12:12 PM

    Hey Mike - thank you for keeping up! I've been away and missed you - but I'm back!
    Thank you for all you do! BTW- I'm a big fan of your daughter.....just sayin!

  • jerald bishop

    09/21/2017 10:42 AM

    Thank you for being here foe us! I believe in you ideals and the method you use to present it!