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June 14, 2023



Blessings on you and your family from all the Huckabee staff! Happy Flag Day! It's a holiday commemorating the adoption of America's flag by the Second Continental Congress on June 14th, 1777. And no, Joe, that flag was the Stars and Stripes, not the rainbow flag.

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God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7


Sean Hannity interviews California Governor Newsom

Monday, much to his leftist backers' chagrin, California Gov. Gavin Newsom gave an interview to Sean Hannity on Fox News, where he tried to come across as reasonable, thoughtful and bipartisan. It was generally agreed that this could mean only one thing: he’s getting ready to jump into the Presidential race if Joe Biden breaks a hip or drives the family station wagon through the front window of the Piggly Wiggly.

Those links will give you some samples of Newsom’s sales pitch for making America into California. See if you buy it. If you do, I have some swamp land I’d like to sell you cheap.

Bob Hoge at isn’t convinced of anything other than that Newsom is extremely dangerous to America because he comes across as “a nice, normal, wonderful guy,” but he's an expert at blaming his failures on others and once he gets into power, he governs radical left and has turned California into a “cesspool of homelessness and crime.”

Budget cuts? Not likely

Say, remember way back a month or so ago, when President Biden was refusing to agree to any budget cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling AGAIN? Democrats rushed to the cameras to depict any Republican efforts to reduce spending by even a nickel as snatching food from the mouths of hungry children. Why, we must have the leanest budget of any government in history if there’s not a milligram of waste in it!

Yeah, about that…

The Daily Caller reports that the nonprofit government watchdog conducted an audit and found that in the first two years of the Biden Administration, $528 billion was improperly paid by the federal government. That means “payments that should not have been made or that were made in an incorrect amount.”

Seventeen agencies contributed to the over half a trillion dollars in waste, with Health and Human Services leading the way at $286.9 billion. COVID fraud alone accounted for $100 billion worth. That doesn’t even include the estimated $400 billion stolen via unemployment programs administered by the Labor Department during COVID. Wait, so they’re saying that blasting a trillion dollars out of T-shirt cannons wasn’t an efficient way to deal with a pandemic?

$974.3 million was paid to dead people out of programs like Social Security. Well, they deserve something in exchange for voting for Democrats.

The report blames both parties because Congress is supposed to hold the power of the purse and oversight over federal agencies, but doesn’t exercise it. It’s not easy to compile these numbers because the report notes that the agencies responsible don’t like to admit it. Of that $528 billion, the government has only been able to identify $51.7 billion to recapture, and they’ve gotten only 45% of that back.

The CEO of Open The Books said, “This is a prime example of the institutionalized incompetence of the administrative state. The center-left somehow believes in an elite, scientific, public good to the administrative state, and this report calls the entire paradigm into question.”

Correction: This report is just the latest pebble on top of a mountain of evidence that calls that entire paradigm into question.


America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

RIP Treat Williams

We’re sad to have to report that veteran movie and TV actor Treat Williams died Monday at 71 in a terrible motorcycle accident in Dorset, Vermont. Williams struck a Honda SUV that made a sudden left turn directly in front of him, and he was thrown from his bike. Williams’ movie career stretches all the way back to his debut in the 1975 movie, “Deadly Hero.” You might know him best as Lenny Ross on the popular CBS cop series, “Blue Bloods.” His longtime agent described Williams as an “actor’s actor” and one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. Our prayers and condolences to his family.


Something to consider

Something to consider with Donald Trump facing 37 counts for mishandling documents and the DOJ claiming everyone must be treated the same: Trump is the first President in 40 years who was granted no help by the feds in archiving his documents to make sure they weren’t mishandled.


Canadian arson

There have been multiple arrests of arsonists in Canada for deliberately setting a series of fires that choked the Northeastern US with smoke. Or as Democrats call that: “climate change.”



JP Morgan Chase has agreed to a settlement of a lawsuit by women claim the bank facilitated Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation that abused them. A spokeswoman for the bank said, “Any association with him was a mistake and we regret it. We would never have continued to do business with him if we believed he was using our bank in any way to help commit heinous crimes.” The exact details of the agreement were not disclosed, but there are unconfirmed reports that it’s in the neighborhood of $290 million.

Biden gets a root canal, Harris briefly takes over 

It was revealed that due to a root canal, President Biden was sidelined on Sunday and Monday and Kamala Harris filled in for him. I know that might alarm some people, but I have full faith and confidence that Kamala Harris can be just as incompetent and incomprehensible as Joe Biden, any day of the week.


New Resolution: Expel Adam Schiff

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has introduced resolutions in the House to expel Adam Schiff, and to censure, investigate and fine him $16 million (just half of the cost of the groundless Russian collusion investigation  that he relentlessly pushed while lying about having solid evidence.) In response, Schiff is using the resolutions as a tool to con gullible donors while outrageously posturing as the real victim, and claiming that the resolution is filled with “smears” and is an attack on him for “telling the truth.” I’m sure he has solid evidence that he would show us, but he left it in his other suit.

Schiff also denounced the attempts to hold him accountable as “an attack on our democracy," on “the Constitutional system of checks and balances,” and on “the institution of Congress.” I never realized that “our democracy,” the Constitution and the very institution of Congress itself depended on letting Adam Schiff keep entering lies, slander and fabricated evidence into the Congressional Record.

If you click to his post on Twitter, you’ll see that the ratio of people who see through his garbage to those who still support him is about 50-1.

Senator Vance promises Biden judicial nominees are on hold

Republican Sen. J.D. Vance is letting the White House know that there will be repercussions to weaponizing the DOJ against Biden’s political opponents and people who don’t share his leftist beliefs, like pro-life activists. Vance said, "This must stop, and I will do everything in my ability to ensure it does. Starting today, I will hold all Department of Justice nominations. If Merrick Garland wants to use these officials to harass Joe Biden’s political opponents, we will grind his department to a halt."

To be clear, Vance said this won’t apply to nominees to the US Marshals Service. And while Republicans aren’t in the majority and can’t stop Biden’s nominees, Vance can block rubber stamp “unanimous consent” approvals and force them to hold time-consuming floor votes. It’s one of the few instances where Congress’s unparalleled ability to waste time could actually perform a public service.


Gearing up for 2024

I see that CNN and MSNBC are already gearing up for the 2024 election season by deciding what important information and viewpoints are too “dangerous” for their viewers to be allowed to hear. You know, like real journalists do.

For those who were stuck at airports Tuesday and had no choice but to watch CNN, here’s Trump’s entire speech  on the free speech platform, Rumble.

Trump follows arraignment with powerful speech; another horrific revelation about Biden

Let’s pick up the story after the shameful proceedings in Miami on Tuesday, during which President Trump pleaded not guilty on all counts, and talk about the rest of his day, arguably the more arresting part.  Trump’s motorcade headed for the airport but stopped at the Cuban restaurant Versailles, where a rabbi led the crowd in prayer and Trump shouted, “Food for everyone!  Then they were off to the airport for a flight to his Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey.

The crowd at the restaurant sang “Happy Birthday” to him.  Trump turns 77 years old today.

(By the way, I suspect Democrats are secretly terrified at the strong turnout of Latinos to support Trump. Expect them either to double their efforts to paint Republicans as racists, or to declare Latino Republican voters to be “white supremacists,” or most likely, both.)

At the restaurant, Trump seemed in good spirits but warned, “We have a rigged country, a country that’s corrupt, we have a country that’s got no borders, we have a country that’s got nothing but problems.  We’re a nation in decline, and then they do this stuff.  And you see where the people are, we love the people and you see where they are, you see the crowds and everything else...we can’t let [the decline] happen.”

Jonathan Turley, appearing last night on FOX NEWS “Special Report,” did say the Trump team “should not delude itself” because the indictment is very serious and conviction could mean life in prison for him.  “Having said that,” Turley continued, “even though the Trump team can’t lose on a single count without very significant risk, Jack Smith can’t lose a single juror.  And all the polls out indicate that about half this country views this as a politically-motivated case.  That’s where this jury pool’s gonna come from.”

Turley also addressed the prosecution’s desire for a “speedy” trial.  “It’s not often you see the prosecutor asking for a speedy trial, since that’s a protection for the defense,” he said, echoing the thought of numerous legal analysts.  “But one can understand why.  Smith is worried that he’s not gonna be able to get this trial done by election time.  And the concern is a real one, because if Donald Trump is elected, he could pardon himself.  If any of these Republicans were elected, they could pardon Trump.  And then, Jack Smith wouldn’t see a courtroom with a jury in this case.”

He doesn’t think Jack Smith will succeed in this, because they brought 31 counts under the Espionage Act [editorial aside: !!!!], plus “there’s a lot of documents here where you’re gonna need cleared counsel [as in, top security clearance], you’re gonna have to argue about what can be brought into the trial.  Those are appealable issues.”  He knows from experience, he said, that “things slow to a glacial pace.”

Also, “Trump’s dance card is getting a little bit full,” he said.  Blame all of those prosecutors lining up to get him into court.  Georgia’s coming up.  “They may run out of a window for this trial before the election,” Turley said.  It would serve those election-interferers right. Too much interference could interfere with their plans to interfere.

Byron York noted that, for Trump, this seemed more like a campaign day, with his stop at the restaurant to meet supporters and his rally later on in New Jersey.  “It’s kinda weird,” he said.  But Trump knows the last indictment helped him politically, so he’s playing it that way again.

Sen. Lindsay Graham said the final verdict in this case “will not be in a courthouse in Miami.  This case will not go to trial, to verdict, before the election.  I think the final verdict will be by the American people in November 2024.”  As for grounds for appeal, he said, “Attorney-client privilege has been destroyed here.  There’s a concept in the law, you can’t use the privilege to hide a crime, but the idea of a conversation between the attorney and his client has been pretty much destroyed here...This should go all the way to the Supreme Court.  Also, “this is not about so much the law as about who we are as a people.”  A Democrat can “violate the hell” out of the Public Records Act, destroy subpoenaed evidence.  They falsified evidence in the “Russia” investigation and nothing happened, he said.

“The desire to get Trump is destroying this country,” Graham said, “and the people have a chance to fix this.”   He predicts a huge backlash, with people seeing Trump as a solution to this problem (I do) and re-electing him next year.  “This indictment almost certainly secures the nomination for him.”

“What they’re doing to President Trump is a game-changer for the presidency.  They’ve taken the law and turned it upside down on numerous occasions to get him.  They’ve lied about information to a court.  They’ve tried to create narratives that aren’t true.  They’ve charged him with espionage.  It’s gone too far...destroying the country in the name of trying to keep one man off the ballot.”

As Missouri Sen. (and former state attorney general) Josh Hawley said, “This is about targeting Donald Trump to try and take out a political opponent, and if they can do this...we do not have a functioning Democracy any longer.”  He also doubts that it’s a coincidence that, after sitting on the Biden bribery information for years and having it start to come out, the FBI immediately indicts Trump on the classified documents issue.

By the way, watch Sens. Hawley and Mike Lee make mincemeat out of deputy FBI Director Paul Abbate yesterday about improper surveillance.

And here’s Ted Cruz beating Abbate about the head for stonewalling on the Biden bribery case.

Of course, Trump’s indictment includes no exculpatory material.  For example, the testimony of this FBI whistleblower that the DOJ ordered them to raid Mar-A-Lago after they said it would be better to just work with Trump was not in it.

Mark Levin offered some pointed legal analysis of the case on last night’s HANNITY…

Democrats have been complaining about the random appointment of Judge Aileen Cannon to handle the Mar-A-Lago case, as she is a Trump appointee.  They’re afraid she might not be biased in the direction they want her to be.  Trump pleaded not guilty before a magistrate judge yesterday, but Cannon remains the lead judge in the case.  Here’s a good analysis…

Now let’s look at the flip side of this story, the treatment of the Biden corruption case.  In other words, be prepared for some serious what-about-ism.

First, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was on fire last night talking about the two-tier ‘justice’ system and what it’s doing to our country.

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee, according to South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace, is currently working to get as much information as possible on the Biden allegations, including more bank records and those 17 audio recordings of Hunter and Joe Biden reported to the FBI by a confidential human source.  Here’s a recap of that story.

The committee has subpoenaed Hunter’s former business partner Devon Archer, compelling him to testify Friday morning.  Also subpoenaed are two banks for Archer’s financial records and those of Moscow benefactress Elena Baturina and Rosemont Seneca Thornton.  Moving right along.

But the biggest bombshell to hit in the past 24 hours is that the alleged Biden-briber, identified in the “1023” as Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky, is believed by the U.S. intel community to be an asset of the SVR, or Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.  This knowledge goes back some time; President Obama was briefed on it.  REDSTATE has details…

Recall that it was Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin who was investigating Burisma and Zlochevsky.   In a phone call he later bragged about, Biden made $1 billion in aid to Ukraine contingent upon Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko firing Shokin immediately.  Need we say more?

“Cataclysmic” was the word used by former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker on Tuesday’s HANNITY show to describe the potential impact of the latest evidence.  “This would be concrete evidence,” he said, “that would point to actual bribery, actual payments from foreign governments to affect U.S. policy.  That, to me, is an absolute game-changer.”  As for Trump’s Mar-A-Lago case, he said “the case law is very much on President Trump’s side.”

Alan Dershowitz said, “He [Jack Smith] had the chutzpah to get up and say there’s one law and it applies to everyone.  Well, he wouldn’t know that.  He only investigated one person [Trump]; he didn’t investigate a PROBLEM...he investigated a PERSON.  And that’s not consistent with the American approach to equal justice under law.”


Trump ends day with magnificent, must-see speech

President Trump’s rally Tuesday night at the Bedminster Golf Club was packed solid with supporters.  He did have prepared remarks on teleprompter, starting with, “Today we witnessed the most evil and heinous abuse of power in the history of our country, a very sad thing to watch.  A corrupt sitting President had his top political opponent arrested on fake and fabricated charges of which he and numerous other Presidents would be guilty, right in the middle of a Presidential election which he’s losing very badly.”

“This is called ‘election interference,’ and yet another attempt to rig and steal a Presidential election.  More importantly, it’s a political persecution like something straight out of a fascist or communist nation.  This day will go down in infamy and Joe Biden will forever be remembered as not only the most corrupt President in the history of our country but, perhaps even more importantly, the President, who, together with a band of his closest thugs, misfits and Marxists, tried to destroy American democracy.”

He’s right about destroying democracy.  For them, democracy is a disposable concept, good only if it means they win.  And this is just the beginning of what Trump had to say in a riveting speech.  The part about how Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton handled THEIR classified documents is not to be missed.  Also the part about “Deranged Jack Smith.”

Among other promises related to making America great again, he promised to appoint a REAL special counsel, “to go after the most corrupt President in the history of the United States of America” and also (the best for last) “obliterate the Deep State.”


Related: Watch your tax dollars at work as PBS uses its onscreen subtitles to try to smear Trump as a violent, divisive extremist during his speech, something they didn’t do when Biden was standing in front of that red wall and denouncing “MAGA Republicans” as dangerous extremists. Maybe while the next Republican Administration is defunding the FBI, there’s something else it can defund, too.

A Note on Those “Espionage Act” Charges…

In many ways, Woodrow Wilson was the Joe Biden of his time. He won reelection in 1916 on the campaign slogan, “He kept us out of war,” then five months later got us into World War I, which is analogous to Biden’s many broken campaign promises, like vowing to “restore decency” to the White House. Wilson’s leftwing “progressivism” birthed the activist bureaucratic state, reduced freedom and set the stage for problems we’re still struggling with a century later. His utopian foreign policy allowed other nations to play us like suckers. He was called a “progressive” but rolled back the rights of blacks and opposed those of women. Plus he had a stroke in office, and his wife was rumored to actually be running the White House. Does any of that sound familiar?

Another thing he and Biden have in common is that Wilson gave us the Espionage Act of 1917, which Biden has pulled out of mothballs to try to jail his top political opponent. But when Trump supporters call that act unconstitutional, it’s not just self-serving rhetoric. Many legal scholars have denounced that law as unconstitutional for over a century. And did you know that despite its title, it was never really intended to prevent actual espionage? It was created from the get-go to give a Democrat President a tool to silence, harass and jail critics of his entry into the war. So one more thing Wilson and Biden have in common.

Tom McDonough at American Thinker has an eye-opening history lesson about how this act came into existence and the way it was abused back then to censor and prosecute anti-war activists, labor unions, draft dodgers (two of whom were executed!), journalists and others who opposed or even criticized Wilson’s war policies. So all you media people who are cheering those charges against Trump, this is what you’re really cheering for.



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  • Paul Kern

    06/14/2023 09:23 PM

    A few thoughts. When the left says"democracy" they are genuflecting to Moscow and Beijing..A buzz word for state control. Money is t their concern..They believe and practice" money monetization" A Marxist belief that money is a social construct. Just print more like the Weimar Republic and opened the dirt for their Nazi Fuehrer. Last. I wonder why no one is talking about mobilizing US SageCons. We are the group most ready to take the battle to the enemy. Like the Founding Fathers. Our leader is God Himself. We listen and follow God's Word. Not like the pastors and their flocks who are now part of the Left. Already the # Walkaway Movement is another strong and growing group now worldwide.
    I wonder how much Soros is spending due to his intense hatred of Trump. I wonder how many know he was a Nazi collaborator and betrayed his fellow Hungarian Jews. Tumor has it he was involved in the Wall street crash of the late 1980's.

  • john p kneeland

    06/14/2023 02:17 PM

    The corruption of the left has now weaponized the FBI, CIA, DOJ,HHS and the IRS to name a few! Yet millions on the socialist side refuse to acknowledge the illegality of their actions.
    Hillarys destruction and deletion of files, her "home server" which was hacked by the Russians (admittedly) and the utter failure of taxpayer funded government institutions to investigate has shown America the true scope of CRIMINALITY in our so called leaders. WAKE UP AMERICA!