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November 12, 2021

I told you about the man who claimed that activists were secretly photographing the jurors to intimidate them to vote guilty or face retaliation. It’s not clear whether that was true or these stories are related, but the judge announced that someone had been caught secretly recording the jury. The video was deleted.

Rittenhouse did something most lawyers advise against and took the stand in his own defense. That can get you into big trouble if you’re facing a sharp, competent prosecutor. Luckily for him, that’s hardly the case here. This prosecutor actually thought he’d hit on a “Perry Mason” moment by asking Rittenhouse why he was running toward a fire with a fire extinguisher in his hand.

The judge blasted the prosecutor for making a “grave constitutional violation” by mentioning Rittenhouse giving up his right to remain silent in front of the jury.

Afterward, the prosecution rested its case, and the judge dropped one minor charge of breaking curfew.

Even some liberal commentators are admitting that their certainty that this wasn’t self-defense has been shaken. You can tell the trial is going badly for the prosecution because liberal media outlets are resorting to attacking the judge and calling him a white supremacist (he was appointed by a Democrat) so that if Rittenhouse is acquitted, they can blame it on him being coddled by a racist judge and not on the evidence and testimony.

Sadly, a lot of people who actually rely on these people for accurate news (which is like relying on Ben & Jerry for diet tips) may be misinformed enough to riot over the alleged “racist verdict” in a trial that was decided on the evidence and had nothing to do with race (Rittenhouse and all three people shot are white.) And while that might be terrible for America, the cities where it happens, and the people and businesses that will suffer, it will give more video footage to the irresponsible, biased media outlets that lit the fuse that set off the bomb. Is it any wonder polls show Americans trust the media less than almost anyone other than Congress?

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