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January 11, 2024

President Biden had a busy Monday, between demonizing Trump and Republicans, eulogizing the late Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson, pandering to black voters, dealing with pro-Palestinian protesters from his own party who have zero respect for others or their surroundings, and stabbing Israel in the back – sometimes, all at once. Nick Arama at has a good round-up…

Two details worthy of special notice: Arama points out that Biden tried to blame the racist shooting at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston on Trump even though it happened in 2015 when Trump wasn’t President, but Biden was Vice President.

Also, when these pro-Palestinian nutjobs tried to block the street entrance to Love Field Airport in Dallas where Biden was landing, the Dallas Police quickly removed them and arrested some of them. Take notes, other cities. And a word of advice to these protesters: Don’t try blocking any highways in Texas unless you want to find out how it feels to be an armadillo.

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