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February 8, 2022


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  • Bible Verse of the Day - Romans 6:11
  • One more reason the fake news is fake
  • SCOTUS overturns lower court order
  • Here’s $30 million of your tax money at work
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Mike Huckabee


Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:11

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2. Promises, promises:

Here is the link to Fox News’ continually updated feed of news on the Russia-Ukraine story. Latest update at this writing: France says that after a meeting with French President Macron in Moscow, Vladimir Putin agreed to pull Russian troops out of Belarus after they finish their war games there. I’m sure he'll keep his promise. Just like the Germans voluntarily pulled out of Paris.

3. CNN Vocabulary Quiz of the Day:

If leftists burning down cities, assaulting police and looting businesses is “mostly peaceful protest,” then what is it called when working people stage a genuinely peaceful protest of a leftist government that’s destroying their businesses and violating their rights?

(A.) “Sedition”

(B.) “A threat to democracy.”

(C.) “Insurrection driven by madness”

(D.) All of the above.

Click here to see the answer (as if you don’t already know):

4. Canada Protest Update:

Here’s an update on how the Ottawa Police are attempting to harass mandate-protesting truckers and their supporters into submission, by handing out citations for any small infraction.

They’re also threatening to arrest anyone who supplies the truckers with fuel, which prompted some supporters to call for everyone to carry an empty gas can around, just to make it impossible to identify who actually has fuel. It could turn red plastic gas cans into the latest hip fashion accessory.

That story reports that the truckers are shouting at the police, “How dare you do something like this when we are fighting for you?” It’s a fair question. Another fair question is that if they deny the truckers fuel and force them to go home, what will stop the truckers from deciding to stop delivering needed fuel to the elites who despise them? You know, the ones who are living in apartments with no fireplaces in Ottawa in February? That could give them a lesson in the cold reality of who the really “essential workers” of society are: truckers or autocratic bureaucrats?

5. SCOTUS overturns lower court order:

I previously observed that in recent weeks, courts seem to have been establishing a precedent that gerrymandering in Democrat states is fine, but it’s unconstitutional in states controlled by Republicans. But on Tuesday, the US Supreme Court issued a ruling that suggests that it may not fly when it gets to the top of the appeals process.

In a 5-4 ruling, the SCOTUS overturned a lower court judge’s order that Alabama redraw its Congressional map to add another “black opportunity seat.” That leaves the 6 GOP-1 Dem map standing for the 2022 election and possibly beyond. The reason this has repercussions beyond Alabama is that the SCOTUS rejected the Democrats’ attempt to weaponize the Voting Right Act and use racial quotas rather than showing actual racist intent as grounds for striking down GOP gerrymandering while upholding their own. Other red states can now cite this case to appeal rulings against their Congressional maps.

Read the article at the link for a full explanation for why this case’s precedent could lead next year to the SCOTUS completely striking down this now-common Democrat gerrymandering tactic as unconstitutional, and why even Chief Justice John Roberts, who sided with the liberals on this case, might switch sides and make that a 6-3 decision.

6. One more reason the fake news is fake:

Perhaps you’ve noticed that we almost never cite The New York Times or the Washington Post as sources for any story we use in my newsletter. And for any story that originated in either of those two publications, even if it happened to be picked up by other news outlets, we’ve applied the “48-hour rule” –- often it’s more like 72 hours –- before reacting to it as serious reporting. There have just been too many stories that turned out to be strategic leaks from the FBI or similarly dicey anonymous sources or that were garbage reported simply because they furthered a preferred narrative.

There’s another reason why these big-deal “papers of record” should not be mistaken for serious journalism, and that’s the hotbed of connections to Democrat politics and administrations they are. One example in the news right now is the promotion of Matea Gold to be the new national editor at WAPO. A month before her promotion, her husband Jonathan Lenzner was promoted as well –- to be the new FBI chief of staff.

Gold is now having to recuse herself from all coverage of the FBI and the Justice Department, including the Durham special counsel investigation, with managing editor Steven Ginsberg overseeing it instead. She also won’t be covering the ongoing January 6 investigation, including the probe led by FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland. Gosh, what’s left for her to oversee? It’s easy to imagine her taking lots of long lunches and leisurely massages, with Ginsberg doing the work and probably deserving a raise.

According to Paul Sperry’s sources, the conflict of interest posed by Gold’s husband was discussed at a recent staff-wide meeting. Lenzner’s family is “allied politically with the Clintons” and has been for many years. This seems not to have been a problem before –- and why should it be at WAPO? –- but with his new job at the FBI, the spotlight is shining more brightly.

The decision does not reflect on Gold’s objectivity or credibility, according to a WAPO spokesperson. “We have every confidence in Matea’s professionalism and high standards. “She has recused herself from all areas of coverage to avoid even the appearance of partiality.”

So, there was a conflict of interest and she recused herself. Problem solved, right? Well, not so fast. As Paul Sperry points out, considerable damage had already been done. “In her previous role as investigations editor,” he writes, “Gold helped oversee the Post’s coverage of the Russian ‘collusion’ accusations against Trump and his advisers, including former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.”

In other words, she might be recusing herself now that her personal conflict of interest has grown too huge to ignore, but she’s spent years helping perpetuate the Russia Hoax.

Reading WAPO’s own story about Gold’s promotion, one would never know that they’ve had to retract or correct numerous stories about Trump that she oversaw. “For the last four years,” it reads, “Matea has served as the national political enterprise and investigations editor, running some of the Post’s most sensitive stories, including coverage of the Russia investigation, the Ukraine pressure campaign and President Donald Trump’s attempt to subvert the 2020 election results. Reporters and other editors gravitate to Matea for guidance and direction.”

In September 2017, Gold shared a byline on a story that furthered the false claim that President Trump has said there were “fine people” among the white supremacists and neo-Nazis protesting the removal of a statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, when he specifically condemned those people.

So, never mind the frequent and serious journalistic errors and outright lies. This editor gets promoted. And other "journalists" look to her for guidance.

As Sperry points out, it’s “not uncommon” –- we’d say it’s actually very common –- for journalists in DC “to be married to government officials, lobbyists and others who influence policy from various vantage points.” But even in that world, Gold’s might be considered an extreme case.

Perhaps you’re old enough to remember the name Terry Lenzner, who was the private investigator Bill Clinton hired to use to dig up dirt on troublesome mistresses and other political threats. It was said at the time that this was done with the knowledge and approval of Hillary, to tamp down the various “bimbo eruptions.” Lenzner founded the firm Investigative Firm International, or IGI. During the Ken Starr investigation, he was brought in to testify about his aggressive investigative work for President Clinton. Terry Lenzner retired in 2015 and has since passed away.

Matea Gold’s husband Jon is the son of Terry Lenzner. After Terry retired, he took over IGI and continued his father’s work. Father and son were both Democrats and Clinton donors, with Jon giving at least $1,700 to Hillary’s 2016 campaign according to FEC records.

So, THIS is the guy Christopher Wray appointed as his chief of staff in December. Goodness, we’re not only learning a lot today about WAPO, but also about Wray’s FBI. And none of it is good.

The FBI made this appointment quietly, avoiding mention of Lenzner’s background with the Clintons or IGI. On their website, they distanced him from it this way: “From 2013 to 2018, Mr. Lenzner led a national risk advisory, corporate investigations and crisis management firm in Washington, including three years as its CEO.”

Recall that other FBI officials were highly sympathetic to Hillary and the Clinton political machine, even those who were supposed to be investigating her such as then-deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, another Clinton crony, generously bankrolled McCabe’s wife in her failed run for the Virginia state legislature. Political conflicts seem to be quite common at the FBI, too.

Sperry reports an interesting side note: IGI was the first investigation firm to launder payments for “opposition research” (dirt) for political campaigns through law firms so that no payments to IGI showed up on FEC disclosures. They did this at least as far back as 1994, for Ted Kennedy. So Hillary was acting in a grand Democrat tradition when she funneled over $1 million to Perkins Coie for the dirt-digging done by Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele.

IGI has multiple connections to the Clintons. Jon’s sister Emily is a Biden donor who sits on IGI’s board. She previously worked in the Clinton White House under George Stephanopoulos and later worked for him at ABC News. (More incest with journalism.)

The late Brooke Shearer, sister of Clinton crony Cody Shearer, worked for Hillary in the White House and then took an investigative job at IGI. (Makes one wonder what sort of work she did for Hillary.) Brooke was also the wife of Clinton ally Strobe Talbott of the Brookings Institution, which seems to have been up to its eyeballs in the creation and peddling of the Steele “dossier.” Cody Shearer even created his own anti-Trump “dossier.”

Sperry’s piece has even more. One bit of irony is that Gold, with her amazing conflicts of interest that are only now coming to light, participated in a PBS panel on the White House transition in 2016. It was called “Trump Family Criticized for Conflicts of Interest.”


7. I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Morning Edition. Now that you are finished, leave me a comment.  I read them!

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  • Judy Radley

    02/10/2022 02:04 AM

    All the corruption that the Democrats live and breathe for, started way back with JFK and the Kennedy's 'family of corrupted millionaire white liberals'. And they are just carrying on with the corruption legacy. They are all as crooked as the yellow brick road in the Wizard of OZ. Misdirection was the theme for Wizard of OZ and the Democrats have perfected that illusion, they want all of us to 'fall asleep' in the poppies of their corruption and not wake up to the real truth. That THEY ARE the wicked witch of the West and Washington D.C. is the wicked witch of the East. But I don't think water will melt them, but Holy Water will.

  • charles e reasoner

    02/09/2022 01:09 PM

    I subscribe to your newsletter. I use Outlook on my personal computer. I used to get your newsletter regularly in my "Focused" inbox but now it arrives in my "Other" file which is filled with advertisements, etc. I did not select this option and cannot reverse it! Basically it is sending your
    newsletter to a fancy junk file inbox. The only way I can save your newsletter is to move to a saved cannot be moved back to the Focused Inbox. Pretty weird.

  • Chuck Alaniz

    02/09/2022 08:43 AM


    This is a link to an article written some time ago in Americas First Freedom (NRA mag) that describes a hypothetical gun trafficking scenario and the related federal codes violated. It also goes into the potential prison sentences for said crimes. Since Joe is talking gun control again, I sure would like to see this get some exposure. It is amazing that we are talking more laws when these are already on the books!

    I love your daily newsletter.
    Chuck Alaniz

  • PAUL Schaber

    02/08/2022 11:02 PM

    MACRON is a total fool just like the person , who is sitting occupating
    the White House. Putin knows that Biden when faced with a crisis will
    run and hide and give exactly what Putin wants. It is time for the
    American and European citizen to realize that Biden is not a leader.
    As the clock clicks down to the invasion date, "I am waiting to see what
    Biden and Blinken give Putin to stop the invasion. If was a citizen
    of the Ukraine or any of the other Eastern European countries "I would
    not feel safe with Biden at any costs,


    02/08/2022 10:06 PM

    FBI = KGB

  • ben herr

    02/08/2022 05:58 PM

    keep up the good work we use your news for our station Rapid Fire Radio and TV out here in Pierre SD

  • Floyd A Unger

    02/08/2022 05:39 PM

    Thank you. And Sheesh!

  • Paul Kern

    02/08/2022 04:28 PM

    With so many incestuous relationships in the new Hell's Kitchen (DC) it is starting to look like the royal houses of Europe. They were getting pretty bad by the time of the Great War! Sick and unstable offspring. Just like the ones running the corrupt government now.

  • Jerry

    02/08/2022 04:08 PM

    Are the leaders of this Government going to get to the failed cause of the withdrawal of Afghanistan or are we going to hear the same old cover up of holding people accountable for its failure, the unforgivable murder of military personal and the unforgiveable leaving all the military assets behind Senator Tillis is looking to let this pass and chant the old stand by we can never let this happen again BS is unforgivable. Same old GOP BS

  • David Fail

    02/08/2022 02:20 PM

    Mike, you need to get your fuel container colors straight. These big rigs run on diesel. The standard for off-vehicle storage of diesel is YELLOW cans, not red - that way you don't end up cross-contaminating in the can or even worse, in the vehicle's fuel tank. You need to correct "It could turn red plastic gas cans into the latest hip fashion accessory"; updating "red" to "yellow".