September 5, 2018

Perhaps one problem with Attorney General Jeff Sessions is that he’s just too darn nice.

I’ve said that although it breaks my heart to acknowledge this, as Sessions is a friend of mine, he really does need to go.  (And, yes, as I’ve mentioned before, the President does reportedly have in his desk a signed resignation letter from Sessions.  Perhaps Trump is just waiting for what he considers to be the right moment to dig it out.)  A lot of theories concerning Sessions have been advanced –- including some dark conspiracy theories –- as to why Sessions hasn’t taken the reins at the Justice Department and guided it towards actual justice, but attorney Victoria Toensing, partner at the law firm diGenova & Toensing, may have nailed it.

“He’s a Southern gentleman,” she said in an interview with Lou Dobbs.  “He doesn’t know how to kill at all.”  It will take new leadership at the Justice Department, she said, because he’s clearly not fit for the job.

“Republicans have never known how to kill,” she elaborated.  “You’ve got to know how to kill.”

Okay, that’s pretty blunt.  But she’s right that politics is a full-contact sport.  As I’ve said many times, you don’t want to run for office unless you can stand the sight of your own blood, and lots of it.

Toensing’s observation made me think back to when Sessions was being grilled at his confirmation hearings by California Sen. Kamala Harris.  As I recall, this barracuda was incredibly rude to him, repeatedly attacking him and interrupting him before he even had a chance to respond.  (And, yes, I’d be saying the exactly same thing about Harris’ conduct if she were a male barracuda.)  The slow-talking Sessions could barely get a word out.  My impression was that Sessions had the demeanor of Stan Laurel being verbally pounded by Oliver Hardy --- just not able to stand up to it.

At the same time, I would politely (being a Southern gentleman myself) disagree with Toensing over her characterization of Southern gentlemen.  When a cause is near and dear, we stand up and fight for it with all we’ve got, as a matter of principle.  Now, curiously, Sessions is a gentleman, and he is definitely Southern, being from Alabama, but his seeming passivity just doesn’t fit the profile.  That’s one thing that is so confounding about this.

Now, I love that in 2018, with unbelievable crassness everywhere you look, someone still exhibits gentlemanly airs.  I genuinely admire Sessions for that, but at the same time, whoever heads up the Justice Department in this day and age, with the huge swamp that needs draining, needs to show some power and fury, whether Miss Manners approves or not.  It’s as I’ve said:  the attorney general needs to kick down doors and overturn desks.  It appears Sessions is just too reserved to do that.  He’s a fine man in the wrong job.

And he showed a spectacular failure by not advising President Trump BEFORE taking the job that, having been a part of Trump’s campaign, he would have to recuse himself from investigations that touched on the campaign, including the Russia probe.  Certainly, as Trump has said, he would never in this world have put Sessions in that position if he’d known that was going to happen.

In March of this year, Sessions tried to offer reassurance that something would be done to drain the swamp by announcing that U.S. Attorney John Huber of Utah would be investigating the Obama DOJ’s surveillance abuses and the Uranium One deal.  The idea was to get that investigation out of Washington DC and quietly start getting to the bottom of the corruption.  Well, it’s been TOO quiet, for too many months.  When Bruce Ohr testified last week before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, he revealed some stunning news:  that he still hasn’t even been contacted by Huber.  Tell me, how is Huber supposed to investigate surveillance abuses at the Justice Department without talking to Ohr when Ohr was intimately involved (his wife, too) in getting the Christopher Steele “dossier,” which was really nothing more than a pile of trashy oppo research, to the FBI?

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By the way, Ohr hasn’t been contacted by special counsel Robert Mueller, either.  That’s not quite as surprising, given what we know to be Mueller’s real focus (getting Trump), but, still.

Huber should be doing exactly what the Republicans are trying to do:  examine Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s role in getting the dossier to the FBI.  Apparently the oversight committees learned a lot from him during last week’s closed-door hearing.  Remember, it’s the dossier that was used as the pretense to get a warrant to conduct surveillance on associates of the Trump campaign.  Huber won’t get the complete story on surveillance abuse without talking to both of them.

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It seems that Republicans in Washington are going to have to help him by doing much of his job for him and passing along their findings to Salt Lake City. 

As Debra Heine at PJ media reminds us, many people are counting on Huber for justice; they imagine him “quietly gathering a damning mountain of evidence that is going to blow the deep state conspiracy wide open with massive amounts of collateral damage in and out of government – right before the election.”  Well, at this point, it sure doesn’t look promising.  If Huber hasn’t even talked with Bruce and Nellie Ohr yet, he’s still got a long way to go in his investigation.

And that’s if it’s even a serious investigation.

This gets worse.  Toensing also said Huber hasn’t contacted her client, whistleblower Doug Campbell, in the Uranium One case.

She called this investigation “a Potemkin village.”  And, wow, is that ever descriptive; if you’re not familiar, Merriam-Webster defines it as “an impressive facade or show designed to to hide an undesirable fact or condition.”  (I have to say, we do see these often in politics.)  The term is derived from the name Grigori Potemkin, who supposedly built impressive fake villages along the route Catherine the Great was supposed to travel.  I’d hate to think the show of draining the swamp may be no more real than those fake villages flanking the Volga River, but who knows?

Toensing had a message for congressional Republicans:  that they’ve been “snookered.”

When she said Republicans didn’t know how to kill, Dobbs’ reply was just as blunt.  “They don’t even know how to WOUND!” he said.  “What would it take for anyone of conscience in that Department of Justice, any one of our congressmen, our senators, Republicans, to say ‘this—this special counsel is a sad, pathetic joke and it is tearing the nation to pieces and it’s got to end and NOW!’?  Why is there not a single voice, other than that of the President here?”

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Speaking of Uranium One, Dick Morris, in a column for the Western Journal, cited Toensing’s observation that Huber hasn’t yet interviewed Campbell, the FBI undercover informant who infiltrated the Russian company Uranium One.  One of Huber’s tasks is to investigate the Clinton Foundation and any pay-for-play scandals that related to Hillary’s role as Secretary of State.  So, come on.

Tony Podesta, brother and former business partner of Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta, was paid $180,000 by Uranium One to lobby –- successfully, as it turned out –- for Clinton’s approval of its acquisition of 20 percent of U.S. uranium mines, something very important to Vladimir Putin.  Former President Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 to give a speech in Russia just a few weeks before Hillary was to vote on the measure.  Morris also mentioned that in pursuing the deal with Hillary, Moscow infiltrated her political apparatus with ten spies who were passed off as Americans.  And according to the New York Times (!), the Clinton Foundation got $145 million from interests linked to Uranium One.  This was a huge deal for the Russians.

In his work for Uranium One, Tony Podesta never registered as an agent of a foreign power as required under law by the FARA statute, but he has not been indicted, at least not yet.  But Paul Manafort was indicted for the same crime by the special counsel and faces prosecution soon.  If Hillary accepted bribes, as it certainly appears she did, what are the odds that any indictments will come of that?

(By the way, speaking of Uranium One, Gregg Jarrett has an informative chapter about it in his book THE RUSSIA HOAX.  I’ll be writing more about that soon.)

We do need a new attorney general, and it’s got to be someone who can take off the gloves.  That’s so he can really fight –- and also tie the blindfold back on Lady Justice.


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  • Claude Latham

    09/06/2018 02:20 PM

    Would be nice to see, but I know I will not, some justice is done.. As I have also said before the swamp is embedded in our government in so many levels draining it would mean completely dismantling the whole, and not just part, will not be done!!!

  • Linda Rath

    09/06/2018 12:45 AM

    I agree with you, Mike. I have been puzzled, angry and completely stymied by Mr. Sessions' behavior. I have wondered if he has been credibly threatened??? However, the South has been known to rise up, and fight to the death for the cause in which they believed. I don't think Mr. Sessions believes....

  • Dusty Hickey

    09/06/2018 12:26 AM

    !. Sessions is not strong enough to handle his position and was better off to have went back to Ala. Good man but the wrong one for a very important position.
    2. Kaepernick and knees wrong I just bought a pair of Converse. Slap in the face of our military who defend these million dollar ball players for tossing around a ball. WHY? Bring on a few military without legs and arms on the field during the Anthem. Go to the Democrat cities that have allowed and created the crime and cities that are dying per loss of good paying jobs for years now? See THE WIRE Gov 5 years on the series on Baltimore and the crime, the drugs, the police and the politicians mainly Democrats.
    3. Woodward and his new fiction type book. I guess anyone can talk to a few people and then sit and make up whatever to sell their books? Now someone in the White House said higher up and saying the President has lost it and gives to the NYT really? Bring on all the tapes and let us hear it all and then have the President resign if shown he was a crook , collusion with Russians. A Democrat friend who hates Pres Trump said she thinks it is Gen. Kelly , I said to her NO WAY if this was him he would resign and then say the President is having mental problems aging whatever and afraid he cannot handle his job. Almost like Hollyweird group is sitting around making up all they can to try to make Americans believe that he is losing it?
    4. Amazing that Woodweird book comes out per the Kavanaugh hearing and now this so called high ranked person and gives to the NYT of all places WHY?
    5. Pretty scary all of these demonstrations like in this hearing, IN and OUT burger , your daughter just out to eat a nice meal, take down our Confederate Statues, you had to leave a job in Nashville per those who have taken over, what is this ? Something stinks in the Apple Barrel and no I did not just fall off of a turnip truck. Who is behind some of this? More Republicans need to stand together and to see the media and Democrats so in love with McCain as he died. Only because of no love lost with him and Pres Trump. No the comment made was off center by Pres Trump and not sure why he had to say what he did and not just leave it alone? McCain so wanted to be President and I did not vote for him per he picked Gov Palin and yet I am confused on that she was not invited to his memorial like a slap and even Rush said that she never was on the attack of McCain anytime after the loss. A funeral is attended by most anyone those who love you and those who may hate your guts how many have we all attended like this? No, if Pres Trump and McCain had no love for each other then phony to attend. Where was VP Pence not invited either? WHY NOT. Even Sen Graham was kind of left out yet was one of McCains best friends for years. Graham has been standing with the President and I admire him he is right on . JOBS, rebuild our fallen military under Obama, tax breaks I get more money next year as a widow, trying to find peace with N Korea now to see where this goes, try to cut back on illegals and drugs here and more criminals, next AFFORDABLE health care he promised and can be done if they try to do this? Has to be I know as an RN? Gov keep on with what you know and can let us know and that Republicans have to come together and this includes our Congress and I am not seeing this and they are going to lose if they cannot stop the anti this President.

  • Senior Lee

    09/05/2018 11:50 PM

    Who is Sessions afraid of?

  • joseph orsini

    09/05/2018 08:33 PM

    I have never heard discussion of the CLINTON FOUNDATION regarding the issue of DO BILL AND HILLARY RECEIVE ANY $$ FROM IT?

  • Bev Yost

    09/05/2018 07:27 PM

    Sessions should never have accepted the job, if he's too docile. D.C. is loaded with leftists on both sides. And when he does go, whomever the Prez selects, it will be a long process to get anyone approved. I have written often to let Sessions go in spite of the fact they will drag it out whomever is chosen.

  • William R Taylor

    09/05/2018 07:22 PM

    WRT the 'Uranium One deal', I think you should let your audience know that it HAS been investigated by the FBI and no illegal activities were found. In fact the vast majority of the money that you imply went to the Clinton Foundation (CF) to ensure the deal', went to the CF years BEFORE the deal was planned and Hillary was in the Secertary of State role. Please be fair and honest Mike even if you don't think the 'other side' is. Remember it's not 'do as they do' rather its do unto them AS you would have them do to you. Thanks!

  • Don & Ann Dutcher

    09/05/2018 05:48 PM

    There's a PLUG in the PIPE that's supposed to be draining the swamp and you've correctly identified much of it as Sessions & Huber (Huber may be an extension of Sessions). This, plus truthful exposure to light via new special counsels, some Executive un-classifications of blacked-out communications to get to the truth, & a passel of firings of politically-based "civil servants" who are anything but civil and loyal to Americans who love our country. Swamp alligators, loyal to their own errant political party have NO BUSINESS in civil service. I should know, I was in both military & civilian for nearly 40 years ... today I'm amazed at what passes as an American supposedly loyal to our Founding Fathers' principles, teachings, warnings and early guidance. Lord help us!

  • judy hannon

    09/05/2018 05:21 PM

    You are a 100% right Sessions needs to go

  • William R Taylor

    09/05/2018 05:03 PM

    WRT Fusion GPS and opposition research, shouldn't you mention that OTHER Republicans began the 'opposition research' on Mr Trump that lead to the so called 'Steele Dossier'.

  • Anne Marie Traylor

    09/05/2018 03:35 PM

    Could we please have Trey Gowdy as AG!?

  • Rosalie Spaans

    09/05/2018 03:30 PM

    So discouraging!

  • Jerry Holland

    09/05/2018 02:55 PM

    We need judge Jeanine not Sessions.

  • Pam Bartosh

    09/05/2018 02:42 PM

    My husband and I enjoy reading your newsletters. For the life of me, I cannot understand how people in power get away with this criminal behavior.

  • R Baxter

    09/05/2018 02:25 PM

    "Victoria Toensing, partner at the law firm diGenova & Toensing, may have nailed it." Seriously? ' “He’s a Southern gentleman . . . He doesn’t know how to kill at all.” “Republicans have never known how to kill,” she elaborated. “You’ve got to know how to kill.” ' What utter garbage! I'm surprised you printed such nonsense. If one subscribes to that benighted line of thinking (labeling?), no Southerner or Republican should ever be elected President or hold any responsible public office. Additionally, if Sessions were any kind of gentleman he'd resign rather than force the President's hand. If he did give President Trump a letter of resignation to use at the President's discretion, that's a craven passive/agressive gesture. No guts to pull the trigger and walk. No guts to do his job either. Failure to act. Again. Because if Trump now uses the letter, it's a firing. Sessions would rather publically lay blame at Trump's door and give the Left a field day than "be a man" and fall on his sword (i.e. resign). Further proof that his interests are not those of the President. As much as Sessions is a very damaging liability to this Administration, he is a huge asset to the radical Left. He has and continues to empower the Swamp.

  • Fran webster

    09/05/2018 01:54 PM

    Trey gowdy

  • Barbara Riefner

    09/05/2018 01:35 PM

    I think the new Attorney General should be you Mike, or Judge Jeanne. Either one of you would be great!!!

  • rodney burke

    09/05/2018 12:51 PM

    sadly, based on what we see happening and NOT happening you are right. TR, Jeff is NOT. He turned over the DOJ to the worst person (other than Mueller) possible. Jeff does not know or is NOT inclined to "kick butt and take names". Christ got angry and turned tables more than once in the temple. Jeff has not done anything. Now unless he and Huber are working miracles behind the scenes... Jeff was the wrong man for the job. Sadly, rules and civility are out the window. Shin bruising and desk tumbling are all the criminals in the FBI and DOJ will understand. We need someone like Sarah with a big hammer to show up and scare these people half to death. We don't know everything and I hope that is true that things will happen and we will witness the biggest criminal prosecution in history. There is treason and so many violations of USC code that it isn't funny. A few need to be executed for treason and other capital crimes. We can START with Barry.

  • Daniel Burke

    09/05/2018 12:43 PM

    Sessions may or may not be "nice." That's irrelevant. Sessions is a pathetic coward and totally unfit for the job of Attorney General of the United States. Bad enough that his cowardice has caused the lawless Mueller "witch-hunt" of the President; even worse WETHEPPL deserve a real AG, not a simpering hack hiding under his desk. WETHEPPL deserve AND DEMAND a real AG be appointed to that office. NOW.

  • David Dwinell

    09/05/2018 12:18 PM

    Every taken anything out of a swamp? You grip the object, and pull upward, and in less than second of time, the swamp fills in the late void before your eyes can focus, as if nothing prior to the lift occurred. So it is in Washington DC. Trump was paying dues to the Rinos of his own party, with his appointment of Sessions. All Rinos are creatures of the swamp!, and now Trump is paying the political price to the good old boys network. The next atty General, should be a cross of a pit bull, and Attila the Hun, some one who gets a grip and never lets go, until all of it comes out of the swamp and wash down with the brilliance and cleanse of bright political sunshine.

  • Amelia Little

    09/05/2018 12:05 PM

    There are too many RINO's in Washington. And, too many Republicans who are afraid of their own shadows--or at least afraid of what the media (so who cares about the media?) will spin, and afraid people will really believe the Democrats when they say they will convince that any time the government shuts down--it's the Republican's fault. How come we don't hear any of them standing up to defend why they won't (or at least shouldn't) capitulate to Democrats' demands. Point out the parts of a bill or issue that the Democrats refuse to compromise on, and why that would be a rational reason for the Republicans to not vote their way? Of course, some may have stood up, but we know msm wouldn't report on it, but I don't recall any conservative outlets reporting, either.

    And, perhaps part of the problem is, there are those who might not be RINO's but have been in Washington for so many years they don't want to lose their prestige, their perks, their--you pat my back, I'll pat yours good ol' boy--stance (even though the Republicans pat away, and the Democrats don't return the favor, once they get their way.) Time for term limits. Unless the current Republicans grow a spine, get over their huff about a non-politician being our President I don't suppose anything will come of any of the pretend investigations into any corruption in the current obama/hilary/obama's FBI and DOJ, etc etc etc.

  • Joe Kunkle

    09/05/2018 11:54 AM

    The dragging out of Muller's Russia witch-hunt and Session's failure to deal with it has been very frustrating, but it has served an unintended, potentially very good purpose. It has served to expose more thoroughly the deep state corruption and many who are involved in the REAL criminal activities behind it all! While we have been wringing our hands and hoping for an end to it, God is smiling and saying, "Just be patient, the chickens will come home to roost!"

  • Don Crumbley

    09/05/2018 11:29 AM

    AMEN Governor!

  • Maryanne Kelly Hand

    09/05/2018 11:20 AM

    As usual, you always nail on the head. we so appreciate all your letters and witt along with the truth.Truth hurts, so why not, when appropriate add a anecdote or humor, as you do so well.
    As far as Sessions, totally in agreement with you, he needs to go.
    And bring from the South, I was raised with the best in manners, community service,church and family. However, when a time comes, my dear parents>[father WWII vet/mother also helped out](my best friends) would say. " when it time to call a spade a spade, you have to do it" . (they enjoyed poker and bridge) You are wasting precious time when the job needs doing either do your job or say you need help or get your fannty out!
    And as far as a gentlemen anothet lesson. You can still find a way to put someone in their place, with poise. But sometimes a bit of point of inflection with a few choice words might be necessary. it's to make a point. we will not walked over or made a fool or takem advantage of . Our slow draw dies not mean we are not quick thinkers and smart as a whip.
    Once again, he can not do his job. out he goes.
    I know, if Trump were to do it now or earlier it would get become another weapon or conspiracy.
    We might need some Krassness, I hate to say.
    Trump is great at what he does because he is brave and strong balanced with a big heart, not being afraid to pull the punches when necessary. It seems me that someone working so very hard to help us all, I repeat all Americans[of many colors and heritage) woyld not have to constantly be beaten down as he ans his family are.
    we thank you for your support. And your daughter Sarah is the best. She got so much from you! I know you are proud. thank her for us.

  • Royce Humphreys

    09/05/2018 11:19 AM

    Mike, I met you in NW Iowa during the 2016 presidential campaign and enjoy your thoughtful writing each day. I am amazed at the left's unhinged tactics and find myself so disgusted to see them unable to listen to other views and continually degrade the institutions which make the USA the greatest place to live and thrive. I hope and pray the this witch hunt on the Mueller investigation will soon come to and end. Jeff Sessions has become a huge disappointment along with the lack of promise by Huber and his investigation or lack thereof. Keep up the positive fight and support of people like us in flyover country as I do believe we are winning in this seemingly crazy political madness exhibited on the left. I am so proud of your daughter and her amazing ability to stay above the fray refreshing each day. Her ability to swat each rude reporter with facts is amazing. in discussions with a wide array of friends, we support you! Continue the good fight in exposing the left's bad behavior!