August 15, 2019

Many observers have noted that for all the talking they do and all the media attention they get, the four members of the leftist “squad” of freshmen House Representatives don’t seem to be spending much – if any – time representing their districts.  They all seem more interested in remaking America or doing away with Israel than, say, creating more jobs back in the Bronx (AOC even bragged about chasing away thousands of jobs from her home district.)

It makes one wonder just whom they’re supposed to be “representing”?  I know you could never, ever “follow the money” to trace the motivations of socialists, but if you could, this story might raise some suspicions.

Also note this interesting factoid: the top eight House members who get the largest percentage of donations from outside their districts were all Democrats, including three of the four “squad” members.  Texas Democrat Rep. Sylvia Garcia was the only member whose FEC-recorded campaign donations all came from outside her district.  Meanwhile, “on the whole, freshman Republicans took in more money from their own districts than freshman Democrats.”

So if you wonder why some Congress members don’t seem to care what the folks back home think about an issue, maybe it’s because that’s not who they’re working for. 

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  • Terry Sullivan

    08/18/2019 02:02 AM

    Follow the freshman to Clinton Obama and Soro’s. It’s a Trojan take over

  • Eryika Tuo

    08/16/2019 08:13 AM

    So, the million dollar question: WHY are these new liberals (Democrats, millennials, socialists...) so ok with this fact. I realize that they don’t focus on facts. However, there are none among them who are thinking, “wait! What is she actually DOING, for us??” It’s an odd fad.

  • Nellie Williams

    08/15/2019 03:42 PM

    Governor, would you please address this so called issue of "recession"! Every time I turn to the news for the past several days, both local and regional, the major topic has been recession! Do they think if they shout it loud enough and long enough it will happen? Is that their new way of attacking President Trump? Do you see a recession on the horizon or is it like I feel, the left screaming "wolf"! Thank you for your insight on this distrubing matter. And again thank you for all your hard work to keep us informed.