February 19, 2020

Unlike other Presidents, President Trump isn’t waiting until his last day in office to issue pardons so he can avoid the political heat. Instead, he’s taking advantage of his boost in approval ratings from the failed “impeachment” stab at him to issue several pardons seemingly designed to make his opponents have a meltdown (but since they have a meltdown every day, who cares anymore?)

Trump commuted the 14-year sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat who’d served seven years already for trying to obtain favors in exchange for appointing someone to fill Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat (Corruption in Illinois politics?! Say it ain’t so!) He also pardoned former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who pleaded guilty to tax crimes and lying to the White House; financier Michael Milken, who spent two years in jail in the early 90s after prosecutors alleged his tactics were "criminal schemes," and who has since devoted himself to philanthropy and medical research; and former San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo Jr., who pleaded guilty in a gambling scandal. More details are here…

Here’s a story about the former NFL greats who came to the White House to thank Trump for pardoning DeBartolo…

(FYI: Elsewhere in San Francisco sports, former Giants pitcher Aubrey Huff claims he was banned from a 10-year reunion of the World Series team for supporting Trump. They’d better hope their team owner never needs a pardon.)

And here are some comments from Andrew McCarthy about why Trump might have chosen to pardon some of these people, and the message it sends. One message: it’s a perfect way to spotlight the stunning disparity in justice between the way people like Blagojevich, Kerik and Milken were pursued without mercy by the DOJ, while DOJ insiders like Andrew McCabe and James Comey (who actually pressed their prosecutions) were allowed to walk away scot-free from their dishonest actions.

If Comey and McCabe ever do face justice, I wouldn’t count on Trump for a pardon, so that means they won’t be out until at least 2025. As for all the liberal talking heads screaming about Trump’s OUTRAGEOUS abuse of Presidential pardon power, I suggest they Google the name “Marc Rich.”

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  • Joan Haefeli

    02/19/2020 04:51 PM

    Present Dems in office remind me of the petulant children who pout whenever they do not get their way. They demand everything they think is due them but refuse to allow the same for others. If they don't get their way, they make up stories, trying to persuade that it is all true. They will do most anything to get what they deem due them. But they all come off so shallow, self-centered, cruel, and unconcerned for others or Rule of Law (which they tout so often). In a nutshell, they are unconstitutional and too far left to be trusted.