July 27, 2018

Earlier this week, I dashed off a little treatise about the attempt by too many Democrats (many of them young, naïve, miseducated liberal arts grads) to “normalize” socialism.  I pointed out the fatal flaws in it and noted that in small doses, it merely cripples nations; while in large doses, it’s toxic on a mass scale.  This shouldn’t be controversial.  We have over a hundred years of proof, running right up to this week, when the socialist leader of Venezuela told his starving citizens his solution for the hyperinflation that’s made the nation’s money worthless: just lop five zeroes off its valuation.  He should’ve told them instead to use the currency as toilet paper.  At least then, it would finally have real value again. 

Well, I’m fortunate to have my own platforms for my opinions, because when Meghan McCain made some of the same obvious points about socialism on “The View,” she got attacked by her co-hosts and the leftwing media, who don’t like being told that there is no government Santa who will come drop free stuff down their chimneys – or at least none that will give you free stuff that doesn’t come at a very hefty price. 

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That prompted David Harsanyi at The Federalist to come to her defense.  If you enjoyed my takedown of socialism – or if you didn’t think I went into enough detail about the unadulterated awfulness of it – then I highly recommend you click the link to his article as a chaser.  He makes many of the same points but in different ways, plus he has some additional information and points to add. 

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My favorite tidbit: for all the silly yammering about how America should be more like the “socialism lite” Scandinavian countries, the average Scandinavian in the US enjoys a standard of living 50% higher than Scandinavians in Europe.  Maybe they need to be more like us.  In fact, maybe someone should tell young Americans enamored with socialism that several of those Scandinavian countries, or at least large numbers of their citizens, are fed up with their bloated governments, high taxes and deteriorating public services and really are trying to be more like us.


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  • Nelda White

    07/28/2018 02:39 PM

    I have always loved the study of history and my point of view may be offensive to some, but here it is anyway. Socialism , from past history's experience, seems to always result in the enslavement of the people by the government. It has always led to communism, fascism or nazism. After all, Hitler ran on the democratic/socialist party to begin with. But as you study the other countries that are so messed up, it is because of socialism, even with democrat in front of it, still smells just as evil. We continue to pray for our country, our president, our government. We appreciate the good work that you and your family are doing and pray for all of you as well.

  • Diane Rowlands

    07/28/2018 12:00 AM

    I hope that the Dems dont win the House or Senate in November. We will be in alot of trouble. Republicans running, please fight to keep the party in power.

  • Sharie Morton

    07/27/2018 06:16 PM

    I am living in Australia where they "enjoy" national health care but I have also experienced an ER visit and found some things lacking on their care for me even though the cost was very minimal. Plus, in casual conversations, I have heard many here in Australia complain about how hard it is to be seen when they do have a problem. So no matter how great it looks, it is never "the grass is greener".....