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May 31, 2023

One thing about this newsletter that distinguishes it from many opinion outlets and a lot of so-called “news” outlet is that we try hard to get quotes and facts right, and when we discover something wasn’t accurate, we immediately correct it (that’s why news is called “the first draft of history.”) So I want you to know that a recent claim that two dozen homeless veterans were kicked out of three upstate New York hotels to make room for illegal migrants turned out to be false.

We saw no reason to doubt it since the story was widely reported in major news outlets like the New York Post and the Washington Times. It wasn’t simply careless reporting. It was allegedly a hoax created by the head of a nonprofit called the Yerik Israel Toney Foundation and it even involved falsifying hotel receipts and paying homeless people to pretend to be displaced veterans. The state attorney general is investigating.

To be clear: this doesn’t mean that hotels in New York aren’t being used to house many illegal migrants while many veterans remain homeless; just that no veterans were removed from these particular hotels to make room for them.

Personally, I’m very glad to learn this story wasn’t true and relieved to correct it. I just wish the liberal media would get as exercised over the injustice of housing all those illegal aliens at taxpayer expense while real veterans remain homeless as they were about rushing to debunk this story.

By the way: the Durham Report was released over two weeks ago, and “news” outlets like MSNBC are still reporting the Trump-Russia collusion hoax as fact. I’m eagerly awaiting the mother-of-all-corrections, guys.

Also, another correction I’m tickled to run: Comedian John Cleese corrected media reports that in deference to “modern sensibilities,” he was cutting the hilarious and incredibly prescient scene about a man who demands to be called Loretta and have babies from a live production of the Monty Python movie “Life of Brian.” Cleese clarified that he was just repeating what the other actors advised him to do, but nobody’s complained about that scene in 40 years and he has no intention of cutting it just because someone’s afraid it might offend somebody.

See, modern comedians? That’s how the job is done.

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  • phillip swensen

    09/06/2023 10:59 PM

    well that whole statement is a lie. Because everything that comes out of your criminal mouth is a lie. Republicans are the creeps that decided to be poor losers and win an election with guns. YOU DID THAT YOU AND YOUR GURU WANNABE TRUMP. You are a cultist, not a christian and should just shut up before god strikes you with lightening. Liar, crook, creep, old senile fool is what you are and what your publication promotes. You do not believe in democracy, you and other trump apparatchiks want to destroy our government so you can set up your false idol. you do not see that you are naked, hopefully people like you will be passing from this world soon, please go soon, you are too evil to stay.