November 6, 2019

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There were several state elections around the nation on Tuesday. The results were a mixed bag, which didn’t stop certain media outlets from painting it as a no-good, very bad, terrible day for President Trump.

In fact, the only people who got really bad news were longtime Virginia residents who’ve watched with alarm over many years as more and more government trough-feeders moved in and started shifting their state left. That process was completed Tuesday when the Democrats took control of both houses of the legislature for the first time in 26 years. That could mean there will not be any brakes on Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam, most famous for favoring infanticide, gun confiscation and wearing blackface makeup but getting protected anyway by Democrats who would destroy a Republican’s career simply for using the “wrong” pronoun.

One has to wonder why anyone would want their state to be entirely in the hands of Democrats. Did Virginia voters look at Californians sitting in the dark with no electricity; paying the highest taxes and gas prices in America; surrounded by homeless people, illegal immigrant gang members, needles, feces and typhus; and say, “I want my state to be run like THAT!”? Were they really impressed by all the great things the Democrats have done for America since taking power in the US House last January? Or do they just have a death wish?

Sadly for the good people of Virginia, they were overwhelmed by changing demographics, campaigning by liberal outsiders such as Barack Obama and Hollywood celebrities, and millions of dollars poured into Democratic coffers by outside sources, chief among them leftist billionaires such as George Soros and Mike Bloomberg (I thought Democrats believed that interfering in other people’s elections was a high crime, and that we must stop “billionaires from buying elections”...oh, wait, these are THEIR billionaires...)

The other election being painted as a disaster for Trump and a harbinger of a “blue wave” that will take out Mitch McConnell in 2020 is the Governor’s race in Kentucky, where incumbent Republican Matt Bevin seemingly lost to Democrat Andy Beshear. But with only 5,333 votes out of 1.4 million cast separating them, Bevin is refusing to concede, citing voting irregularities, and considering a legal challenge that could keep the final results unknown for weeks. (Cue howls of outrage from the same liberal commentators who continue to insist that Stacey Abrams is really the rightful governor of Georgia.)

This again illustrates something I’ve written about for years: the folly of trying to read too many national trends into local elections. Bevin’s problem wasn’t that Kentucky voters are turning on Trump and Republicans. He was battling a number of headwinds, from personal unpopularity to strong opposition by teachers to a controversy over toll roads. The “protest vote” Libertarian candidate got 2% of the vote, which would have been far more than needed to defeat the Democrat. Likewise, the Republicans easily swept the down-ballot races, including electing Daniel Cameron as Kentucky’s first-ever black Attorney General. As for Trump harming Bevin, some polls showed him losing by double digits before Trump staged a rally to help him.

Meanwhile, in Mississippi, where the media had described the Governor’s race as a “nail-biter,” Republican Tate Reeves won by about 53-47%, following a big rally and endorsement by Trump.

If you’re looking for a more telling indicator of how Americans are thinking for 2020, look at places where the kind of far-left ideas promoted by the Democratic Presidential candidates were actually on the ballot. For instance, in Tucson, one of the most liberal outposts in Arizona that already operates basically as the state’s only “sanctuary city” (in typical liberal fashion, they use the misleading euphemism “Immigrant-welcoming city”), voters had the opportunity to make that declaration official. They practically screamed “NO!” by a 71.4% landslide. In Snohomish County, Washington, a sheriff who practiced typical liberal “soft on crime” policies was so unpopular with angry residents that he conceded to his “law-and-order” challenger before the first votes were even announced. And in Texas, voters approved a proposed constitutional amendment banning a state income tax by 76-24%. So the media might want to restrain their giddiness over a “blue wave” or a “purple Texas” until the actual votes are counted over a year from now.

With gratitude,

Mike Huckabee

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"Ranked Choice"

By Mike Huckabee

In New York City, voters approved the adoption of a “ranked-choice” voting system to eliminate traditional run-off elections. Voters can rank up to five candidates in their order of preference. It’s a “progressive” idea, in the same sense that it makes voting even more confusing than the rules of progressive blackjack. Here’s how the New York City Campaign Finance Board describes it:

“Voters rank up to five candidates on the ballot. Voters would not be forced to rank every candidate -- they could still choose just one if they want. A candidate who receives a majority of first-choice votes would win the election. If there is no majority winner, the last place candidate would be eliminated and any voter who had that candidate as their top choice would have their vote transferred to their next choice. This process would repeat until only two candidates remain, and the candidate with the most votes then would be the winner.”

The Heritage Foundation describes it somewhat differently, calling it a confusing system that can disenfranchise voters by creating a “faux majority” for the winner, casting a voter’s ballot for someone they ranked far below first and to whom they might have strong objections. But AOC endorsed it, telling her followers on social media that it was “pretty cool,’ and it passed. Proving that you don’t necessarily need a “ranked-choice” voting system to have confused voters make bad decisions.


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I wanted to make sure you also read these comments:

While a flood of outside money is partially to blame for the poor long-time residents of Virginia now having to deal with a government completely in the hands of Democrats (and I suspect there will soon be fewer long-time residents, just as there are fewer and fewer in other solidly blue states such as California and New York), there are some things that no amount of money can convince people to buy. For instance, New Coke, the Edsel, and “Beto” O’Rourke.

The final tally is in, and according to Fox News, “Beto’s” quixotic Presidential bid cost his donors a staggering $14 million. But that’s literally “chump change.” His losing Senate race in Texas blew $75 million, much of it from outside-state liberals who hated Ted Cruz. Cruz spent $45 million, making that the most expensive Senate race in history, and one where the loser outspent the winner by 30 million bucks.

There are two important points to take away from all this:

1. Money can’t necessarily buy an election, at least not if your candidate likes to put his dirty feet on diner tables, broadcast his teeth cleanings and (especially) threaten to confiscate people’s guns and bully churches;

2. At least we can all rejoice that for once, the money liberals threw away on a transparently awful idea was actually their own money.


Related to Tuesday’s election results: Prof. Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit reminds us of this study from last year that found that overwhelming majorities of every demographic group, including young people and racial minorities, think that “political correctness” is a problem in America, and as Reynolds notes, the top Democrats “have doubled down on it.”


Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"He that covereth a transgression seeketh love;
but he that repeateth a matter separateth very friends."

- Proverbs 17:9

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  • Vernon Hinz

    11/07/2019 03:45 PM

    should the Democrats take complete control in the 2016 election. What are all these clueless liberl pons going to do when all of a sudden they loose all their freedom?

  • Amelia Little

    11/07/2019 09:48 AM

    I hope that there are enough conservative voters (and maybe even disenfranchised liberal voters) to get out and vote conservative in forthcoming elections. Doing the idiot voting contortions in NY will be interesting. How many voters are going to be confused exactly HOW they should vote (not WHO they should vote for.) Are they going to be able to mark 1, 2. 3 etc? Seems like this is going to be quite time intensive and cost a big chunk of money NY doesn't seem to have. As for all the people leaving CA and NY in particular--I don't blame them, but they need to either remember who was running their states to make them want to leave, and voted conservative, or perhaps just stay home on election day. Wonder if there are some people who are given an incentive to move to red states and then vote democrat?

    I have TX friends who were getting out the word about the cloudy wording of the income tax question. If people weren't paying attention, they would be voting for it, thinking they were against it. Same happened in KS regarding the revision of census--vote one way, and increased representation would go to areas in the East, removing some from rural areas from Central to West. There wasn't a lot of informing people what is was, what it meant, and, it was written in such a way that "YES" meant "NO" and vice versa.

  • Pat O

    11/07/2019 09:17 AM

    I appreciate your articles.

  • William Brown

    11/07/2019 07:29 AM

    By now, Congressman Schiff has all the witnesses he needs concerning the “impeachment” process. It is probable that each witness has been trained on how to respond to any likely question. In addition, the testimony has most likely been memorized, and the mannerisms choreographed and practiced so that the “witnesses” will be convincing to the public. Since this group of democrats is good at lying, it is also likely that these “testimonies” have been practiced using lie detectors, so that they can have a good chance to withstand them, as well. I suspect that was what the closed door “hearings” were for.
    Now we see they are also trying to find women willing to testify to sexual abuse (whether true or not). It is likely that they will also be trained & choreographed so their “testimony” will have a ring of truth.
    It is doubtful that an impeachment trial will succeed in convicting President Trump, but in combination with the nearly total hatred of him by the news & entertainment media, all this will make the Democrats formidable in 2020. We all know the old saying that if you repeat a big lie often enough, people will finally believe it.
    We need to GET OUT THE VOTE! This is NOT the time for apathy!

  • James K Mills

    11/07/2019 01:42 AM

    Hi, Governor!
    I enjoy reading your point of view on many issues. It seems to me that people like Mr. Soros dumping millions into efforts to undermine our government in an effort to destroy America in favor of his one world government concept should be illegal. Of course, trying to get Congress to make it so is akin to trying to get Congress to pass term limits, lower their own salaries or cut back on wasteful spending. They would rather cut social security and medicare. I had a guy on Facebook recently argue with me that Social Security is a welfare entitlement and NOT something we have spent decades paying into so that the mandatory savings plan could pay us back in our retirement years. I still do not understand his point of view and I am pretty sure he does not understand mine.
    I was listening to a bible teaching recently... I like to listen to Pastor Wommack... and the teacher was saying in effect that liberals today are mostly atheists who first and foremost do NOT want to answer to God our Creator and Redemer and that conservatives are mostly believers who DO feel that we are answerable to God our Creator and Redemer. So the big problem today is that the secular humanists believe THEY each are God and that there is no God in Heaven. I fear that he may be pretty close to the bullseye with that thought, and that Pastor Jeffres is right when he says that our nation is imploding and it is too late to save it. So I generally pray several times a day, Come quickly Lord Jesus! I truly feel that only He can save us. Thank you to listen to my venting.
    God bless you, Governor.
    We hope to see you at the Marriage Supper.
    -- Jim and Valerie Mills

  • Tim

    11/06/2019 01:49 PM

    I hope you will publish my comment, I assure you, there is nothing dirty in it other than the word Democrats.

    In regards to the elections, I as well wonder what the voters of Virginia are thinking. This once proud conservative southern state has been taken over by the leftist elitist that have taken over the universities that indoctrinate the youth that attend them, and the liberals that have moved in from the other liberal states for which they could no longer stand. But somehow they think that the Democrats will be different in Virginia than the ones in California or New York or other liberal states. No, the people that didn't vote, and wouldn't have voted for Democrats, have allowed the Democrats to take over the state. Perhaps they do want higher crime, after birth abortions (aka - baby murders), more illegals, MS-13, higher taxes, sanctuary cities, less law and order, more homelessness, more illegal drug activity, more socialism in the schools, more government control, less jobs, more companies leaving than staying. Yes, perhaps they believe that the utopia state of California is exactly what they want in Virginia. Both state names end in NIA, maybe just start calling it Virginfornia. I am sure that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are rolling over in their graves as the state has been taken over by socialist or better known as the Communist Party (aka - Democrat Party, which is no longer!) One just has to wonder, just how bad does a state run by Democrats have to get before the people of those states wake up from the nightmare and start voting out these America destroyers?

  • Marilyn Madore

    11/06/2019 12:41 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee-Maine is the first state to enact Rank-Choice voting and it cost the republican congressman from Maine's second district to lose in 2018 even though he had more votes. It is a democrat scheme which unfortunately will probably prevent any republican from ever winning again in Maine. And our democrat governor signed into law last year a bill to permit rank choice in the general election for president in 2020-which means Donald Trump will probably not be able to win Maine's second district to receive the one electoral vote he won in 2016. I have tried to warn the republican party about this, to no avail. I think it is unconstitutional to require a presidential nominee to receive 51% of the vote to win the state. Thank you for all you do.

  • Anne Turner

    11/06/2019 12:34 PM

    Going back to the impeachment process: POTUS phone comments to Ukraine were ill advised, granted, but does this whole process mean that a person can do something questionable, or even illegal, in another country and the President or his AG is forbidden to ask for help in an investigation if even over a year from an election that person says he/she is running for President? Brings up some interesting possibilities.

  • Rick Locke

    11/06/2019 12:30 PM

    Frankly, I'm baffled by the outrage over "Quid Pro Quo". Basically, it means - I give you something and then you give me something in return. That means buying a car, a house or even groceries amounts to Quid Pro Quo. The basic difference when it comes to our government's quid pro quo is that often we are giving other countries scads of money and then they give us or do something that benefits we taxpayers. Makes sense to me.
    The problem becomes when the politician who makes this deal is the one who benefits - not we taxpayers. Joe and Hillary (to name a few) immediately come to mind. Are the democrats possibly setting themselves up for big problems down the line?