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August 4, 2022



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11 Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase.

Proverbs 13:11 KJV

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GOP candidate for Congress has bizarre J6-related story

On Tuesday, EPOCH TV ran a free (for a few days) episode of CROSS ROADS in which a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Arizona, Jeff Zink, claims in an interview with Joshua Philipp that January 6 charges against his son were used in a blackmail attempt to get him to drop out of the race.

Since YouTube doesn’t allow programming that disputes the narrative about January 6, ET doesn’t lead with this. Instead, they spend a little time on monkeypox before departing YouTube and moving to the J6 material. That happens at 21:00.

Before getting into the Jeff Zink story, the show includes another interview, with Kash Patel, in which he brings up another J6 case, this one being heard in a Virginia federal court, being given a continuance by the ‘Justice’ Department until 2023 (!) because, Patel says, they’re waiting for Pelosi’s committee to finish its work “so they can continue their prosecution.” Patel says, “As a former prosecutor, I have literally never heard of that.” Criminal investigations, he explains, always take priority over congressional investigations. Other prosecutors he’s spoken with about this, as well as public defenders, have never heard of this happening, either. For this particular case, at least, they’re doing it backwards, with legislators inappropriately acting like prosecutors.

Patel uses Robert Mueller’s special counsel as an example, saying the “Russia” investigation in Congress always had to yield to him. The Mueller team would never have waited for the conclusion of the congressional investigation to prosecute someone. But this time, they’ve flipped the script. “Why that same historical pattern of law enforcement and investigative authorities [isn’t] being executed here is another question,” Patel says. The DOJ is apparently making up the rules as they go along, “with Crayola crayon.” And they seem to be coordinating their efforts with the hyper-political J6 kangaroo court, which is supposed to be part of the legislative branch (political), not law enforcement (non-political, at least IN THEORY.)

As if the committee weren’t politicized enough, do you recall the Hollywood producer brought in to “produce” their scripted show trial? Dan Pryzgoda, who’d worked for ABC News and Bloomberg, is known to have posted violent threats about assaulting Trump supporters with a car during the Antifa protests in Washington DC, on the day of Trump’s inauguration. Here’s that story.

Well, well,well. As inappropriate as this produced propaganda already is, it’s even more so when considering that the producer/propagandist himself has shown such bias --- and, come to think of it, has done something even worse that what some January 6 defendants are charged with. I’m talking about Trump supporters who never threatened anyone, even as a lame joke, but simply were waved into the Capitol building by security guards and committed the horrible sin of “parading.” If on January 6, a Trump supporter had depicted, say, Nancy Pelosi being punched in the face from a moving car, that person would be under the jail.

This segment also touches on the highly “insurrectionist” background of, believe it or not, the chairman of the J6 committee, Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, who, in the 1970s, lent his vocal support to a violent extremist/black separatist group called “Republic of New Africa (RNA).” These were people who wanted to launch a violent revolution and secede from the United States to create a separate black nation over several Southern States. I am not kidding --- this is well-documented, and John Solomon at JUST THE NEWS has reported on it.

This radical group is responsible for, among numerous violent crimes, the shooting of two police officers in which one was killed. So add the past activities and sympathies of the J6 committee chairman to the list of reasons why that committee is laughably illegitimate.

Why, some might ask, does it matter what Thompson did waaaaaay back in the 1970s? John Solomon has the perfect answer: This story is “a pointed reminder that some of the far-left figures of a half-century ago are now the Democrat Party’s establishment leaders, their pasts now a fleeting footnote in the frenzied vitriol of modern-day Washington.”

Finally, we get to Philipp’s interview with congressional candidate from Arizona District 3 (Maricopa County), Jeff Zink. Zink claims his son Ryan has been charged with January 6 crimes that he did not commit, such as entering the Capitol building and clashing with police. He knows Ryan couldn’t possibly have done this because he himself stayed outside and Ryan, he says, was with him “one hundred percent of the time.” Jeff has cellphone videos that he says support this. Jeff was interrogated, he says, for an hour and a half by the FBI and completely cleared, so he doesn’t understand why his son wasn’t cleared as well. Ryan was detained for six weeks in what Ryan describes as “the gulag” in DC. (We’ve described the conditions there as GOP congressional visitors found it, and, yes, “gulag” sums it up.) He has yet to face trial and could face 22 years in a federal penitentiary.

There’s nothing surprising about this, considering what we know about how protesters have been treated. The odd part of Jeff’s tale is that months ago, he alleges, he received a phone, out of the blue, informing him that the charges would be dropped against his son if he dropped out of his congressional race.

The phone didn’t light up, didn’t “act normal,” he tells Philipp. It was just a voice, he says, giving him that message and hanging up. “I’ve had guys that went in, took a look at my phone; the metadata showed that there was no phone call that was taken in. I have no idea to this day how they got to me, but they did.” Over the months, he says, there were several more calls like that one. This alleged offer reminds him of “a Third World country where you have cartels that are in charge.”

He suspects this might be happening in part because he was “part of the Arizona audit,” questioning the election results there. Keep in mind, these are allegations; we’re not tech wizards and don’t know if this type of phone messaging is even possible, but be assured we’re looking into it.

Zink is the uncontested GOP candidate in District 3 (Maricopa County). In November, he faces Democrat incumbent Ruben Gallego. He has no intention of dropping out.

I would encourage you to watch rest of the video, which gets into the problems with the way J6 prosecutions are being handled. Because some of the accused are essentially being railroaded without evidence even being presented, and they know their chances are nil of getting a fair trial before a DC jury, they’re induced to plead guilty to crimes they don’t believe they committed. Those guilty pleas get added to the “official” narrative, which is really a false history, so it grows to increasingly resemble a real insurrection, even though it isn’t.



Luke Rosiak at DAILY WIRE has a story that should raise the ire of every constitutionalist. Yes, there are a few of us left!

The U.S. Capitol Police have posted a job position for their own criminal prosecutor, even though prosecutors are supposed to work only for the Executive Branch. “This position,” it reads, “is to represent the United States Government primarily prosecuting individuals and/or groups who have engaged in threats and/or acts of violence against Members of Congress, their staffs, United States Capitol Police employees, visitors to the Capitol complex, and facilities and properties within the Capitol Complex.”

As Rosiak reports, this prosecutor would be working on cases stemming from January 6, and it means that someone working for congressional leadership could have a role in deciding whether to prosecute congressmen or their aides. Look out --- I can think of a few Republicans the Democrats might have in mind.

From the posting: “Work may involve problems of unusual delicacy, such as allegations of wrongdoing against staff or Members of Congress, criminal trespass, investigations of threats or crimes against Members of Congress and arresting or detaining high-profile individuals.” Hmm...high-profile individuals. Of course, this responsibility would never be politicized; perish the thought.

This arrangement is clearly unconstitutional. Mike Davis, founder of the Article III Project and former chief counsel for nominations for the Senate Judiciary Committee (who also clerked for Justice Neil Gorsuch) explains why…

Jackie Walorski RIP

I was sitting in a meeting of the Republican National Committee in Chicago Wednesday afternoon when we were given the shocking news that Congresswoman Jackie Walorski of Indiana had been killed in a car wreck earlier that day, along with two of her staff members and the driver of the vehicle that apparently crossed the center line and hit them head-on.

My thoughts went back to when I campaigned with Jackie in her race for Congress. She was bursting with energy and optimism, and her strong Christian faith and her unapologetic pro-life stand were endearing.  Her victory was one of the real special moments of joy for my PAC, HuckPAC, and for me personally.

The news of her death stunned the room as it was announced.  I’m still trying to process it, but she served with humility, kindness, and a boundless enthusiasm for America.  My condolences to her family and the people of her district.


THIS might be Biden’s only economic win…

President Biden finally has an economic win to brag about: thanks to his policies, dollar stores are doing a booming business.

By the way, whoever wrote this doesn’t seem to know what a dollar store is. Dollar General is a discount store where many items cost more than a dollar. Dollar Tree is a dollar store. Or at least it used to be. After Biden came in, the prices went up to $1.25, with special sections now carrying some merchandise for $3 to $5. At the rate we’re going, that’s what all dollar store merchandise will cost by the time Biden’s done.

The CBO score

Yesterday, I urged Sen. Joe Manchin to admit he had been rooked by Chuck Schumer and withdraw his support of the laughably misnamed “Inflation Reduction Act.” Now that details of the bill have been released, word is spreading quickly that independent analysts found it would actually increase inflation at first, and eventually have a net effect of zero on the inflation rate; it would spend hundreds of billions of dollars on Democrat “Green New Deal” boondoggles; and it would hire 84,000 new IRS agents to harass taxpayers with audits and raise taxes on lower and middle-income Americans, even those earning less than $10,000 a year.

The latest blow came from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, which found that over 90% of the bill’s promised deficit reduction (one of the main things Manchin claims sold him on it) would come after 2026, meaning it would do nothing to help reduce current inflation.

With Americans already depleting their savings, watching their 401K’s and home values plummet, running up debt and shopping at dollar stores, voters are in no mood for more inflationary pork spending and taxes taking what little money they have. The more people learn about this bill, the more toxic it looks. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has yet to weigh in, and while it at first seemed unlikely that she would buck the Party all alone, the longer she stays silent, the more hopes are rising that passage might not be the slam dunk Schumer hopes for.

And it’s not just Manchin and other Senate Democrats who might want to rethink their support for yet another tax-and-spending orgy in the middle of a recession with runaway inflation. Fox News reached out to 20 House Democrats who are vulnerable in the upcoming election to ask for their comments on this bill, and not a single one responded.

So maybe there is some hope that for once, all the House Democrats won’t fall into line. Maybe those alleged “moderate Democrats” we’re always being assured exist (but who, with the rare exception of Rep. Henry Cuellar, always fall in line with the “progressives” when voting time comes) will actually say no this time – if not to protect Americans, then at least to protect their reelections.

I certainly hope so. But then, every time Americans hand the government to the Democrats, it’s a triumph of hope over experience.

Taiwan and “West Taiwan”

In what is assumed to be retaliation for Nancy Pelosi’s brief visit to Taiwan, China fired some precision missiles in military exercises in the Taiwan Straits.

China’s military said, "Long-range armed live fire precision missile strikes were carried out on selected targets in the eastern area of the Taiwan Strait. The expected outcome was achieved."

If the expected outcome was to make China’s rulers look petulant and belligerent, and like small men boasting about their big missiles, then mission accomplished. But as I expected, aside from shooting rockets into the ocean, their retaliation so far has fallen a bit short of launching World War III.

China halted exports of natural sand to Taiwan, and imports of citrus fruits and fish products from Taiwan. Taiwan “brushed off” the sand, noting that China provides less than 1% of the sand used in their semiconductor industry. And in a world worried about food shortages, I’m sure they’ll find other places willing to buy their fish and produce if China wants to starve its own people to make a point.

There are also concerns that these military exercises in the South China Sea near Taiwan could disrupt the supply chain and fuel inflation due to ships having to avoid it. So one more great argument for not relying on China to provide so many products that we use.

Former U.S. Navy captain and former director of operations at the U.S. Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center Carl Schuster told CNN that China has “gone a lot farther than they ever have before…The geopolitical signal being sent is that China can close Taiwan’s air and sea access whenever it wants.”

Only if the rest of the world lets them get away with it. And even then, Taiwan might have more to say about that than you’d think from the relative size of the two countries. If you haven’t watched it, I’ll link to this video again from Indian TV, explaining why China has never invaded Taiwan despite seven decades of threats.

I’ll also mention that my favorite meme I’ve seen on this story so far is a map showing the region with Taiwan labeled “Taiwan” and mainland China labeled “West Taiwan.”



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  • Judy Radley

    08/04/2022 08:48 PM

    The best term that I heard that totally explains what the current 'insurrected' admin. is, "a Toxic Waste of Climate Change caused by a coup d' e`tat" THEY MADE HAPPEN by totally corrupt means! Toxic is worse than poison, and this current 'illegitimate administration' is worse than poison for this once great country! I am hoping, and yes praying, that once these 'toxins' are gone from power, that the antidote will be fierce and swift to charge all of them with REAL insurrection, and make them accountable for all the 'toxicity' they have caused for every American that is here legally, and who have been defamed just because we didn't agree with them ! There must be a great reformation that stops all the divisiveness that the far-left radicals and Democrats have caused for our country, and must be held accountable for the coup d' e`tat they caused on Election Day 2020! If their coup d' e`tat had failed, America would be back on track and even better than before! All the horrors that have happened since that coup d' e`tat, including the whole pandemic thing, would have never happened! Inflation would not be an issue, people would be happier than ever, Russia would NEVER have invaded Ukraine, China would NOT be a threat, all the bad news we are hearing about, would NOT be about what we are hearing about! Monkey Pox would not be an issue because there would NOT have been over 200,000 illegals, just since June this year, spreading polio, monkeypox, covid, etc., that Biden has let in to spite all the greatness President Trump brought to America while he was the legitimate elected President. Maybe Tucker Carlson or even yourself, can write up a list stating all the horrors that have happened SINCE the coup d' e`tat by the far left Democrats have caused, and if President Trump won like he should have in November 2020, what horrors would NOT have happened since then, and remind people of what it can be like again, before Biden's coup d'e`tat happened, maybe someone will be able to get it released under cover out over the air waves before it gets deleted by the corrupted Main Stream Media. It is as if we are living in the days of Hitler trying to get real information out, and NOT propaganda that Hitler and Stalin used for 'mind controlling' of the citizens! It is MIND CONTROL, people have been fooled and manipulated into thinking anything that Conservative Republicans think, is evil and anti-democratic! Maybe Mind Controlling drugs may have been used in those Covid shots because most Conservative Republicans have NOT chosen to get further covid vax.....just the initial ones that came out in 2021! And those who got all the boosters and shots, etc., are the ones who think any Conservative, Christian, Republican ideas are evil and hitler like. But the OPPOSITE is the true reality.

  • Chelsea Martin

    08/04/2022 03:47 PM

    "Because some of the accused are essentially being railroaded without evidence even being presented, and they know their chances are nil of getting a fair trial before a DC jury, they’re induced to plead guilty to crimes they don’t believe they committed. Those guilty pleas get added to the 'official' narrative, which is really a false history, so it grows to increasingly resemble a real insurrection, even though it isn’t."

    That seems like the best way for the government to spark a real insurrection.

  • Kelley Palmieri

    08/04/2022 02:32 PM

    Hey Mike - I love your newsletter and it's really the only news I trust. I was never a conspiracy theorist but I believe people usually do things for a reason. I give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove they cannot be trusted. You asked why Nancy went to Taiwan....could it be a posture to show she isn't cowering to the CCP like Biden? Is this a signal that they plan to put Biden is a rubber room somewhere and kick Kamala out of the way? Nancy would almost seem sane in comparison...but we know she is not. The radical left is too cunning to just DO something for no obvious reason. Something is brewing... I believe there is a lot we don't know because we think logically and we think other people do too. But they are evil and likely 10 steps ahead of all of us who actually WORK to earn a paycheck and don't have time to cook up mind games or find ways to hold them accountable. All the current political tricks are intended to kill American power in the world and hand whatever is left over to CCP. Jesus, come quickly!