April 6, 2020


April 6, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee




In George Orwell’s ever-timelier masterpiece “1984,” what’s true today has ALWAYS been true. Oceania is at peace with Eurasia and at war with East Asia; it has always been so. It would be “thoughtcrime” to believe otherwise, even if way back in the recesses of one’s memory, one can dimly recall a time when Oceania was at war with Eurasia and at peace with East Asia.

So it is with many things in America in 2020, particularly critiques of President Trump’s response to the Wuhan virus. Oops, it’s also thoughtcrime to think of it as the Wuhan virus, or Chinese virus, even though it’s from Wuhan, China. And it has been thoughtcrime to believe the virus might have originated not in the wet market but in one of two Biolabs in Wuhan studying infectious disease. One of these is a mere 900 feet from the wet market. We are supposed to believe that it first “jumped” into a human at the market. Better yet, accept the newer Chinese line that U.S. soldiers brought the virus to China.


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The Democrats have already postponed their national convention from July to August due to the pandemic. But Joe Biden suggested that might not be enough and that it could be a “virtual convention.” He’d better be careful; he might give the Dems the idea of running a virtual candidate. They might use CGI to replace him with a virtual candidate with JFK’s hair, Obama’s speech-making talents, and Bill Clinton’s folksy ability to sell baloney.

Biden is also pushing the idea of a vote-by-mail election. It’s doubtful that the virus will still be around in November, but allowing the left to engage in the kind of fraudulent ballot harvesting that previous elections by mail have ushered in would mean unleashing a deadly virus of an entirely different kind.

Speaking of Joe Biden, he’s finding out how it feels to be a Republican recently, thanks to all the fact-checkers giving him pants-on-fire ratings. But unlike with Republicans, they don’t have to try to twist differences of opinion into “lies.” In Joe’s case, I’m sure they’d prefer to ignore negative news completely (they’re obviously good at that), but the things he’s saying are just too public and too wildly incorrect to ignore. Whether that’s due to deliberate misleading statements or just inability to tell the difference himself, I don’t know and don’t want to get into. But it’s one of those things people may be too polite to talk about, but there’s no question that they’re thinking it.

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The recent clash between the “outdated” British monarchy and the new royalty of self-centered Hollywood/social media influencers has reminded people of how much class and selfless sense of duty the old guard had. This message from Queen Elizabeth II to help buck up the public during the coronavirus crisis is yet another example.

When you hear a woman who lived through seeing her beloved nation bombed daily by the Nazis reassure you that self-discipline and “quiet, good-humored resolve” are still virtues, and that Britain will endure and “better days will return,” it’s comforting because you know she truly has lived through worse, she and her nation endured, and better days returned.


Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are still howling in outrage over President Trump firing Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson. And in true James Comey fashion, Atkinson is playing the aggrieved victim, claiming he was just doing his job. Don’t buy it.

Atkinson lit the fuse on the impeachment bomb that we all had to suffer through, and he did it not by “doing his job” but by redefining what his job was in order to allow partisan actors peddling third-hand hearsay to be treated as legitimate whistleblowers. Margot Cleveland of The Federalist has the details on why he “roundly deserved to be fired.”

1. U.S. # CONFIRMED CASES (As of 7:09 AM): 337,933   DEATHS: 9,653  RECOVERIES: 17,582 (Reported recoveries)

Source:  Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

TESTS GIVEN:  1,778,487

Source: The Covid Tracking Project

2.  CDC RECOMMENDATIONS: How to protect yourself  |  What to do if you are sick

3.  MEDIA BIAS:  On virus and politics, don't buy media's "truth" of the moment.


I hope you had a wonderful Palm Sunday!

Here’s President Trump’s Sunday briefing on the coronavirus, and sadly, it was not very reassuring. The Administration is trying to brace the public for a predicted spike in death tolls over the next two weeks.

Just continue following guidelines and being very careful, and of course, praying. Let’s all do our bit to make the predictions as wrong as possible.

And since we could use some good news, here’s a story about a promising COVID-19 vaccine that wouldn’t even require taking a shot.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"And above all these things put on charity, which is the bond of perfectness."

Colossians 3:14 (KJV)



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  • Wert Campbell

    04/06/2020 09:10 PM

    Thank you for your commentary and, as usual, you are right on target. It is so amazing to me that all the powers of the nations of the world, the terrible atrocities of Issis and the Taliban, and even Pearl Harbor and 911 could not cause crippling damage to our nation but an invisible little virus can change our very way of life. I wonder if God is not trying to get our attention.

  • Marietta Pellicano

    04/06/2020 04:27 PM

    Thank You Gov. Huckabee for your daily reports. There are many conservative "bloggers?" that I listen to, but I just can't help comparing all of them to your daily reports. The ability to cross-reference these others I listen to with your report is comforting also. God Bless You, your family, your staff of writers and all who make your reports possible.Your band of musicians on your TV are much appreciated also!

  • Sheila Blankenship

    04/06/2020 01:40 PM

    I have always admired you and appreciated your perspective, faith and determination but now, during this strange time, I treasure your information even more. Thank you for keeping me informed, inspired and calm. Take care and God bless.

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/06/2020 12:41 PM

    The Queens message was a very good example for us all.

  • Michael OBrien

    04/06/2020 12:34 PM

    If persons who are in the united states but not legally so have been paying into social security, they should receive benefits.