July 8, 2019

Trump’s celebration of American greatness actually prompted his critics, who oppose everything he says and does with the reflexive predictability of Pavlov’s dog, to spend the Fourth of July badmouthing America and attacking the Founding Fathers and even one Mother (Betsy Ross.)  That's a great way to win over American voters.  You know, it would have been perfectly acceptable to simply agree with Trump this one time that America really is great – but that would have required them to publicly agree with Trump and to admit that America is great.  At this point, I’m not sure which one would stick in their throats worse.

You know the Democrats have gone around the bend and over the cliff when you see more old fashioned, flag-waving, pro-American patriotism in Dubai than you'll get from any Democrat running for President.



As Americans head back to work, (and there’s lots of work to do: in June, 224,000 non-farm jobs were created, 64,000 more than economists predicted), I’d like to take today to recap some stories that occurred while we were all out watching fireworks and wearing our Betsy Ross flag T-shirts (available for only a few more days as an “In your face, Nike and Kaepernick” special from Nine Line Apparel, a veteran-owned company creating American jobs:

And here are some of the great organizations for vets that they support:

Speaking of that, among the big holiday newsmakers was former pro football player-turned-professional grievance monger Colin Kaepernick, whose feelings of triggerdom over the nonexistent association of Betsy Ross’s first American flag with slavery and oppression caused Nike (apparently now run by Kaepernick) to yank a patriotic line of shoes with that flag off the market. As one clever meme put it, Nike is suffering from "Colin cancer."

This story was notable not only for its sheer idiocy but as a remarkable example of how quickly the left can now concoct a spurious anti-American narrative, the media will trumpet it as if it’s true and always has been, and suddenly, anyone who questions it is put on the defensive. 

And so, within days, we already had “fact-checking” sites like spinning like ballerinas to try to justify the slander of the Betsy Ross flag…



MSNBC trotted out Georgetown University “Professor” Michael Eric Dyson to call the flag a “hate symbol” and compare flying it on the 4th of July to wearing swastikas and burning crosses (FYI: Sending your kid to GU to be exposed to this kind of wisdom will set you back about $53,000 a year.  Two words: “trade school.”)

Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review also noticed the scary rapidity with which we moved from outrageous claim about a patriotic symbol to corporations, major media outlets and presidential candidates all jumping on the anti-American bandwagon without a second (or even first) thought. “Beto” O’Rourke and Julian Castro were particularly noteworthy for the impenetrable quality of their woke gibberish on the subject:

I could say more about the stupidity of this claim and back it up with quotes from the Founders, but Marta Hernandez at the Victory Girls blog already did a wonderfully entertaining job of that, so I’ll just link to her:

Let us hope that now that the tactics are so obvious and the complaints so blatantly ridiculous that more Americans will find their voices and start standing up, not only during the National Anthem but standing up and fighting back when symbols of America’s greatness are attacked by unpatriotic and uninformed ingrates.  I’m happy to say that my friend Dr. Alveda King is among those leading the way:





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  • Managed Services

    07/12/2019 02:34 AM

    This is some great things about Managed Services and Managed Network Services

  • R. Fred Howard

    07/10/2019 10:57 AM

    Trump's '4th of July Celebration' could not have been more Patriotic and fitting for celebrating our Nation's Christian Heritage and the wining of our Independence from a Godless World in the Mid. 18th Century. Our Nation has reached the average life span (about 250 years) of other Nations that were founded, built, and sustained, for a period of time, on Christian Principals and Foundational Truths. History is repeating as hostile forces are ripping our once United "Christian" Nation apart to make it what it is not ... a Muslim - Socialist State. The same union of hostile ideologies tried to accomplish the same thing in the 1930s and '40s but was defeated. Our World's Judaeo - Christian Alliance is strong and powerful, however, it is being undermined from within our own National Boundaries using our Guaranteed Freedoms & Democracy to divide and eventually outlive and outvote our aging society. Unfortunately, much of our New Generation does not share our Christian Principals and Conviction and too many times rebel like the Athletes mention in Mike's article this evening.

    What can or must we, who remain loyal to God's promise, do to once again save our Christian Nation from Evil? He has given me a way but few will listen. He had to break me in every way to get my attention so I would listen to 'His Call' and prepare a way. Is anyone curious?

  • Stephen Russell

    07/09/2019 11:46 AM

    Tariff trade victim: Placed order for a Mini Refrig from US made Sears to Avanti via Sears to find my order delayed since placed 6-24 due to Tariffs?
    Will get Mini refrig on 7-12?
    All due to tariffs.
    Im confused.
    Order placed 6-17, told to get by 6-24, Nothing, then told to get from 7-2 to 7-9.
    Nothing, No one could explain delay
    For Mini Home Refrig Unit sold online.

  • Virginia Sherk

    07/09/2019 11:31 AM

    The more evil pushes people to so blatantly protest our patriotism, the stronger we become. God takes evil and uses it for good. He never fails.

  • Sandra Fortenberry

    07/09/2019 09:17 AM

    Things that concern me: (1) National debt (22 trillion dollars and counting). (2) Lack of retirement planning for the majority of Americans. (3) Record credit card spending among Americans. (4) Americans living paycheck to paycheck. (5) Our crumbling infrastructure. (6) A political system that has deteriorated into "every man/women for himself/herself", i.e. personal gain and partisanship. Need term limits. (7) Personal debt of young people including student debt due to lack of personal responsibility and poor decision-making. (8) The invasion at the southern border. Thankfully, Hillary Clinton was defeated which slowed the decline, but there is much more to be done than can possibly be done given the current political climate.

  • Anita McCurdy

    07/09/2019 06:31 AM

    Dearest Governor Huckabee,
    As Fort Wayne residents, we are Conservatives and love God and Jesus! Gov. Huckabee, you are are a refreshing author and commentator! My husband and many of our conservative friends marvel at your quick wit and how you cleverly, as well as brilliantly, you draw your readers into the main point! You lay it out, then you elaborate and use fun examples to describe while making very colorful, practical, honest, and truthful points! Your readers, including me, turn to your newsletters daily because we understand them and very much appreciate what you share. Sometimes as we listen to commentators or talk hosts (FOX always, AON often... but we resort to on-line honest reporting mostly, if we're not into evening FOX News, including Hannity, Ingraham Angle, and Tucker and YOU, we are reading and studying honest reporting. Also, when I am traveling, I like to take the time to sit and read what YOU are sharing, because you lay it out in honest, straightforward terms, and that is what we crave and deserve. Thank you so much for that! My husband & I are are God-loving, Truth seeking, moral Christians. There is nothing more important than knowing that when we read daily updates, that we are getting exactly what is happening all around us in this politically-insane world that seems to be spiraling downward more each day. Always-- we look at current events from an eternal perspective. Truthfulness is needed and appreciated!
    May God richly bless you and your family! We sorely miss dear Sara, but are thrilled that she can now be home with her precious family. She was wonderful in that position! And we know that she is a wonderful mom, daughter, wife and more. We also dearly love our beloved President and support his wise and courageous decisions. We know without a doubt, that God, in His Sovereignty put DJT in the WH to defend the millions of people of this nation and build relationships and trust all over the globe; to expose truth and what is really happening, and not push it under a rug! Relationships take time and trust and respect. Even the liberals need this great Big President, but they may never 'get that', sadly and tragically. Keep up the great work for all of us, and keep those emails coming. May you and yours be blessed!

  • Bernadette Dillon

    07/09/2019 12:05 AM

    Anybody putting down this country on July 4th should be immediately barred from serving another day in Congress!

  • Christopher Wagener

    07/08/2019 11:19 PM

    These uneducated morons will not prevail. Knowledge is power. God is sovereign and will not be mocked. Victory is in Jesus CHRIST.

  • Hal Smith

    07/08/2019 11:04 PM

    California has renamed the San Andreas Fault to Trumps Fault.

  • Kelly Thomas

    07/08/2019 10:44 PM

    Rush Limbaugh's Web Store now has Betsy Ross Flag T-Shirts.

  • Robert Dimlich

    07/08/2019 10:00 PM

    It is amazing how people can hate the best. The United States, as we well know, is not perfect; but it still is the best.

  • Ronald Gustine

    07/08/2019 08:06 PM

    Dear Mike I know you don't know me and I do enjoy your program.
    I would like to see you have Rev Elijah P Lovejoy as one of your heroes. He was murdered in Alton, Illinois 11/7/1837 for publishing about the evils of slavery. His presses were thrown in the Mississippi and he was murdered the nigh his third press was thrown in the Mississippi. He didn't have the Army to defend his right to publish. How about you and Dr. Alveda King coming to his grave site in Alton. He died for his belief that people by God's decree should be free. There is a lot of material on the web about the preacher. Maybe you can find some of his printed material and make it know.
    a retired preacher, Ron Gustine

  • Charlotte Brees

    07/08/2019 07:46 PM

    I am so tired of the leftists attacking our country, even its history. Slavery is part of our history. It's not right, but back in the day, it was an accepted practice. We, in our country & other countries, have progressed. We no longer stone to death people caught in adultrey. We don't cut off hands of thieves. We don't castrate "unfit" males. However, there are countries that still practice slavery in several different forms. Some countries kill people that don't believe the "national religion". I could keep going on, but why. We in the United States of America, have progressed out of that history. We can be proud if the many good things & good people in our history. Some of our founders had salves. So what! If they were alive now, they wouldn't. They would have progressed right along with the rest of us. Those far left critics of our country should thank God they live here & not in one of those countries that still practice all the things they complain about from our past history. They should be quiet & work hard to make our country better & not work to send it back to the dark ages. President Trump has done very well considering what the Obama administration left him. Our country, the US, is the greatest in the world. It's the only country founded on the belief that we can worship God as we believe or not believe & that HE has given us God-given rights that NO ONE has the right to take away (& there are many who keep trying to take those from us). I just hope the people of this country wake up & realize what some people are trying to do to us before it's too late. I, for one, do not want to lose my God-give rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. Wake up America!!!!

  • Keethlyn Fletcher

    07/08/2019 07:40 PM

    It's hard to fathom how low people can sink. I am an American Patriot. I think it's time for all American Patriots to send a message to the anti Americans in this country to change course or get out. This country has made a lot of them millionaires and yet they continue to speak against this great nation. If you are not for our country and our flag then you need to relocate to any country that will take you.

  • william fuhrer

    07/08/2019 06:45 PM

    REPUBLICANS RULE!Kaerpnick is the person and Nike are politically INCORRECT

  • Jerry Korba

    07/08/2019 06:43 PM has been a cesspool of a University and we have many more just like it. You are correct after a stint at these out of touch organizations the kids that went need to to be deprogramed some will make a few bucks after maybe paying back 200k for a brain washed ideology . With Idiot in Charge Dyson spewing hate with every breath he breathes tells U all U need to know about his maggot eaten soul. The Devil owns this creep.

  • Carol Clark

    07/08/2019 06:40 PM

    Very good article Mr Huckabee. When I read your 2nd paragraph, “You know the dems have gone around the bend and over the cliff when you see more old fashioned, flag-waving, pro American patriotism......”. It reads similar to a Twitter post I reposted from Jack Posobeic referring to the dems going over the cliff in which I was banned from Twitter bc they said I was opposing their rules by encouraging people to commit suicide. What a joke. I haven’t decided whether to go back or not.

  • Amelia Little

    07/08/2019 05:46 PM

    Thank you for the links to Marta Hernandez of Victory Girls and to Dr. King.

    I also think Kelley O'Hara of the American soccer team should be recognized for her rescuing the American Flag that was mistreated by a team mate! Funny, there were headlines all over the place about--lookie at these women--hurrah for dissing President Trump and America!!! It was hard to find the note about Kelley O'Hara, though.

  • Helen Sustachek

    07/08/2019 05:40 PM

    PETA human babies and people are being killed every day!