June 30, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may posture for the cameras about how she’s “done” with President Trump, but she’s the one who’s looking done for. 

In one of the most confusing political stunts of all time, House Democrats spent over a month attacking Trump over the conditions for detained illegal immigrants at the border while blocking a dozen attempts by House Republicans to pass a bill to spend $4.5 billion to help.  After the Senate passed a bill Trump supported, House Democrats came up with their own, which would have helped detainees while doing nothing to strengthen border enforcement, and just made matters worse by attracting more illegal entrants. Trump threatened a veto, which of course earned more public scorn and name-calling from the left.

But a funny thing happened on Thursday: with a potential tsunami of bad PR bearing down on them if they left for July 4th vacation break without helping all those illegal immigrants they’d been crying crocodile tears for, the more reasonable Democrats (those that still remain in office) caved, defied Pelosi and voted with the Republicans to pass the Senate bill Trump wanted – the one that includes both humanitarian aid and stronger border security.

This may be only one bill that will go largely unnoticed between the “debate” coverage and the vacation break.  But it shows that Pelosi’s already tenuous grip on control of her members is slipping fast.  She was already having trouble keeping the leftist agitators like AOC in line, and they’re now hopping mad over this vote.  Now, the remaining moderates have rebelled from the mindless “Resistance” stance that demanded they oppose everything Trump asked for, even when it was both popular and necessary. 

I’m sure we’re all happy that Congress will not be in session next week.  But I bet nobody will be happier about not having to come into the office than Nancy Pelosi. 

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  • Margaret Gray

    04/13/2020 11:52 AM

    Pealosi just shows how much she is wrapped up in Money and Power.
    She has chosen Satan over JESUS.
    All of her actions just shows how Sick and Wrong she is.
    Pealosi needs to work for the people and not against us All.
    GOD Bless us All ??
    If everyone can go out shopping but can't make distance in Church is so very very Sad!
    JESUS is with Us ??
    Amen JESUS Amen ??

  • Sue warneke

    03/26/2020 01:45 PM

    You are racist and a do nothing democrat. How stupid do you think we are? You are senile at 80. Get out you are damaging our Country!

  • Del VAnderbeek

    03/01/2020 02:41 PM

    Pelosi should be impeached.
    President Trump continue to be the best President America has had for at least the last 20 or 30 years. In November, you will be re-elected in a landslide.

  • Ruby Howell

    02/01/2020 11:11 PM

    I will be happy when there is a limit of 2 terms that can be served by the House & the Senate. Our budget could be balanced if all the money paid to the politicians in DC no longer receive any pay after leaving office. Also they should be forced to that the same health insurance we the people have to take. No more paying for the college education for their children. Let them pay for their education as we do. Same as retirement. Retire at 67 as we do. They should have to live off of Social Security as we do. President Trump did nothing wrong to be impeached for! Trump 2020!

  • Kathy White

    01/27/2020 03:05 PM

    Pelosi is a stupid disgraceful woman afraid she’s caught in the scandal in the Ukraine where she too is involved in her business with many other congressmen. They are a crooked . Trump is cleaning the sewer that they created

  • Janet maxwell

    01/22/2020 10:58 PM

    Nancy needs to go

  • Frances TurnerN.

    12/17/2019 11:01 AM

    Nanny is a very evil witch.She should take the squad & get out of our GOVERNMENT

  • Mary Jane Quass

    12/11/2019 03:12 PM

    Pelosi is ?????? and a power hungry crook like her dear ol dad, bad apples never fall far from the tree. She needs to be ousted for good, even fish goes bad after 3 days! She has such HATE in her for our POTUS you’d have to be brain dead not to notice, and she’s not Catholic by a long shot, we do not tout killing babies, she can’t talk out of both sides of her mouth and expect John & Jane Q. Public to take her seriously! The Dems have lost all credibility, logic and common sense ??

  • Cecelia K. Tolly

    12/11/2019 05:03 AM

    The current Democratic party have done more damage to America then either party has ever done in the history of America! They have basically insured Trumps re-election next year!

  • Deb Stinger

    12/07/2019 10:53 PM

    I love your down to earth take, on todays harsh political environment. Some days we need to look upwards toward heaven and laugh. Then pray for our great POTUS! Thank You and Merry Christmas to you and yours ?

  • Theresa Beard

    12/05/2019 10:53 PM

    Pelosi and Shiff have both lost the respect and confidence of the people and need to resign now.

  • florence Siljenberg

    12/04/2019 12:17 PM

    Nancy sure doesn't look well this year. At 85 and a lifetime as a democrat looks to me she has outlived her time. The little kids came over an granny dear buckled. She wanted this job now she has it. She has lost total control or her control powers, it's a new day Nancy.

  • Barbara Moreland

    11/29/2019 08:28 PM

    Impeach her along with Schiff and Nadler. Need to get the trade bill with Mexico and Canada passed ASAP.

  • Peggy Bergmann

    11/28/2019 08:49 AM


  • Jean cartier

    11/26/2019 07:56 AM

    JULY 4th.? Didn’t you mean Thanksgiving.?. Is it your “site” or your
    Proofreaders who trivialize your accurate & important messages with
    Very-poor journalism? Now everyone lives with non-generic “partners”.?...

  • Thomas R Sprenger

    11/18/2019 07:19 PM

    I hope that Pelosi is on the way out of leadersjip.

  • Vita Goodman

    11/15/2019 06:40 PM

    Can't anyone see their is something off about her,can't they do something to get her some help or just get her out on some kind of sick leave

  • Dorothy Wells

    11/14/2019 07:30 PM

    Thank you for the information regarding the passing of the illegal immigration bill; the very same bill that the President wanted. I did not hear this on the news.

  • Dennis Buller

    11/13/2019 01:27 PM

    There has to be some moderate “ American” Democratic congressmen left in America that will consider what’s right for America than what’s politically correct for Pelosi!!!

  • Richard Cole Anthony

    11/12/2019 09:58 PM

    This is not the country I grew up in. 75 years old and a Vietnam Vet who kissed the ground when he returned home. We knew and respected our Congressman and Senator. I went to school with his son who also became a senator. I don’t have the same respect for him, however. Discourse was civil back then, but there were shenanigans. Now our reps have no respect for us the voters. They are the
    ruling clan and believe they know what is best for us. They are wrong and completely misunderstand President Trump. His behavior and tweets are often abhorent, but the message is clear and his delivery of economic results are spectacular. I can take his bad manners with the positive results, especially when I see the field of wannabe presidents, including Hillary. The RNC and our reps have to stay strong in the face of this agregious assault on our democracy.


    11/12/2019 11:49 AM

    PELOSI has arrived at the end of her time to be effective. Her free rides to California at the expense of taxpayers is disgusting and should be over!!!

  • Phil Randolph

    11/04/2019 12:08 PM

    Nancy Pelosi, for all of those Botox treatments, cannot hide the fact that she is too old to stay in politics. Kind of like Bader Ginsburg, it's over. Face it.

  • barbara mccann

    10/31/2019 11:53 AM

    I am sick and tired and positively disgusted and revolted with the games the Democrats are playing. They're spending my hard-earned money that went to DC in taxes and they're doing nothing constructive for this country. I wish they would go to Venezuela for a week or any number of other countries and just live there for a week maybe three. Three weeks in China and some of the countryside ought to cure them all of what they're trying to push down the throats of every citizen of this country. Their greed, desire for money, desire for fame and an easy life makes me nauseous. It's time we voted them all out of office and instituted term limits. I wish they had to pay for their health insurance and had what most of us have. Maybe they ought to survive on Social Security too!
    It is absolutely time for their wasteful behavior and extremely hurtful behavior stops.
    there have been quite a few presidents I detest it in my seven decades plus of life but I never did anything remotely like what's going on in DC in the house. Grow up.

  • Elzi Fourcher

    10/24/2019 01:01 PM

    It is the truth that will prevail the tactics of ideology.Let s stand for our President and the freedoms of our Country.

  • Mary W Danos

    10/22/2019 09:38 AM

    This crazy woman lost it a long time ago. TERM LIMITS!!!!!! TRUMP 2020!!!!!!