August 28, 2018

A while back, I wrote about a whistleblower at the Defense Department, Adam Lovinger, who questioned the activities of someone named Stefan Halper (name ring a bell?), a Cambridge professor emeritus who was later implicated in the suspicious lead-up to the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation of then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump.  The Washington Post and New York Times did stories on Halper’s role in setting that up but kept his name secret at the time.

In breaking news, thanks to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, investigative reporter Sara A. Carter has expanded on what she previously reported about Halper, now saying that he “was involved in every aspect of the FBI’s investigation.”  That includes a role in the initial application for a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign associate Carter Page, when in July of 2016 he approached Page at one of his intelligence seminars at Cambridge and befriended him, pumping him for information about the Trump campaign and Russia.  Halper has direct ties to Russian intelligence and appears to have been inserted into the Trump campaign.

Halper’s contacts with George Papadopoulos began in September of 2016, when he offered the young man a $3,000 contract and a trip to London, where Papadopoulos sat in a bar and happened to repeat within earshot of Australian diplomat and Hillary crony Alexander Downer a story he’d apparently been fed:  that the Russians had damaging information on Hillary.  Downer would later take that story to the FBI, providing pretense for them to investigate Russia “helping” Trump.

Halper is even tied to former Trump advisor and retired Gen. Michael Flynn, who was ambushed by FBI interrogators and ended up pleading guilty to lying –- something even his questioners don’t think he did.  In 2014, Halper arranged a get-together at one his seminars and invited both Flynn and a Russian woman, later advancing a story that Flynn had had some sort of suspicious contact with her.  

This man was reaching out to Carter Page, George Papadopoulos AND Michael Flynn?  What are the odds?

Lovinger’s attorney, Sean Bigley, pointed out on Sean Hannity’s show Monday night that Halper worked in partnership hosting the Cambridge seminars with a “noted Putin apologist” who’d spent a decade at the State Academy in Russia.  Halper taught the seminars with none other than the former head of Russian intelligence.  He also is known to have accepted funds from what British intelligence agency MI-6 believes is a front company for the Russian intelligence service.  (Christopher Steele is a former MI-6 agent.) 

Lovinger happened to stumble onto Halper’s odd activities at the Defense Department while doing his job going through contract paperwork; he noticed that Halper had received a contract for over a million dollars essentially to write reports.  What Halper was really doing at the Pentagon was a head-scratcher.  He was making trips overseas and conducting so-called “diplomatic relations,” which contractors are forbidden by federal law to do.  When Lovinger started asking questions, he was suspended without pay from his job as senior director for strategy at the National Security Council –- he’s surviving on the generosity of family and friends –- and he also lost his security clearance.

(See, John Brennan?  If someone can lose his security clearance just for asking some innocent questions, is it any wonder you lost yours after all YOU’VE pulled?  But I digress…)

Sara Carter has much more detail on her website.  But a warning:  it’ll make you angry, especially about what happened to Michael Flynn.





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  • joseph orsini

    08/29/2018 04:37 PM

    thanks for helping to clarify this mess. what is really needed is a DIAGRAM showing the main characters involved and their role in the mess.

  • James Riley Norvell

    08/28/2018 12:43 PM

    In 1971, newsman Jimmy Breslin wrote "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight." It was a hilarious fictionalization of Joey Gallo's mob experiences. God, I wish Breslin were still alive. This whole tale of the entire left of the political spectrum chasing Boris and Natasha around the globe, with Trump conducting national and world affairs like a latter day Disraeli would be a comedy plot for the ages.

  • James Riley Norvell

    08/28/2018 12:29 PM

    Could not get other links to work. This is a comment about Robert Reich.
    I am bemused by the compliment always attached to comment on his "annulment" plan. Everyone seems to have known him and has known that he "is a very bright and level-headed guy", they then go on to say how many important posts he has held. Huh!?!
    From the moment I first heard Reich (25+ years ago?), I wondered how one always equates education with intelligence. I wish I had the time and technical ability to put together the penetrating observations of Robert Reich for the past 25 years. The man is fatuous bloviator of nonsense.
    They are like cockroaches, though.

  • Leonard L

    08/28/2018 11:28 AM

    On this Catholic sexual mess. Relocating them doesn't change anything. Priests have to remain celibate, "which is against nature. " I lived by a "altar boy " who had been molested sexually by a priest. He's against church. So, unless the poop, oh, I mean the pope,changes the so called, policy, and allow priests to marry, nothing going to change. It's a physical need for a man. Priests, at times, in the past have married ! Be blessed.

  • Mark Russell

    08/28/2018 11:00 AM

    Is John LeCarre now writing on the American spy genre? This seems to be the cross-over piece tieing Russia, MI-6, and the USA together while shifting emphasis to the USA intelligence scene. This has to be fiction, right?

  • Amelia Little

    08/28/2018 10:58 AM

    Now, now, Gov. Huckabee. We just can't be distracted from the quest to unseat President Trump by revealing FACTS about Russian/election/collusion. And, heaven forbid that halper would have to face a trial about his breaking a federal law. I imagine, he has been promised some kind of immunity by the powers-that-be behind him. The list just gets longer. Well, he has been on the list, just without his name being revealed. Besides, his liberal/socialist gazillionaire friends (backers) will be able to keep him living comfortably, unlike those he scammed who are paying the price from knowing him--no matter how briefly. And, we can be sure he will not be imprisoned in solitary 23/7 like, say, Manafort whose sin was about taxes years ago.