October 4, 2018

Sen. Cory Booker made it abundantly clear what kind of “fundamental change” America will undergo if he and like-“thinking” “Progressives” get their paws on the levers of power: one in which not only basic Constitutional due process rights but also bedrock standards of fairness and decency are all flushed down the toilet in the name of political gamesmanship. 

In a bizarre rant, Booker denounced Judge Kavanaugh for showing understandable anger at having his reputation and family attacked by shocking, last-minute, unverified allegations and claimed that showed he doesn’t have the “temperament” for the job (even though his judicial temperament has never been criticized during years on the bench.)  That would be laughable enough coming from someone who represents a state in the US Senate yet behaves like an unbridled jackass during Supreme Court confirmation hearings, comparing himself to Spartacus for his courage in revealing classified documents that aren’t really classified. 

But Booker took it a step further, giving away the entire Democratic strategy with his flabbergasting statement that ultimately, this is not about “whether he is innocent or guilty.”  It’s about “this moral moment” and whether he’s fit for the office, based on the accusations and his angry reaction to them.

I have a degree in religion, spent a year studying at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary and was the pastor of two churches, yet I’m having a hard time identifying anything resembling a “moral moment” in slandering someone with unprovable and undisprovable charges and denying him the presumption of innocence, then declaring that it doesn’t even matter whether he’s guilty or innocent, he’s guilty because he got upset at seeing his reputation smeared and his family threatened.

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Now, I know a lot of people, when the question of morality comes up, start whining if you bring up the Christian Bible.  Atheists often insist that you don’t have to be a Christian to be moral, and point to ancient Greek and Roman philosophers to justify that they have moral codes.  Okay, let’s play on their sandlot:

At the link is a must-read article by Roger Kimball at PJ Media, laying out the entire desperate smear campaign against Kavanaugh, the deliberate incitement of a mindless mob frenzy by such self-proclaimed “moral” consciences of society as Cory Booker, and how it doesn’t even matter to them that the charges are collapsing before our eyes, all that matters is blocking his nomination.

As Kimbell aptly puts it, having slung mud all over the man, they now claim he’s too dirty to hold the office and we need someone cleaner – so they can sling mud all over the next nominee, who, like Kavanaugh, will be guilty of the only sin that matters: being nominated by Donald Trump, whom they hate with the heat of a thousand suns for beating them in an election. 

This is the quote that Booker and all his reprehensible cohorts should be forced to memorize (and it’s not from the Bible, so the atheists can’t file a lawsuit.)  It’s by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, born over three centuries before Jesus Christ:

 “We praise a man who feels anger on the right grounds and against the right persons, and also in the right manner and at the right moment and for the right length of time.” Aristotle notes that those who do not get angry at things it is right to be angry at “are considered foolish.”

Brett Kavanaugh expressed anger for a couple of hours in a Senate hearing after his reputation had been smeared before the entire world with no evidence and his family threatened.  I think anyone would be foolish not to be angry at that, and I believe that if Cory Booker were accused of the same scurrilous things in the same way, he would be bouncing off the walls with rage and justifiably so. 

The moral standards that today’s Democratic leaders and all the Soros-funded mobs are trying to overthrow are so basic and immutable that they have been articulated since even before the time of Christ.  Let’s not allow November of 2018 to mark the moment when America empowers those who want us to abandon them.



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Comments 1-25 of 68

  • Kathy

    10/20/2018 11:10 AM

    Right On ! Yeah ! Mike , you put it in a nutshell !

  • Maria Croom

    10/14/2018 06:26 PM

    If God be for us who can be against us

  • Mary Swaim Mosley

    10/12/2018 12:27 PM

    I pray daily that conservatives will turn out in masses, either by mail-in, absentee, or at the poles for this upcoming election. Recognizing that the Bible tells us of the evil of end times; while we still have any voice about things--let us be vocal!

  • Fred Koegel

    10/11/2018 10:03 AM

    The heading should be "THIS MORON MOMENT" ! This Thug has no Morals !

  • Rj Price

    10/07/2018 08:46 PM

    No man's closet is empty of ghosts, but if another is determined to open it, so shall his closet be opened (or HER. Where is HER FBI investigation?).

  • Thomas Miller

    10/06/2018 01:17 PM

    I was one of those in the fence with Kavanaugh when the allegations came out. As the times will live in are destroyed by allegations. I waited to see his reactions to it. If he came out with a calm demeanor I would have said he is guilty but the anger and his stumbling words is what I would have done if accused of these things. They fact he lost his composure made me feel better. I do think the phrase “political hit job” should have stayed upsaid. Finally the world gets to see how democrats behave when they lose.

  • Lester Carroll White

    10/06/2018 09:56 AM

    Governor. Thank you for your many years of service to our Lord, and our Nation. God Bless your Awesome Daughter. If the the Judge hadn't gotten angry they would have said he was guilty because he didn't deny it vehemently enough.

  • Lester Carroll White

    10/06/2018 09:53 AM

    Governor. Thank you for your many years of service to our Lord, and our Nation. God Bless your Awesome Daughter. If the the Judge hadn't gotten angry they would have said he was guilty because he didn't deny it vehemently enough.

  • Lester Carroll White

    10/06/2018 09:52 AM

    Governor. Thank you for your many years of service to our Lord, and our Nation. God Bless your Awesome Daughter. If the the Judge hadn't gotten angry they would have said he was guilty because he didn't deny it vehemently enough.

  • Sue Keller

    10/06/2018 09:02 AM

    Wonderful illustration of the "feelings trump laws" mindset of the left as well as their use of circular logic.

  • Jeanie Thor

    10/06/2018 12:03 AM

    Today, Senator Susan Collins actually told the Senate how the process works, or should work. You take the information given, read it, study it, question the nominee about decisions he has made that you have questions about, and how he arrived at each decision. Judge him on his merit and his conduct, including the opinions of all those who worked with him, were taught and mentored by him and knew him best. Judge the accusations against him by the evidence, not emotions. You need to put in the effort to be a good Senator. Thank you Senator Collins for restoring order in the Senate.

  • Kevin Schwinkendorf

    10/05/2018 07:56 PM

    Cory "Stupiducus" Booker...

  • Sharon Todt

    10/05/2018 12:41 PM

    Thanks, Mr. Huckabee, to you and your lovely daughter as well, who manage to keep a commitment to the truth.

  • Carbine Williams

    10/05/2018 09:38 AM

    Ilk such as Booker have no right to be in the hallowed halls of Congress due to his unConstitutional behavior ,he evidently forgot his oath of office as soon as he stepped through the doors.But then this speaks more of the voters who put him there.they are truly ignorant cretins who shouldn't even vote !

  • Michael Walters

    10/05/2018 09:24 AM

    Good morning Governor, my definition of "morals" or "moral character", which I consider are attached at the hip. I was taught that "morals" is knowing the difference between right and wrong. Very simple and something everyone should understand. Now, "moral character" is just as simple, for example: Say you're walking through the woods one day, had to hide from the strange woman walking by mumbling to herself, what happened, and drinking white wine from a bottle, anyway, so you walk a bit farther and see a bag full of money. The test is, do you take that money and turn it over to authorities so that it might be returned to the rightful owner or do you keep it for yourself? Good "Character" is turning the money in, the bad character is keeping the money, finders keepers. If you are Hillary, you keep the money and if you're Judge Kav you turn the money into the authorities. Unfortunately, not everyone is raised as we were and they have a different belief than we do (finders keepers). Good Moral Character is doing what's right even when there is no one around to see you. It's that feeling you get in your heart and mind when you do the right thing that keeps you coming back for more. I think it's the same as helping the elderly woman cross the street, or just helping out when you see the need. That feeling of peace and happiness that flows over you having done a good deed is a gift from God. It's your reward for having faith that God is always watching and helping and believing in you as you believe in Him. The Left has demonstrated a lack of moral character on a nationwide, maybe worldwide basis. I pray that God will help us to turn them around to the right direction of belief in God. I feel the only thing I can do is pray. God Bless Gov!

  • Kathleen Sullivan

    10/05/2018 08:54 AM

    Agreed and counting on this foolishness backfiring; producing a November, red wave in DC!

  • Sharon Decker

    10/05/2018 06:47 AM

    Shame on the so called woman, For I am a Woman and do not believe a word of this. I do believe again the DEVIL is trying to win, and take down the best thing our Country has had in decades. Leave this Man alone and our President, This I ask in the name of JESUS.

  • Don Chenault

    10/05/2018 06:04 AM

    How about comparing Judge K and his wife and 2 daughters character and integrity to booker, durbin,feinstein,coons... The Judge K and family have more than all the dimms on the committee combined.. The 10 year old daughter praying for her dad's accuser was a sermon heard by millions.. More powerful than all the empty, vile, showmanship of booker and dimms

  • Kathleen Getz

    10/05/2018 01:14 AM

    My question is: Where's the security for those Senators in the halls. Why were those women allowed in the building. If they want to protest, they should be outside on the sidewalk.

  • Amy Long

    10/05/2018 12:52 AM

    Be Angry and Sin not!
    It okay to be Angry we are made in God’s image.
    Jesus made a whip and tore up the money changers. Praying the truth prevails

  • michael Gene Langley, MD

    10/04/2018 10:49 PM

    I recall Jesus being angered by the money changers at the temple. I guess Mr Kavanaugh should be considered to be in good company! I had my career ruined by similar people. But, God supplied a steady income and early retirement! I my not be rich, but with what men chose to harm me, in the end, did not flourish. The practice of medicine is becoming a less respected profession, with every passing day. Glad that I don't swim with the sharks, any more. I am worried that, if the judge becomes an associate justice, he is still in the middle of the mud-hole!

  • Ethel Sinkewitz

    10/04/2018 10:46 PM

    Dear Governor Huckaby
    I find Dr. Ford's testimony so flawed, made up, rehearsed and disgusting.
    I am 88 and a survivor of sexual abuse by two of my brothers, cousins and neighborhood boys.
    I remember the details of abuse from age 3 to 10 years old.... The places, the horror and the pain. In fact at age 84 I was able to drive to the exact barn where I, at age 10 and for the last time, was held down and gang raped by several boys. A 12 year old male cousin rescued me and threatened the older boys with their life if they ever did anything to me again. Yay for him.
    Through the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ I made it through those years. At 55 years old at a Women's retreat I was able to forgive my mom, dad and all those who violated me. God set me free.
    Praying and advocating for truth and justice at this time in America is what we need to do. I tell my story to you as a testimony to the truth and to emphasize that real victims of sexual assault, in my opinion, do not forget details like Dr. Ford claims. She needs a good zap from The Holy Spirit to refresh her memory. ??
    I enjoy your show every Saturday night. Tell your awesome daughter that, as an old journalist, I admire her spunk and let her know that tough and tenderhearted old women like me faught for her right to be in the White House. She's one of my journalistic heroes!
    Sincerely, Ethel P. Sinkewitz,
    Port Charlotte, Florida

  • Eric Letts

    10/04/2018 10:38 PM

    If the Democrats want to take things this far as to lie, and tell people to hit innocent people at restaurants, and anywhere else a Trump voter may be, then maybe we should drag everyone with this mentality through the mud just like the Democrats are trying to do here. Every Democrat that is in office should be accountable for their actions from the past 30 some years ! Just maybe that would change their ideas !

  • Dawn Street

    10/04/2018 09:32 PM

    I remember when God's Son, Jesus the Christ, our Messiah, became so angry with the money changers and those who sold animals and birds for sacrifice that he lost His Holy Temper. He made a scourge of cords into a whip and turned over their tables, scattering the coins and freeing the livestock and chased those despicable charlatans out of the Temple. There is a time to become angry and to speak out in righteous indignation against those who attack a good name and reputation, who come to destroy and to kill. Brett Kavanaugh had every reason to lash out at his tormentors. He answered their questions and still they asked the same thing as if his answer was going to change. He cooperated fully but his accuser was vague and her testimony had a lot of inconsistencies and holes in it. As a Judge he could see this. He could see that her demeanor was childlike and that she was playing a part, make believe. He was totally within his rights to be aggravated and to challenge their innuendos and to make his impassioned plea. His accuser was handles like a piece of fine china, breakable, precious, and he was attacked by a bunch of snarling, bloodthirsty beasts!! I support Brett Kavanaugh.

  • Carroll Victoria Baker

    10/04/2018 08:27 PM

    Greetings, Mike! I’m a 72 year old great grandmother, and have always cried when the flag waved and the National Anthem is played. That indicates how patriotic I am.
    I watched the debacle as the Dems ripped Judge Kavanaugh to pieces. I am enfuriated, sad and disgusted at all of the shady and egregious actions the Democrats have done. Obviously they have blinders on. To actually criticize this man for his reactions to their smearing of his reputation and ruining his life and his family’s is reprehensible. I actually wonder if any of them have a conscience!
    So, the way this country is going is the wrong way. Decency is apparently not needed in their circle. If I had the ability, I would fire them all. They aren’t working for me, the little old lady taxpayer! They are working for themselves, and making millions at the same time.
    God doesn’t like ugly. The Old Testament can certainly vouch for that. I have a feeling that bad things are going to happen.
    I pray to God that those with blinders on will see the truth and change their hateful ways.
    Thank you, Mr. Huckabee, for your insight and courage in speaking the truth.