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July 29, 2021

Well, people in blue cities like San Francisco voted in leftists because they promised everything would be free, and for once, they kept their promise.

The first month of New York City’s new program of sending in social workers to handle 911 calls showed surprisingly positive results.

One minor caveat: the social workers were allowed to choose which 911 calls they answered. They dealt with only about 20% of the calls, the “easy” ones that excluded suspected violence, imminent harm or a subject who required hospitalization. Or to put that another way: 80% of 911 calls.

Is this really proof that we need to defund police and replace them with social workers, or just that about 20% of the population doesn’t know when to call a social worker instead of dialing 911?

In a related story, it’s been noted that in 2020, the ground zero of the “Defund the Police” movement, Minnesota, set new annual state records for both murders and assaults on police officers in the line of duty. Obviously, they need more social workers.

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  • Craig Nagasugi

    07/29/2021 10:28 PM

    The Democrat Socialists might be financial geniuses.

    Perhaps you can cover this issue regarding the Democrats "defunding" the police in major cities. They did it and many officers ended up leaving their respective departments. The funds were transferred to more socially friendly programs and Democrat pet projects.

    Now, the Dems are pushing the funding of police narrative in Biden's infrastructure and/or reconciliation bills. This is obviously being done for political leverage for the 2022 mid-terms. They know the GOP members are going to be pressured to approve police funding. Here's the sneaky part.

    The Dems have moved $millions of police funding into their pet social programs. Now they are going to replace that funding with new federal $$ while keeping the former police funding in their pet programs. Sneaky as a raccoon stealing out of your dog's bowl.