August 7, 2021

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  • Bible Verse of the Day - Matthew 19:14
  • Over The Target In Rhode Island
  • Hot Gas
  • Today’s Rotten Easter Eggs Hidden in the “Infrastructure” Bill
  • Politicized Sports Moments
  • America The Beautiful
  • Ohio Special Election
  • Podcast Episode 73


Mike Huckabee


14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 19:14

Over The Target In Rhode Island

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s how you know you’re over the target: Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas wanted to know what her daughter was being taught in kindergarten, so she asked for a copy of the public school curriculum, which she has a right to see. For some reason, they refused to hand over the document. That made her suspicious, so she starting filing Freedom of Information Act requests for more documents. They fought those, and even tried to make her go away by billing her $74,000 for their alleged efforts at having to compile those documents.

Now, the powerful teachers’ union, the National Education Association-Rhode Island, has declared full-out war on Solas and is suing her, claiming they’re trying to protect “private” information. But the emails Solas is seeking were sent on public school servers, which makes them public record (anyone else getting a Hillary Clinton vibe here?) For the record, the NEA backs teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools and boasts that its president, Becky Pringle, is a “fierce social justice warrior.”

Bryan Preston at PJ Media has lots more details at this link:

If the intent was to try to intimidate Solas into backing down, it didn’t work. She’s now represented by the Goldwater Institute, and her response to the NEA lawsuit was, “Game on.” If they were trying to hide public information from FOIA requests, then they’re not going to enjoy the discovery phase of this lawsuit.

Sounds like the self-flattering “social justice warriors” are about to discover what a truly fierce warrior looks like. And by that, I mean a mom who’s being told that she has no right to know what’s being taught to her kid.

Hot Gas

By Mike Huckabee

If I told you that the Biden White House’s “climate czar” John Kerry spews a lot of hot gas, you probably wouldn’t be surprised. But I mean it literally, and here’s precisely how much hot gas he spews.

Today’s Rotten Easter Eggs Hidden in the “Infrastructure” Bill

By Mike Huckabee

Among the many nasty surprises buried in the 2700-page “barebones” compromise “infrastructure” bill is a provision to establish a pilot program to examine the feasibility of a national, per-mile “user fee” on all motorists – i.e., a tax on every mile you drive (since Biden hasn’t made driving expensive enough already.)

Democrats are trying to brush off questions about this by claiming it’s not a tax hike, it’s just to study the possibility of a mileage tax in the future that might not ever be imposed. If you think that Democrats will go to that much trouble to workshop a big new tax and then not impose it, I have some oceanfront property in Kansas I’d like to sell you.

Here’s more waste stuffed into that bill…

It also includes a piddling $1 billion for a commission headed by Sen. Joe Manchin’s wife…

And blogger Lawrence Person also lists some not-very-infrastructurey items hidden in that bill, from state-mandated carbon reduction programs to racial quotas on broadband.

Person also includes this quote, which every Republican who supports this bill should be required to respond to, from two researchers at the Texas Public Policy Foundation: “It has just $110 billion, or less than 10% (of its spending), for what’s historically been considered infrastructure – roads and bridges. The other 90% is to fund mass transit waste, green energy nonsense and more items that the states or the private sector could do.”

I often wonder, if leftists are really that concerned about carbon emissions, why don’t they stop burning massive piles of our tax money?

Politicized Sports Moments

By Mike Huckabee

You might not want to hear anything about the US Olympic women’s soccer team, but you should see this story about star player Carli Lloyd. Considering the pressure she must be under, this took guts. Let’s hope she inspires others to start literally “standing up” against political demonstrations in sports, so that sports can get back to being something that we all enjoy together instead of one more thing that divides us.

Not that some politicized sports moments aren’t truly great and inspiring. Congratulations to the Taiwan duo who won the gold in badminton, meaning that for the first time in history, Chinese athletes had to stand during the playing of Taiwan’s national anthem and the raising of Taiwan’s flag.

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Wind Cave National Park, visit its website here.

Ohio Special Election

By Mike Huckabee

In a special election in Ohio’s 15th Congressional district, Trump-backed candidate Mike Carey beat 11 others for the Republican nomination, which in that red district pretty much means he’ll win the seat.

But the most interesting news is who didn’t win. At least two candidates described as “conservative environmentalists” were backed by leftist mega-donors George Soros and Tom Steyer. It was seen as a trial stealth effort to see if they could fool GOP voters into “flipping” a safe seat without realizing it.

It didn’t work: one candidate dropped out before the vote and the other came in fourth with 12.6%. But as Seton Motley at points out, Republicans now know that far-left power brokers are trying to meddle in GOP primaries to elect their candidates in red hats. It means from now on, Republicans will have to be even more careful to research the backgrounds of candidates before they mark their ballots.

Podcast Episode 73

On this week's bonus episode of "The People's Podcast," Jeremy Adams (author of "Hollowed Out") joins Governor Huckabee for a candid conversation about critical race theory and other worrisome trends in America's schools.


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Comments 1-10 of 29

  • Jo Holland

    08/09/2021 10:41 AM

    Would you address WHY one woman, who was never a politician, single handedly, was successful in removing prayer from every school in the United States of America and we have Republican politicians (paid by "we the people") who cannot accomplish one thing? Where is the Republican Party and why can they not make enough noise to hinder this insanity from Nancy Pelosi and her liberal Socialist crew? Why are Republican "politicians" afraid of Democrats? Why can't they stand together as one? The Dems stand together even tho they're wrong and the Republicans just lie down and get walked on!!

    Jo Holland

  • Joan Kugler

    08/08/2021 11:21 PM

    Just reading what might be included in the infrastructure bill and this quote jumped out at me:
    Reducing traffic congestion by disincentivizing single-occupant vehicle trips and facilitating “the use of alternatives” like public transportation, shared or pooled vehicle trips, “pedestrian facilities,” and “bicycle facilities” within the state. Welcome to flyover country Mr. Biden. Most of us don't have the opportunity to share or pool vehicle trips or use alternative public transportation because we live in rural areas where it is impossible! So yes, our mileage is probably more than others and of course, again we are going to pay more tax to use our vehicles as our only mode of transportation. When will Washington wake up to what and who our country is made up of????

  • Gary Beeson

    08/08/2021 02:34 PM

    I am having a problem with your daily newsletter. when I click on any of the links in the newsletter I get a server error. any ideas? thanks gb

  • Jj

    08/08/2021 11:24 AM

    Will Americans be required to carry paperwork like Hitler did when he led Germany into its horrible lifestyle are we as Americans going put up with hitlers ideas?

  • Jerry

    08/08/2021 11:19 AM

    What does China and America’s leadership have in common? Both are spreading the China virus Biden is spreading it in our country and xi has spread his virus throughout the world

  • Jerry

    08/08/2021 09:25 AM

    I do not give an Adam shitff if Obama is having a birthday party if he wants 6000 guest so be it don’t dare restrict Americans the freedom of gathering without proof of a vaccination to fend off the Wuhan virus it’s a personal decision Biden is importing the China virus and other diseases like conceal and carry a weapon people have to defend themselves against the China virus it’s their decision to vaccination or not so Americans party on just know the dangers

  • Bruce Obermeyer

    08/07/2021 04:24 PM

    The safety and efficacy of the "Covid vaccines." Governor, you are being lied to. Every day more and more reports manage to break through the censorship to prove that the experimental mRNA gene therapy drug is more dangerous than the Covid virus, which appears to be less dangerous than the annual flu. Here is one more.

    Stunning Covid report from Israel…
    The Vaccinated account for 95% of severe hospitalizations…


    "Effectiveness of the vaccine is really fading"#novax#vaccinated

    — Julian Conradson (@JCConradson) August 7, 2021

    Dr. Kobi Haviv, Director of Jerusalem Hospital

    Vaccinated account for 95% of severe Covid hospitalizations.

    ‘Vaccine effectiveness is fading.’

  • Jerry

    08/07/2021 03:55 PM

    The women Olympic soccer team soiled it selves with disrespect for the country it lives in that alone tells the low self esteem it has for themselves it would be appropriate for them to denounce citizenship from the U S and apply to be a member of the CCP I denounce them and sub way

  • Mike Carey

    08/07/2021 03:31 PM

    Today I decided several things regarding my political/America beliefs.... After seeing 17 REPUBLICAN moronic Senators coming out in support of the Left's NON_Infrastructure bill crafted by the Left, I am leaving the Republican Party, switching to non-affiliated/Independent and will no longer send dollars to the Republican Party. YES, I support Trump and his agenda and despise all that the Left represents, but giving money to the idiotic GOP with the possibility of my money going to the 17 RINOS would be stupid on my part. Trump YES, GOP NO. Plain and simple. While RINOS Romney, Collins and Murkowski are blatantly not Republicans, at least they are open about it. These other 14 non-Republican shills are snakes in the grass, now being forced to show their 'wolf in sheep clothing' for all to see.
    I encourage all to be selective in who gets their support and send a message to the 17 RINOS that their corrupt anti-American policies will not be supported by true Americans assuming we can get a fair election to toss these bums out.
    Fed up with GOP.

  • Judy Kilmartin

    08/07/2021 02:18 PM

    Dear Governor,
    Hi just a quick note about the deaths reported in the Interior Department. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of these people. However for Interior Department Secretary Deb Haaland Representative to use their deaths for a political point about masking is disrespectful and dishonoring to their service to the country. I did a quick Go, Duck, Go search which said there are 70,000 employees in that department. My grandma would have called using deaths that way “common.” I guessed that would likely be in an upcoming Huckabee Briefing anyway. I thought I would mention it though. I will be writing the Interior Department next.
    I love your news briefings. They are well written and have great insights on what is happening. Thank you and your staff for the hard work.
    God bless,