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May 23, 2023

Disney announced that it was canceling plans to build a new campus in Orlando that would have cost $1 billion and created 2,000 jobs. Liberal media outlets gleefully blamed Gov. Ron DeSantis and claimed that Disney was teaching him a lesson for messing with them (today’s liberals apparently now love big corporations dictating to the people’s elected representatives.)

California Gov. Gavin Newsom crowed about the project staying in California rather than moving to Florida (hey, we finally found one!) And DeSantis himself apparently felt the pressure enough to comment on it and say that it would not cause him or the state to back down from their fight with Disney. As if there’s a shortage of companies moving from California to Florida!

Okay, that’s the politically spun version. But here’s a novel idea: how about considering the possibility that politics had nothing to do with Disney’s decision?

Chris Queen at PJ Media reports that the project would have moved Disney’s “imagineers” from L.A. to Orlando (incidentally, how much “imagineering” does it take to turn old classic cartoons into boring, woke, live remakes?) It was the brainchild of former CEO Bob Chapek, who’s gone. Current CEO Bob Iger always opposed the move because he prefers having those people closer to the movie production facilities. Many workers didn’t want to move (woke Disney workers are the only ones who don’t want to get out of California and move to Florida.) And it would have cost Disney a billion dollars at a time when they’re cutting 7,000 workers and slashing production budgets to try to save $5 billion.

Putting politics aside, the project makes no sense. But of course, nobody today is capable of putting politics aside.

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