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January 20, 2023

Today in Washington, the annual March for Life is being held, and it’s historic. Not only is it the 50th March for Life, it’s also the first to be held following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that inspired it.

A lot of people are questioning why the March should go on if Roe is no more. These people don’t understand the issue. I said for years that when Roe was finally, blessedly on the ash heap of history, that wouldn’t be the end of the fight to restore respect for the sanctity of life, it would just be the beginning of an entirely new struggle on multiple fronts. There would be states that would pass laws banning or limiting abortion, but there would be others that went beyond Roe. Not only did that happen, but it’s shocking at how fast and how far the left has taken their conscienceless promotion of abortion.

Since they refuse to call abortion opponents “pro-life,” I will not humor them by using the dishonest euphemism, “pro-choice” (they recognize no right to any choice other than killing babies in the womb, or they wouldn’t be trying to shut down, and even vandalizing, pro-life pregnancy centers that do nothing but help women who choose to keep their babies.) When they started pushing for the “right” to dismember and kill babies right up through the ninth month of pregnancy – an abomination so foul that Roe never even allowed it – and then even tried to use the guise of “choice” to oppose granting the basic human right of emergency medical treatment to babies already born during “botched” abortions, they made it obvious what they are: “pro-death.”

Fortunately, I believe the vast majority of people, even those who favor allowing abortion under certain circumstances, are repulsed by such bloodthirsty fanaticism. Polls bear that out. Like so many radical elements of society today, their voice has been amplified far beyond their numbers.

There are many people in America, even some who think of themselves as “pro-choice,” who are appalled by the pro-death fanatics, even in states like California, where the Governor is trying to turn baby killing into a tourism profit center. There are also millions more who had no opinions on this subject, but are now being forced to think about it. These are the hearts and minds that the pro-life movement needs to reach, using honest, fact-based intellectual and emotional arguments.

The battleground has shifted from the Supreme Court to 50 different states, each of which may require different persuasive approaches. It will be a harder and more complicated battle than ever before. That’s why it’s so important for the March For Life, and the broader pro-life movement, to carry on, even in the face of threats and violence. We are, after all, dealing with people who have no respect for life.

But I believe it’s a winnable battle, if for no other reason than most people are basically good. And when you’re arguing on the side of scientific facts and defending innocent life, you already have an advantage over people who are arguing for killing babies and constantly having to invent new euphemisms just to keep from admitting what abortion actually is and what they're really promoting.

Related: Hall of Fame football coach Tony Dungy announced that he’ll be attending the March for Life today in Washington. That sent some alleged sports writer for The Nation on a rant, attacking him as a “rightwing extremist.” He’d probably want me to give him publicity by getting outraged enough to mention his name. But this sort of garbage is just par for the course when you’re a public figure who dares to stand up to the culture of death.

I suppose I actually should thank him for confirming that pro-abortion radicals actually believe that killing babies in the ninth month of pregnancy, or even letting them die after they’re already born, is a “mainstream viewpoint,” but that thinking that life in the womb is sacred and deserves protection, as civilized people have for centuries, is “extremism.” I guess if you can believe that, you can also believe that writing for The Nation makes you a sports expert worthy of respect, but Tony Dungy isn’t one of those.

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