September 12, 2019

Thanks for the many thoughtful comments in response to “So, really, what is going on with Joe Biden?” Those of you who have been through the heartbreak of having a loved one suffering with mental decline can’t help but see the same signs in Joe Biden on the campaign trail. It must be said that we don’t have a medical diagnosis for him, but one doctor wrote in to teach us a new word, “confabulation,” which was echoed by another reader who had seen this in her own mother. And a few politically savvy respondents cautioned that this may be part of a plan to get someone else into power.

Here are a few examples...

From Eddie:

I think the Dems have placed every possible loser candidate out there as a stall. At the last minute, look for Michelle Obama to enter the race without having done any electioneering. She will be presented as some kind of savior of the party; the only one who can beat President Trump. The other candidates will fold. I'll bet that Mrs. Obama would not even debate our great President Trump because he would destroy her. Still playing my fretless bass and praying for our country.

From Ruby:

I think it is possible Mr. Biden might have had mini strokes, which would cause him to confuse all the facts or even make up his own stories and believe them as truth. We need a President with all his mental faculties.

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From Nancy (an MD):

There is a neurologist term for the misremembered stories: "confabulation."

From Floyd:

President Trump likes to inflate the story a little bit, even spins a tale or two, but Joe Biden with all due respect should bow out. It would be dangerous for a President to have his people turn on him and have him do things [when] he won't remember what he did or when or how. And to think, if he would pick the wrong vice president –- they push him out and they step in. (I am not an expert; just my opinion.)

Very insightful, from Martha:

The thought occurs to me that [the] DNC may already know Biden is in early stage dementia/alzheimers. What he is doing appears to be the same thing my mother did; the doctors called it confabulation...Apparently they try to fill in the gaps with make believe. The vacant looks are so familiar to me also; my mother would get that look so often, as if she was disconnected to everything. So if someone in that condition is elected, they then get declared incapable on medical grounds, and the VP takes over. So should he win the Dem candidacy, we would need to be VERY VERY careful of whomever they select to be the running mate, because THAT is the person the Dems are truly trying to put into the presidency.

Echoed by Natalie:

If Biden gets in, that’s fine with the Dems. They will oust him for senility; then they can get the Vice President to take over. So they are as interested or more interested in who his running mate will be.

Finally, this particularly brilliant excerpt from Sharon, who echoed others’ comments but added this:

...Thank you Mr. Huckabee for all your wonderful writings –- they are so informative and they keep my head from exploding.

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  • Fran Schroeder

    09/13/2019 02:03 PM

    My biggest worry is that Hillary or Michelle will get in through the back door. I would like the DOJ to get back to prosecuting Hillary.

  • Marie M Dahl

    09/13/2019 12:41 PM

    We need to make sure that people vote Republican. If Bidden gets in I'm sure the Dems have a plan to get him out and get the vice president in. They will stop at nothing to ruin our country forever. Their leaders are so disgusting I'm surprised that anyone would want to identify as a democrat. The thought of Dems taking over just makes me sick.

  • Bobby g flowers

    09/13/2019 12:12 AM

    It should take more than just money to run for public office

  • Suzanne Utts

    09/12/2019 09:55 PM

    My husband had dementia. It is sad for the person and for the family.

  • Gloria Grace Prosper

    09/12/2019 08:05 PM

    Every day, I look for your commentary. It is one of the few that I trust. Thank you for being trustworthy and for your obsessive-compulsive fact-checkers. :) I have been saying for months that Michelle Obama is going to be the candidate. She is the only one I can see that would have a chance against our President Trump. Every day, at a particular time, I join with others around our country who are praying for our country and its leaders. It is a personal prayer that takes only about a minute, not by phone or by text, just by ourselves, wherever we are. This started, to my knowledge, about 6 months ago. I set my phone alarm...I am in Kansas, it is 2000 hours, CDT. Perhaps others would like to join? Thank you, again, for being faithfully on the watchtower and in the breach. I am praying also for you.

  • Belle Mieloch

    09/12/2019 03:51 PM

    So well said. A ploy by the Dems I can see it. We need to get and vote for Trump or we are lost as a country. God save us this mess.

  • Barbara Moreland

    09/12/2019 03:16 PM

    This something the republicans really need to think about and plan accordingly.