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January 13, 2023

Wow, it’s been just 24 hours or so since our last big laugh-out-loud installment, and the story has developed so quickly.

I didn’t even have to mention what story it was, and you knew immediately which one I was talking about.

President Biden is now known to have been in possession of numerous marked-classified documents: in his private office at the Chinese-financed-and-infiltrated Penn Biden Center in Washington DC, in a file marked “personal”; in his home garage, near his Corvette; and in his personal home library. As these documents were gradually found, presumably by Biden’s aides and attorneys, they were reportedly sent to the ‘Justice’ Department. The first batch of them was found several days before the midterm elections, but that was kept quiet until this week, when it all exploded.

On Thursday, attorney general and generally-recognized political hack Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to look into this matter. He had kept it secret long enough to, as Tucker Carlson put it Thursday night, “keep other Democrats out of the blast zone.”

When asked about the documents, Biden stressed, while stumbling through a written response, that they, like his Corvette, had been kept in a locked garage. That response elicited a withering comment tweeted by legal expert Jonathan Turley.

Andrew C. McCarthy brought up the Hillary Clinton email scandal, saying, “The Biden Team knows that Clinton committed willful misconduct in the email scandal and got away with it.” Hillary's conduct was so egregious that they probably believe Biden won’t be charged, either, even though, as McCarthy said, he’s essentially admitted his misconduct.

On the other hand, if Hillary wasn’t charged --- McCarthy believes she should have been --- and Biden isn’t charged, how is Garland going to charge Trump? And you KNOW he wants to charge Trump.

New House Speaker Kevin McCarthy sliced-and-diced the argument that Biden’s possession of classified material was somehow less serious than Trump’s (since, again, Trump, as President, had the authority to declassify) and spoke passionately about equal standards of justice.

BREITBART NEWS noted that Biden’s story has changed, from the claim of being “surprised” about the discovery of classified documents to the defense that he had kept them in a locked garage.

Our musings that the Democrat Party is trying to damage President Biden ahead of his announcement to run in ‘24 have since been echoed by a number of observers. As we said, Biden’s made it quite clear in recent days that he’s eager to run again, oblivious to polls showing most people, even most Democrats, don’t want him to. His own party is surely sensing disaster ahead if he does. Carlson noted, “If you’re still wondering whether there’s an organized effort within the White House to hurt Joe Biden, all you need to know is this: his staff keeps putting him out there in public to talk, which, of course, he can’t do; he can barely read the prepared statement.” They hid him when he campaigned for President the first time, but now they’re putting him on display. There has to be a reason.

Bob Hoge at REDSTATE shares this view and quotes others such as Lisa Boothe, who simply tweeted “They are trying to get rid of Biden.” One big winner in this, Hoge says, would be Team Obama. “All they wanted was for Biden to beat Donald Trump,” he observes, “then put back on his invisibility cloak and go back to hiding in his basement, leaving White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and other Obama acolytes to actually run the country. Joe was supposed to just not screw things up and then sail into the sunset after one term.”

So, they've decided it's time to get him off the stage.  As they used to say in vaudeville (which Biden probably remembers), "Get the hook!"

“The White House doesn’t have enough hazmat suits to clean up this mess,” said the colorful Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy on FOX NEWS.

For many months, we’ve theorized that the Obama machine has been positioning to keep the Executive Branch under his control and plans to rid itself of both Biden and Harris. Biden, obviously, had to go, as voters would not support someone of his age and obvious cognitive decline. Harris’s ascension to the top spot might have been one way to keep the machine in place, but she simply proved too unpopular and incompetent.

It’s amusing to see some Democrats actually accusing Republicans of planting documents with Biden to manufacture this scandal, when it’s really Democrats who have the bigger stake in incriminating him.

The documents that were discovered at the Penn Center and next to Biden’s Corvette had been out of the White House since January 2017, and no one can say where they’ve been. In contrast, Trump took documents he says he himself declassified --- remember, the VP has no power to declassify --- to Mar-A-Lago, where they remained from that time forward. The National Archives were aware Trump had these documents and even personally visited there, instructing him to put an extra padlock on the door to the storage room. He did that. Negotiations were continuing when his home was raided.

We don’t need to go back over all that. But one thing we’d like to know now is why attorneys and aides were going through Biden’s papers in those various locations. They haven’t said. They waited until two months after the midterms to tell us anything at all, and then, when it suited their purpose, they broke the story, or as much of it as they cared to tell.

So, as of yesterday, there’s a special prosecutor, Robert Hur, who was neck-deep in the Russia Hoax. Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA has concluded that he’s dumb as a post. We hypothesize that the brain cells he must have had to get through law school were later killed off by Trump Derangement Syndrome, which as you know is a brain-eating disease. AG Garland could hardly have found anyone with deeper or more partisan DOJ/FBI connections than this prosecutor. This is one to read...

BREITBART NEWS has more details on Hur’s background. You’ll see all the familiar swampy names: Christopher Wray (Hur was Wray’s top assistant for a time), Rod Rosenstein, and Robert Mueller. He apparently was all-in on even the most salacious stories in the Steele dossier.

RELATED: Speaking of the DOJ/FBI and the Obama political machine, investigative reporter Lee Smith has a spectacular article about their involvement with Twitter. “How the FBI Hacked Twitter” is quite long and detailed (maybe weekend reading).  Smith makes the case that their intel operation is a “public-private consortium made up of U.S. intelligence agencies, Big Tech companies, civil society institutions and major media organizations that has become the world’s most powerful spy service --- one that was powerful enough to disappear the former President of the United States from public life, and that is now powerful enough to do the same or worse to anyone else it chooses.”

This is a fascinating must-read. And let me just say, former attorney general Bill Barr does not come off well.

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Comments 1-8 of 8

  • Pat Morris

    01/23/2023 12:56 PM

    Making a mess of things is what the govt. does. Its their primary job. FBI, DOJ, any & every govt. dept. And they do it well.

  • Allegra Kitchens

    01/22/2023 02:08 PM

    I think the answer is yes. The democrats have been driven insane by their demonic hate of Pres. Trump. I believe they are willing to have Biden found guilty over having classified documents so they can get Pres. Trump. First, Biden has become a liability to them as his handlers can't always stop him from speaking for himself. Second, if they remove a sitting president for illegally having documents whether classified or de-classified, that will set the precedence and make it easier for some liberal judge or federal court to find Trump also guilty. So, win-win. They get rid of liability Biden and roadblock Trump in one fell swoop.

  • Floyd Kimmel

    01/21/2023 03:50 AM

    This is just my opinion you don't get lawyers to move you and they don't have security clearance and the Republicans are hot on Hunters globe hoping business junkets what if their cleaning up evidence on his dirty dealings and using the classified documents as a ruse.

  • Sharon Hebrank

    01/18/2023 02:16 PM

    Dear Governor/Pastor Mike,
    Thank you for your news letter. Reading these things reminds me that Our Sovereign God is in control. The very middle verse in the Bible is Psalm 118:8 "It is better to put our trust in God than man". Psalm 118:9 is similar; "It is better to put our trust in God Than in princes". Those two verses sum it up. God bless you, your family and show and staff.
    Sharo H

  • Annette

    01/16/2023 12:46 AM

    For argument's sake ...Biden wants to run again. Obama is really calling the shots from the get go. These Docs. are classified from Obamas Presidency sooo. Obama had them. The far left (commies) eat their own when not in line with future goals. Biden Loesing it mentally and family not smart enough to catch the big boys. Biden and family are set up. By you guessed it. Soros money backs Mrs. O. or younger new player. Just a thought. But possible .

  • Jim woods

    01/15/2023 09:00 PM

    If they could cheat and get him installed once .. why not twice ?

  • Tim List

    01/15/2023 08:12 AM

    Since the end of the DNC Convention when Biden Harris was announced, that Biden would only serve (reign) for two years and the left will remove him due to incompentence (mental illness). Just so they can install (appoint) Harris as the first woman President and then steal the next two elections so she can reign for ten years (the longest reigning democrat president since the term limit was enacted. Mark my words, It is coming. This round of mishandled classified documents is more than the start of it.

  • JanC

    01/14/2023 10:30 AM

    Great article and I agree. I just have a couple questions that I would like to see you coverin another article.

    1. It is easy to see how they would get rid of Biden, but how will they get rid of Kamala Harris, if she is second in line for the presidency?

    2. Why are reporters and pundits on Fox News suddenly referring to the Speaker of the House as second in line to the presidency?

    3. I know there has been a debate on second in line before, but I thought that was settled after President Reagan was shot. Who is in fact, second in line to the presidency?