January 3, 2019

You heard it here first (I predicted it with absolute certainty months ago): Nancy Pelosi has once again been elected Speaker of the House, to the surprise of absolutely nobody who knows how power works in Washington.  Forget all that righteous balloon juice from the Democratic freshmen, be they out-and-proud socialists or fake “moderate centrists.”  Like brash freshmen “revolutionaries” down through the ages, when it came time to show their bravado in front of the senior class, they wilted like week-old lettuce. 

Only 15 Democrats voted against Pelosi.  Most were freshmen from swing districts who must have figured that breaking their campaign promises to oppose her would cause them more grief than crossing her – it probably wouldn’t, although I’m fairly sure she privately gave them her permission to publicly “oppose” her as part of the political game.  Even so, as if to make clear their lack of seriousness, some voted for “opponents” who aren’t even in the House, such as Joe Biden or Georgia Democratic gubernatorial sore loser, Stacey Abrams.  Three profiles in courage left their ballots blank and one failed to show up at all.

So now Speaker Pelosi gets to try to ride herd over a House that is the political equivalent of a kindergarten class that’s had way too much sugar and is throwing an epic temper tantrum, hurling toys at their elders and demanding everyone else's birthday cake. On her very first day, she’ll be forced to deal with the hotheads who have been howling for Trump’s impeachment since the nano-second they realized he’d won and who now have a government platform to make their doomed and self-immolating dream come true.

Check out the link for her interview with NBC’s “Today,” where she gives a masterful example to trying to thread the needle by leaving the door open for Trump to be impeached to keep those sweet donations rolling in from the unhinged left, while maintaining a “wait and see” attitude that none of the unruly toddlers she’s trying to mollify have any patience for.

If her charges in this socialist Romper Room can’t understand that derailing the economy, ignoring the people’s business and showing contempt for democracy by trying to overthrow a duly-elected President out of nothing but sheer partisan pique will poison the Democrats among swing voters while not removing Trump from office (even with Mitt Romney, there is not going to be a two-thirds vote to remove him in the GOP Senate) and only boosting his support, maybe she could explain it to them on a level they can actually understand.  Try a “Star Wars” reference: 

If you strike him down, he shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine. 


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  • Rafael A Salaz

    01/06/2019 11:05 PM

    Nancy Pelosi must have some black mail on the House Democrats along with some others . No one with good sense would go along with all the out of bounds and worthless time wasting agenda’s she has dreamed up to attack President Trump. That Cortez woman is a poison also. This is total socializim , and maybe some communism.

  • Lula Broome

    01/06/2019 06:20 AM

    I am already so sick of Pelosi, Shumer and the other ridiculous Dems! They absolutely make no common sense in the direction they want to lead our country. Medicare for all???? Give me a break!!!!! NO WALL??????? I guarantee if an accurate poll was done of America citizen's, the largest percentage of us would want a wall built in every location to protect us from folks that are trying to cross our border. America has the right way and the wrong way of doing things and breaking the law is definitely not the right way! I do not always like the way that President Trump leads us but I can promise you one thing...….I WILL PULL FOR HIM ANY DAY OVER ANY DEMOCRAT!!!!

    In God We Trust,

    Lu Broome

  • Susan Cross

    01/05/2019 07:19 PM

    It is a sad day when grown people are so petty. Many countries have walls. Many people have walls around their homes. I think there is hate in some of the people running this country. Build the wall for goodness sake.

  • Diane rowlands

    01/04/2019 07:38 PM

    The Dems are stupid. They are wasting the taxpayers money, they’ll never impeach trump.

  • Karen.Johnson

    01/04/2019 07:04 PM

    Thank you to all our leaders thank you for your strong support for our president

  • Jan W Nahorski

    01/04/2019 06:32 PM

    Where in the Constitution does it say you can impeach a President because 'we don't like him'? Geez, get a grip and start being an American!

  • Dusty Hickey

    01/04/2019 05:58 PM

    Pelosi and her group today after meeting Pres Trump Looked old and has beens. I can say this I am old 76 retire go away and let the younger take over and try to clean up this mess. Pres Trump has been trying to bring back our jobs good ones? Why are the Demos fighting and acting like he is the worst evil today? Ask those who now have back jobs and more to come. This Muslim Rep from Michigan what is she talking about and using foul language at the Pres. Is she intelligent enough to use the words to try to explain what he has done wrong? Her state lost millions of good paying jobs overseas for years. Does she live near Detroit and Flint. Detroit a city that died when all the auto industry went overseas and Flint horrible water and no one cared ? None of this was per Pres Trump? where were the DEMOS as jobs went per NAFTA SIGNED BY Pres Clinton and more companies said super pay low wages overseas and make big bucks. So it went. This Pres has seen this? What did Obama do to change this? ZERO! He went to Flint drank some water and said okay.and it was not. What did he Pres Obama do about Chicago his adopted town and killings not much WHY NOT? Does anyone have any doubt yes that you Pelosi are so stupid and so rich and not know about the jobs out here and helping the Middle Class again. . Who honestly voted for this new HOUSE. The suburbs and now the stock market goes south and if so does your life style? STOP the illegals enough on millions here now and the low pay jobs they work for. Stand strong for a wall and secure our country.

  • Linda Kirk

    01/04/2019 05:13 PM

    I can not believe what’s going on in Washington. We have elected a bunch of cry babies who don’t care about why they were elected but have gone off the deep end to get their way and take revenge on Trump. I left the Democratic Party years ago because I can no longer condone their platform. As a Christian it is hard to know how to vote . Just have to bathe it in prayer. Used to see you visiting people at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock while you were Governor in Arkansas. You have always remained true to your beliefs.

  • Bob Fry

    01/04/2019 05:03 PM

    This is so sad the American people have made a huge mistake. The most important thing for them is to attack our president. While watching the swearing in ceremonies I wondered if they even hear the words being read. I think we will see a circus with lots of clowns Lord willing the people will see what is really what the democratic party really is about. The hate that they have for our president is first and foremost with socialism coming in second. Lord help us to pray and vote.

  • Ch.Bonnie Baker

    01/04/2019 04:38 PM

    Return to prayer walking

  • Don Chenault

    01/04/2019 03:44 PM

    never underestimate aloha nancy and slimey schumer,, dimms will break ANY laws to get rid of Pres Trump. will know
    more if Pres Trump releases all the hidden documents by fbi and doj.. Pres Trump the only one who may be smart
    enough and have the courage to fight them and win. Pres Trump army and fellow soldiers is very small

  • Jerry Korba

    01/04/2019 03:15 PM

    To save your sanity I suggest that the normal people of this country take a couple of months off from watching the main stream TV opinion programs what U are going to see is a reenactment of the Judge K hearings if U think that was brought to you by the lowlife Democratic Judicial committee add the Pelosi Schumer and the freshmen no class class add mitt the loser Romney to the list what your going to get is rotting garbage these are not lawmakers they are running their agenda that does not include a benefit for our country just look at where we were 10 years ago these people want us to stay there high taxes government programs to keep our citizens dependent on our tax dollar and our country's security. Take away the platform of the media stop the grandstanding maybe they would actually go to work. Do not count on it they have not done a honest days work yet doubt they will change. Look at Romney all he did was destroy business what's he up to now you guessed it destroy business. He is like a thistle in a nice green grass lawn like the thistle dig the root out hope it doesn't come back he is a disaster.

  • Barbara Grissom

    01/04/2019 03:10 PM

    As a Christian nation how can we vote in people like the Muslims and why do the Democrats hate trump so much when you look at what he’s done and the changes he’s made they’re all good for our country is like the Democrats won our country just to fall And become like a Nother Third World country

  • Dave McCommons

    01/04/2019 01:59 PM

    I agree with you whole heatedly, but we conservatives have watched the exact same thing from our party. I remember they all voted to get rid of Obama Care and then when the time came to put up or shut up when they had a President to sign a bill they chose to shut up and slink off in a corner. That is the problem with Washington they have nothing but hypocrites running the asylum. Maybe if they spent a bit more time working and get off the cable news networks something could be accomplished. Like today the FOX show Outnumbered had as the man outnumbered Rep. Gaetz from Florida, when they first introduced him my first thought was we are in day two of the new Congress why isn't he working. I am sure their was something he could be doing besides appearing on a cable news show in the middle of a work day. I feel this all the more when I see he sits on 3 committees but he has nothing else to do? Just disgusted with the whole mess in Washington and I was one that came back around with Trump but I feel their is no hope even with an outsider.

  • Rebecca Overton

    01/04/2019 01:38 PM

    Other than we are supposed to be a Representative Republic, NOT a Democracy, your piece is good. The fact that Congress had 40 newly elected seats, 2 of them being Mohammedens which should be forbidden - with their insults to the Bible, our flag, our President and way of life the Pelosi-ites will continue to destroy the Republic.

    It breaks my heart and increases my disgust level that no one apparently has the courage to stop this. I grew up in DC politics..... We no longer live in what I knew.

    Living in AZ now and having lived all over this country and in the UK, I'd love the opportunity to talk with you at length about it all. Wishing you and yours a prosperous and healthy New year.

  • Gregory D Rowland

    01/04/2019 01:16 PM

    Dear Mr. Huckabee,
    I appreciate your reporting on Washington. I know I can count on you to give a solid, truthful, conservative report on the activities there!
    Keep up the good work as we battle the evil that continues to encroach our country. We have a hope and one day we will get to "leave it to 'em" to destroy until Christ returns to clean up!
    Greg Rowland

  • Mike Fiedler

    01/04/2019 12:30 PM

    If there is Royalty in this country, it seems to be in Nancy Pelosi's own mind. She needs to be reminded that she is a
    servant of the People, and who she works for!
    As far as Mitt Romney goes, that is sad... I actually voted for him, but now I understand why he lost.. Others saw what
    I didn't then..... Pitiful...

  • willliam haupt

    01/04/2019 12:06 PM

    It has become quite apparent we no longer have a government that is for the people or citizens of this country. We have a government that is for law breakers, i.e. illegal immigrants. We no longer have a government that believes in the very laws they pass. We no longer have a government that works to make things better for the tax payers. It comes to the point I wonder why I vote for republicans, because they never seem to have any guts, and seem to cave every time to the liberal dems. Our country is in deep trouble and I feel bad for the future for my kids and grand kids.

  • Crystal Fenton

    01/04/2019 12:05 PM

    You can't reason with the Devil's sycophants any more than you can reason with the Devil…

  • Shauna dickerson

    01/04/2019 11:48 AM

    I thought it might be entertaining watching Pelosi in action. But I'm already very tired of her. I may have to give up all the news and that means also, FB.

  • Ralph Burcham

    01/04/2019 11:46 AM

    President Trump has had my full support until he shut down the Federal Government. The "shut down" has affected so many people in a negative way; this could well be his defeat if he runs again. Ralph Burcham

  • Robin Dupre

    01/04/2019 11:33 AM

    I am so sick to death about all of this nonsense! I love the way you wrote this today! They are like spoiled rotten little toddlers throwing tantrums!
    I keep in mind always that the enemy is either in control of this or at least cheering on all of these immature, spoiled children who are obviously his and not His.....They need prayer ....however, I also feel there is only so much we can do for people like this. Some of them don't want to change so we need to just let them be. How very sad.
    Our world certainly looks to me to be closer to the end days and satan is having a blast! So let's all keep this in mind during these most difficult days and keep our President of the United States of America in prayer and lifted up always! I am amazed at his strength! Thank You Lord for putting him in charge of our country!!!

  • Ron Besse

    01/04/2019 11:22 AM

    This morning after reading all of the raza-ma-taz about Pelosi I decided for the first time ever I would actually contact someone in Congress. Much to my surprise you can't send a message to the Speaker of the House unless you actually live in the 12th Congressional District. Apparently she gets way to many emails, phone calls, etc. in her district to accept any outside comments. I wanted her to know that a insignificant deplorable from Shawnee, Oklahoma supports a border wall and it is the undisputed responsibility of the President to protect our borders by whatever means necessary. We can't allow thousands of undocumented, unvetted, aliens to crash our borders.

  • Karen Tench

    01/04/2019 11:17 AM

    They have absolutely no proof of any wrong doing from Trump. No evidence. So how can they impeach him if they have nothing to go on?

  • Susan G.Wingfield

    01/04/2019 11:08 AM

    I appreciate everything you have to say. Keep it up. We all need to hear it. If any cannot agree with you then that is their right, but I agree with you and then some.
    Thank you for being faithful to God and to your faith and to your listeners.
    By the way, I have watched your TV show and it is really a happy show and informative as well.
    May God continue to guide you to speak out and give you all the courage you need to do so.
    Your follower, Susan