January 22, 2019

This coming week marks the 46th year since the Extreme Court made up out of thin air an excuse to give virtually unrestricted rights to ending the life of an unborn child in its mother’s womb in a savage procedure called abortion. 

There will be a massive March for Life in Washington, and as usual, the media will for the most part ignore it.  Since that dark day in American history, over 60 million helpless little Americans had their lives ended by butchers masquerading as doctors, taking big money for doing a deed that is better suited for the uncivilized Babylonians of ancient times than supposedly enlightened and educated people of the 20th Century. 

Over these 46 years, many things have changed, most dramatically being a better understanding of biology and the science of DNA and when life begins.  Science is rarely, as some assert, “settled,” but in the case of the beginning of a human life, it pretty much is.  We know that at the time when 23 chromosomes from a male and 23 from a female unite at conception, there is physical consequence that constitutes the creation of a separate and wholly unique life, sharing a combination, but not a replication or duplication of either mother or father. The resulting 46 chromosomes constitute a new person who will have that very DNA for the rest of his or her life. 

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The argument for abortion was once that the life in the womb was just a clump of random cells, but advanced sonograms have shattered that as laughable nonsense.  Before most women even realize they’re pregnant, the baby has a heartbeat and is forming a discernible human form. 

This should not be a political issue.  It’s bigger than anyone’s view of taxes, property rights, use of the military, or border walls.  It matters that we value every human life or we don’t.  lf there is such a thing as a life that doesn’t have intrinsic worth and value or if some lives just aren’t as valuable as others because of arbitrary standards, then we are re-entering the logic of slavery in which we deemed that one person could actually own another person, even determining whether one lived or died.  I hope that is disturbing to you. 

With the advance of real science, more Americans than not self-identify as being pro-life and nearly 75% of Americans at least believe there should be some restrictions on abortion.  Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood push hard for the right to end the lives of the unborn, but most people don’t realize that the roots of this evil and corrupt enterprise are steeped in harsh racism. 

The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was an advocate for eugenics, the notion that birth should be the result of careful breeding of only the finest…and let me add whitest of human beings.  She was a blatant racist and believed black people to be inferior.  Many of her efforts to stem pregnancy and birth were focused on the black community. 

At a time when statues from the Civil War are being torn down because to some they represent racism, why don’t the same people demand that not another dime is spent nor one moment of recognition to the racist Margaret Sanger or the killing machine she created? 

If there is good news to celebrate it’s that abortion numbers are actually dropping—from over 1 million a year to 600,00 a year, but intentionally killing 600,000 babies a year in the US is hardly something to celebrate.  It’s something to be sorry for; to repent of, and most of all to stop! 

I will not vote nor support a candidate for any office who thinks it’s okay to dismember a baby.  As we pass yet another milestone—this time of 46 years since the court ruling, we should pray, speak out, and work to make this the LAST year we tolerate such madness.  We should never think any person is disposable or expendable, or worthless. 


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  • james randolph

    03/19/2019 04:31 PM

    Hey Mike -
    Would you consider inviting Pastor Clenard Howard Childress, Jr. on your excellent TBN show?
    He is the founder of BLACK GENOCIDE - a pro-life , anti-abortion site for our fellow Americans.
    We have lived in AR three times over the years; Pine Bluff, Bella Vista, Little Rock.
    "Race" (ethnicity) is not a chasm between Christians, but it is a reality.
    Each church we joined was actively focused on realistic biblical reconciliation and unity.
    Only in CHRIST are we no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male or female...

  • Mary McCauley

    03/04/2019 12:34 AM

    As a young married woman, my first baby miscarried, and the next sweet baby-I knew she was a girl, and I am sure she knew I loved her. She was stillborn and had died just a short time before--Harmony Elizabeth. I tail-spinned into a year of depression. I became pregnant during this time of mourning. God shook me up and I began focusing on the baby I was carrying. My husband and I took Lamaze classes. We had a beautiful son, followed 2 years later by a little brother, and 2 years later a little sister. My husband and I loved our children very much and still do. I hate abortion, I am not rational about it. I went back to school in my forties and became a nurse. I appreciated working in a Catholic Hospital and their stance on life. I love your newsletter.

  • Don & Cheryl Charette

    02/25/2019 01:55 PM

    abortion in ANY form is plain MURDER.and should be punished according to the law,

  • James Arjuna

    01/24/2019 12:18 PM

    "Why is it that every pro abortion person is already living."

    "Abortion is the result of immoral behavior, and the lack of respect for reproduction responsibility, and is a form of self hate."

  • Joyce Everett

    01/23/2019 12:24 AM

    Thank you for your article and for the comments. It is amazing that the Pro-Life cause is NOT championed by every Civil Rights group, as well as by every animal rights group!

  • Julie Barker

    01/22/2019 03:14 PM

    I wrote this a couple of years ago, but it will always be true... except my age, which is now 45. Lol. Thank you for your stand for life.

    *warning...long and controversial *
    I have been struggling with what I am about to say for a while. May God guide me in my thoughts that follow. Please do not view what I am about to share as provoking or an attempt to argue a point or cause. This is not my opinion, this is my life. My goal is that some may think beyond what they so adamantly defend on both sides.
    This is my 43rd birthday. I was born Dec. 16, 1973. The Supreme Court ruled on a landmark case earlier that year known as Roe vs. Wade. You see, I am an adult female adoptee and have no information as to the circumstances that ultimately resulted in my being given up for adoption. I believe it would be safe to say I was an unplanned, inconvenient,hardship to my biological mother and possibly her family. At a time when society and the Supreme Court was telling her she didn't have to carry that inconvenient mistake for nine months only to face the choice of keeping me or surrendering me to someone else, she allowed me to live and have the amazing opportunity of life. She was one of the first women to have the full legal window to abort and she didn't. I am a true survivor of Roe vs. Wade.
    Many argue that it is a women's rights issue. What about my rights as a woman? How can you say it is about women's rights when abortion destroys so many future women? What about men's rights? What about the men who father these children? What about all the future men who are never allowed to take their first breath? My biological mother made one of the greatest women's rights choices ever.......she preserved the life and rights of a future woman.
    Our government protects trees, bird eggs, and snakes, but there was no protection for me before my birth. How does common sense justify this? I have several friends who support abortion and some may be reading this. I love you so much and you you will forever be my friends. I must say, I respect your right to that opinion, but if discussed in my presence or on FB, it stings. I will not be rude, mean, or ugly, but it hurts. The worst is during an election year. This subject is tossed around by so many who consider it nothing more than a political stance used for gaining votes. While many see a debate about an "issue," I am slapped in the face with people arguing about whether or not I had the right to be born. Isn't that what the debate truly is? The right and opportunity for people like myself (unplanned and inconvenient) to be born? To be allowed to live? The debate and the casualness in which it is discussed takes an emotional toll. They are talking about my life.
    There is a lot more to this story. In these few thoughts, I did not get into God's amazing work in my life. If you would like to hear more about that let me know. I love sharing God's amazing grace and His ability to take the worst of situations and create something beautiful if we will just let him. So on my birthday I praise God for the family in which he placed me and their unconditional love and support. I praise God for MY family. I praise God for all of my friends, even if we disagree. And I praise God for the woman who was uncomfortable, inconvenienced, and probably heartbroken, but had the strength and courage to give me the opportunity for this wonderful life. I pray she has the peace that passeth understanding. What a birthday. I just can't help but wonder, how many "Julies" were never allowed to take their first breath and I am so thankful and greatful this particular Julie was.