March 28, 2019

Dear Miss Mannerly:

I understand why you generally steer clear of talking about politics in your column, as all mention of politics, sadly, tends to lower the level of discourse among people who might (conceivably) get along otherwise. Still, I must beg your indulgence and ask a question that touches on politics.

Let me start by saying I would like my President to be polite, charming and well-mannered. That’s in addition to making good decisions, of course. But if I have to settle for one or the other, which seems to be the case here, I will take the good decisions every time. My fear is that, since so many people are swayed by charm, we will get another bad-news, “progressive” President based on appearance and not substance. My fear is not unreasonable, as this worked in favor of the man who became our previous President, and for his re-election.

Lately, our current President has been saying negative things about someone who has been dead for months. Some of it I'm sure is absolutely justified, but it still doesn’t go over very well and would be better left unsaid. This deceased person was a unique combination of Vietnam POW and bullying son-of-a-gun who, admittedly, had said and done some things that were terribly damaging to the President. But he is dead now and can’t defend himself, and I have to wonder if our President’s response, months later, is appropriate.

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Putting it rather bluntly, Miss Mannerly, could you please try to use any influence you may have to shut the President up? I wrote to my favorite commentator, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, to ask him the very same thing –- in fact, my original letter appeared on the “reader comments” page, where he or someone on his staff would surely see it –- but I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask you to step in as well. The President’s rants will haunt the next election, along with many other things he has said without thinking or explaining. Is there anything that you and/or anyone else can do?


Gentle reader:

First, as a note of reassurance, Miss Mannerly wishes to observe that among the current crop of candidates challenging the President, there is not one person whom she finds charming in the least. It would be unkind to say this to their faces, but if we’re going to be honest amongst ourselves, isn’t it true? Miss Mannerly would not want to be seated next to any one of them at a dinner party, particularly the older gentleman who likes to get too familiar with the ladies and the very tall man in flannel who gesticulates wildly, asks for dirt between courses, and insists on jumping up onto tabletops. Besides horrifying the hosts, that’s the quickest way to ruin a beautiful place setting.

Worse, they would all be talking about nothing but politics at dinner, which can be quite tedious and maddening as you know. Being politicians, they would only pretend to listen, and they would also be asking for money.

Actually, the President can be quite a charming man. This often comes through in live video that the media can’t avoid airing. I think he can be quite funny as well. He presents himself quite sincerely, and that is rare and refreshing in the world of politics.

Still, Miss Mannerly shares your concern, while recognizing that for over two years –- his entire time in office –- the President has been frustrated by a very real “witch hunt.” Still, he needs to focus. It’s not as if he didn’t have enough topics at his fingertips; he should be focusing on those instead of heaping disrespect on someone who has died. Such comments are jarring, inappropriate, and distracting from the important issues at hand. Miss Mannerly does not know how to make him more aware of this; perhaps someone on his staff will see this column and try to make an impression on him.



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  • florence Siljenberg

    04/19/2019 03:35 PM

    Thanks for your comments, I appreciated reading it, and wish I could have expressed the same thing. We are on the same page as far as the comments about McCain. I have suggested to anybody who cares to read my comments is that "you can never win a fight with the dead", Just because the person has died does not make them any nicer in death than they were in life. Still our very much maligned president really should have taken I'm sure a lot of peoples advise when it came to the McCain. I became very disappointed I McCain though I voted for him at one time. What he did with the Healthcare fiasco has left a mark on thousands of people, it just took his one thumbs down that ended what was something that would have been good for the American People. However we should have never gotten to that point where 1 point the wrong way was the finally end of something good. It is or was not the time nor place for the President to speak as he did, regardless. I pray as well as thousands of people do for our President and I do believe that the Gates of Hell have been unleashed on him, this is how he has chosen to fight the enemy. But at death and sometimes in life we have to let some things go and keep up the good fight, allow others to help, and they were. He does not fight this battle alone. Many thousands know what the Media is doing to him and to his staff. He needs to stay above the fray with some of this garbage. Often times I think maybe he should get out the book of Job and read it for lessons to learn, in the end he will be vindicated, not if he keeps fighting this alone. Stop with the tweets on McCain, let them have their time of grieving, just let it roll off your back. What Hollywood celebs say who gives a diddley, let them explode on their own, they are doing a really good job on their won. He has a country to run, his family to spend time with, nations who want to see us destroyed, political enemies who also want this country destroyed, I know that he knows that certainly think he should, but he is giving them way to much of what they want to use against him in the public brawls of the media, some of us are depending on him and he's doing a good job, has really great people around him, like Sarah, vp Pence, and other people all on his side, time he began being a little or LOT more boring, think before he speaks, want to vent then do it without the media, he must know that he's got some very good people around him, they are also taking the heat for things he says. I do hope that he will Stop now that "this report is over", it will never be over for his enemies, let them just stew and burn themselves out and run the country, stop the name calling and the things they can wallow in their own juice. I really would like to have another term in office, but they are going to keep baiting him, put on your alligator skin and lets see him win again. When the arrows come and they will, dodge them and don't let them have what they want, we don't want them and my concern is that he could very well do himself in before 2020.

  • Dot Whitley

    03/29/2019 11:05 PM

    What a kind answer. There is a way to answer so as not to be rude, although I am guilty of being very rude at times. I am so thankful for our president, and I hate the way he, and his family have been treated.
    I must say I was surprised at the nice way you dealt with his imperfect manners, since I'm used to hearing mostly hatred toward him.
    Very sincerely,

  • Michael Gene Langley

    03/29/2019 10:56 AM

    Ted Bundy is dead. Does that mean he is never mentioned again in our world? Fact is, forgetting the past is not a good way to go into the future! His involvement in the Russian collusion hoax left a mark on his "legacy". It is not the only thing he left behind, that will mar that legacy!

  • Anne Turner

    03/28/2019 01:03 PM

    I just send an email to the Govenor a few minutes ago saying exactly the same thing, although not as well of course. Just wanted you to know it was before I read your column.

  • Anna Goforth

    03/28/2019 12:59 PM

    I would like to point out that even though McCain is no longer here, his family has continued the attacks on the President. In spite of Trump’s kindnesses in facilitating the funeral with Federal transport of the coffin, he was specifically not invited and during the funeral the daughter laid into a ill timed and petty attack on the President. She has continued that verbal attack every chance she gets.
    I do not blame the President for defending himself, we all have that right. I blame the visciousness of the McCain family who continue to snipe at him, continuing the fight. McCain started this whole fiasco when he began attacking Trump. His daughter is continuing the feud. All Trump did was to point out the obvious. A singing “Songbird” even in captivity, is NOT a hero. Trump called out the elephant in the room.
    If you doubt my opinion, research “Songbird.” It was the North VietNam’s nickname for the prisoner who sang their song at their command. I would also like to point out that when other malnourished prisoners returned, they were still skin and bones. Look at the pictures of McCain, he’s well fed. You don’t regain that amount of body fat in 2 weeks recouperation after “starving” for 4 years.

  • Kathleen Wood

    03/28/2019 12:21 PM

    In response to Ms. Mannerly's gracious letters: Yes, it is unfortunate indeed when the truth about someone's actions in life come out against him after that person is dead. It is most particularly sad and unfortunate when the public persona of the man is believed to be a hero, admired for his service to country. However, if later it is revealed that this person was actually a deceiver, a treasonous coward who sold America down the toilet to the NWO. Then, if Ms. Mannerly will allow, I would prefer to know the truth, as the truth, it is said, will set us free, rather than continue to believe lies.

  • Renier C

    03/28/2019 12:11 PM

    Miss mannerly’s observations - terrific!


    03/28/2019 11:48 AM

    First, I must say, I was very interested in the question/request to Miss Mannerly. I feel/think the president is too , too in his tweets. I appreciate very much, what he is accomplishing for our country. Yes, actions are more important than charm. Thank you so much, Zelda (grandma ,great grand and MOM...) PS Not saying he is not charming!!!